Letter To Miss Waverley, Richfield, Bedfordshire

  • February 19, 2006 at 9:41 am #1762

    [div align=”right”]Hughes Townhouse, Sunday Feb: 19.[/div]

    Dear Miss Waverley,

    I pray you will forgive the intrusion of a letter from this quarter on your thoughts at present. I take pen in hand to inquire after my brother Luther & lay my father?s worries at rest. Luther, frequently in the company of Mr. Frank W? lately, may have, I fear, imposed upon the hospitality of your family. Please implore my brother to jot off a note to his dear sister?Or if he will not, I humbly beg you to write a few lines as to the present state of his health & well-being. I do hope we shall have the pleasure of your company in Town this Season.

    Yrs affecly,
    L. Hughes

    Miss Hughes
    Sir Abraham Hughes? Esq
    Grosvenor Sq

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