John Foley, Background

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    (It's not much, but it's a start. )

    John Phillip Foley was born in March 28th of 1846, was born to Mary and John Foley of 42 (street to be determined by Paradox). He is the eldest of five children, only three surviving to this day with him included. And he is the only male that has survived in the family. John had a normal childhood in a rather stable home, and attended school until he was thirteen, upon which he joined his father in the family business of blacksmithing. From fourteen to seventeen he earned his journeyman status, which is what he holds right now and attained at age twenty. Now he is working on becoming a master smith.

    The idea that John would always take over the family business when he reached this status has never wavered in his mind. Except there has always been one thing that has caught his full attention and made him question this. Boxing.

    When John was fifteen, and out with his father and friends at the local pub, they were invited along to a boxing match the next night by one of his father's business acquaintances. Once they were at the match, John was mesmerized. With the way the boxers moved, ducked and their sheer strength. The fact they stood up in a Nobel manner and fought each other face to face just fascinated him.

    His father was hardly thrilled with the idea, but it wasn't one he discouraged. He assumed that once his son actually stepped into a ring he would understand that one could not live on a prize fighters wages or support a family.

    John stepped into the ring the first time when he was sixteen years old. He was beaten by a boxer two years his senior, but not by much. That only seemed to wet John's appetite for boxing. He began training with a Martian Cooper shortly there after, with his fathers blessing as long as he put his job in the shop first and boxing second. His workday was to start a half hour before sunup, where he restoked the fire that was in the kiln that would be needed for the days work. From there on he took care of the bookwork from the previous day while his father started putting iron into the fire to heat. They would attend to their appointments as they came in through out the day, and then around four o'clock he would begin closing up the shop.

    It was only then at five pm when all of his work was finished, that John would go off to train with Mr.Cooper at his gym down town. To this day, Mr.Cooper still manages John when he fights and he has become one of the mans staple fighters in his gym. It wasn't until recently John started branching out with his fights to include those that are not in his usual circle. His boughts so far have proved rather successful, being as they only number two.

    John has grown into a well rounded man, handling most everything at the shop his father owns from finances all the way down to the actual smithing itself. It's his job that has helped him the most in his training, and molding the man who he's become.

    He stands a rather tall man at 5'8, with a stocky muscular build. He has dark hair which is usual kept short so as not to distract him from his tasks. His hands are well worn, and there is a scar on the underside of his chin from one of his first matches. He lives in a flat a building away from where his family still resides.

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