Jemina Maria Grigio – student nurse

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    Name: Jemina Grigio

    Breed: Mortal

    Age and/or birth date: 17; birthday April 29.

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair: Black

    Height/weight: 4’3″ 89 lbs

    Occupation: Nurse-in-Training; works evenings in her uncle’s book shop.

    Equipment/weapons: Her only weapon is a slim stiletto blade she keeps on her at all times. Equipment consists of her nursing equipment that she carries in a small leather case the size of a brief case.

    Content of the leather case –

    1 Pharmacy box, made of cherry wood, containing eight four and 1/4 inch bottles with ground stoppers

    (Contents of the bottles: Cocaine, Morphine, Colic medication, Ammonium Molybdaat, Calcium Chloride, Kalium Hydroxide, Natrium Chloride, and Natrium Phosphate)

    1 Brass scale

    1 small cherry wood box containing ten brass weights for the scale

    2 small blue glass beakers, one graduated (has numbers in mililiters up the side)

    1 blue glass salve jar

    1 Mortar and Pestal

    1 Syringe in a cherry wood case

    1 sewing kit

    1 1871 edition of “A Medical Handbook for Mothers” bound in leather, written by Alfred C. Pope, M.D.

    She also has a leather book case, a bit smaller than her nursing kit, usually filled with whatever tomes she’s borrowed from her uncle’s shop. It holds two standard folios or four smaller books. Mina always has at least two handkerchiefs on her, usually tucked up in her sleeves. Finally, she has a thin gold chain she always wears around her neck bearing a small St. Christopher’s medal.

    Appearance (clothes, etc..): Jemina stands 4’3″ and is visibly underweight. Her eyes are very large, magnified behind thick lenses, without which she is almost completely blind. Her hair comes to her shoulders and is wavy. Her clothing, though second- and third-hand, is scrupulously clean and mended by her own hands, usually so well cared for that the mending is nearly undetectable. The style is badly out of fashion by at least a decade, except for a few pieces that are newer but totally foreign. Her finger nails have the ragged look of being frequently bitten down. She has a strange accent, the sophistication of speaking Latin with grace and fluidity blending with the choppy rhyming slang of the Cockney districts in English.


    Advantage: Quick Learner, Gifted

    Disadvantage: Dim Sight; Ethnic Minority, Stunted

    In 1854 Jemina Maria Grigio was born to Benjamino and Bianca Grigio in the small town of Roccadaspide, just outside of Naples, Italy. She was the last of seven children, five of whom survived their first two years. Her family consisted of her parents, her surviving siblings, a maiden aunt, and her paternal grandfather, Gio. At the age of ten her father died, but of what disease Jemina was never told. Without the income he provided, the family struggled, until at last the only alternative was to find suitable homes for the children elsewhere. Mina’s two older brothers were apprenticed to printers, the younger brother was put into service with a blacksmith, and her sister was married off to a man who was fairly well-to-do. The aunt entered a convent, leaving Jemina with her mother and grandfather. Upon hearing about his sister’s plight, Bianca’s brother, Anthony (Antonio) Marcuccilli, currently living in London, sent for the three of them to come and stay with him. In 1865, Jemina, Bianca, and Gio left Roccadaspide by ship for England. Gio didn’t survive the trip. He was very old, but he was more of a father figure to Jemina than her own father was. Before his burial at sea, Mina slipped the St. Christopher’s medal from around his neck and has worn it ever since. In August of 1865 Mina and Bianca arrived in London, and the two of them have been living with Uncle Anthony ever since. Bianca works as a nurse, while training Jemina; in addition, Jemina works in her uncle’s book shop, a small corner store filled with dust and valuable manuscripts, as well as popular modern tracts and pamphlets. Mina is the proud owner of an original publication of Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN (published 1818) and Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” (published 1769). Around the home, mostly Italian is spoken. In public, Jemina speaks slang English learned from the Cockney streets of London, though her uncle has seen to it that she has a fair education in English; she just prefers the more colorful, exaggerated vocabulary of the lower classes, and she is quite taken with Cockney rhyming slang.

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