Managing Father

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    Evelyn looked out the window at the pouring rain and sighed. Another evening wasted at home, when she could have been wasting it at the Aethenaeum, looking through all those marvelous books and maybe even talking with other intelligent people…or at least with more interesting lives than her own.
    No, after that night she came home with glass in her hair, her father was not inclined to allow her to return. In fact, he'd taken to walking her to work and then returning to walk her home “to ensure her safety”. It was infuriating to be treated as a child. She was nineteen years old, in some circles she'd even be considered an adult!
    She picked at a hangnail, trying to figure a way around her Father. Being a minister's daughter definitely had it's drawbacks. If only…. wait, that was it! The Bishop!
    *He* frequented the coffee house, was in fact a member!
    She hurried over to her writing desk and began to compose a letter…


    She posted it immediately with a brief prayer.

    (In case you can't read the picture above)

    St. John's Wood Chapel Rectory
    St. John's Wood Roundabout
    17 April 1871
    The Right Reverend and Right Honorable
    Octavius Southwell, Bishop of London

    Your Excellency,
    Thank you for your kind attention and assistance at the Athenaeum Coffee House on the evening of March 29. I found our conversation, though short, to be interesting and I hope that we may continue our discussion at a later date.
    It is with that thought in mind, and also in consideration of our previous association through my Father's relations with you in the service of our Lord, that I make bold to write and make an entreaty of you. I must humble beg you to forgive me, as I am writing without my Father's knowledge nor consent, but as my difficulty lies with my Father and his concern over my well-being, I must enlist your aid.
    Seeing me arrive home earlier that expected, visibly shaken, in a stranger's carriage, and with shards of glass in my hair has caused my Father to question the wisdom of allowing me to return to the Athenaeum, although my employer, Mr. Elijah Moore of the Nook on the Corner, has assured me that the incident is the first of its kind.
    Indeed my Father is so concerned that he is considering making me terminate my employment with Mr. Moore, due to it being he who first suggested the coffee house as an access to persons with like interests and diverse backgrounds, and also due to the proximity of the Nook to the Athenaeum.
    If Your Excellency could speak to him about the Athenaeum, I am certain he would listen.
    Please, Sir, I beg you, contact my Father and persuade him to change his mind.

    I will be Forever in your debt.
    Your Humble Servant,
    Evelyn StJohn

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    Jeff Crowley

    Nice Post – but man, she couldn't be more off about the Bishop. ::winks:: I really liked the letter format you put in your post. Well done. Look forward to more.

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