Letters – April 17 & 28, 1859

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    Doug Davis

    The piles and piles of letters that contained hints of the Balfour history were located in his private study. The idea was to study them, prepare some notes and then produce several volumes on the history of the family. Not as much for great commercial success as opposed to an in-depth look for future generations, should these future generations come to be.

    Two of said letters were found folded together.


    I must insist you stop poisoning the mind of young Dorian with your tales of wars and your times at port. A young lad of thirteen shouldn’t hear of such things. I do not wish to have young Dorian become anything less than an individual of class and substance, a goal that you are seeking to destroy. My feelings on this matter are now clear for you and I urge you to respect them.

    Your loving son,

    Jonathan Balfour

    April 17, 1859

    And as such, the response…


    If you feel my stories and tales of service to the Crown are poison in my grandchild’s ears, than you need to address this to me personally, and not pen some letter. I know not what your mother taught you as you grew up, but much of me dispises having left my children to be raised by her. Regretfully you never met your grandfather or my grandfather. Grandfather Henry would have slammed such insolent words right out of your mouth.

    Our family has never been one of the highest levels of class, and your insistant behaviour to try to be one of those brings serious questions into my mind. Having been raised in my household I am sure you know that your mother and I never quite got along. The only thing I am glad that woman did was give me three children, although your brother and sister never got to enjoy life as you did.

    If you wish to confront me with these issues you need to do so as a man would. I’ve never considered myself a man of class or substance, just a man of dignity who risked life for country. Something you cannot claim, can you?

    Perhaps the next time I tell my grandson tales of adventure and war in the Americas, I’ll sit down with you and go over all of my affairs with prostitutes in fifty ports around the world. There’s no telling how many brothers or sisters you could have elsewhere!

    Does that bring shame to you, my son? That the maddened old patriarch of the family who controls the family fortune still has done such things?

    Lucius John Balfour

    April 28, 1859

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    Another interesting look into the family history! More, please!

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    Jeff Crowley

    Like father, like son, like grandson :;grins:: I love it.

    February 14, 2006 at 8:37 pm #2247

    I'm really liking these posts so I hope there are more of them on the way soon. Another interesting peak into the Balfour history, well done!

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