Isaac Indomitus

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    Fallon Granger

    Name: Isaac Indomitus
    Breed: Mortal
    Age and/or birth date: twenty-six
    Eye Color: malachite green
    Hair: ebony black
    Height/weight: 5?8
    Occupation: banker
    Equipment/weapons: clothing, elegant gold pocket watch, cane (walking stick)
    Appearance (clothes, etc.):
    His face is a masterpiece of flesh, aristocratic and too beautifully shaped to be called merely handsome. His features are stunning, but beneath the surface is the chilling darkness, and a ruthlessness that had been honed from years of cruelty. He has a seducer?s smile, soft and almost gentle, but it was carved from ice. His eyes are the dark green of pine needles, and just as piercing. His thick black hair frames the flawless perfection of his face. He is tall, with broad shoulders. His body is well toned and muscular enough to be pleasing to the eyes. His voice is deep and cultured, with a husky, seductive edge to it.
    A long sleeve white tombstone shirt, with a bib front and high stand up collar, was worn under a brown donovan vest. The fine vest was fashioned for men of substance. It was a double breasted vest made of a plush fabric with a variety of colors woven in so that the vest shimmers with movement, but is not shiny. A fancy silk jacquard tie was fashioned into a soft floppy bow, and the edges were tucked under the vest. As no gentleman would leave the home without a quality watch and chain in his vest pocket, he did carry one featuring Victorian flourishes, which was also appropriately masculine. A black wool frock coat was worn to keep him warm on evening strolls, but it was not too heavy to be worn while dancing at the ball. Black dress gloves snugly fit over his hands, as it would have been unseemly to have a bare hand touch a lady when assisting her from her carriage. His pants were black tombstone pants, the versatile dress pants that were traditionally worn by bankers or merchants. His stylish shoes were black, with no visible scuff marks. A substantial hardwood staff topped with a shiny brass three-knob handle was his cane. The carefully chosen wardrobe denoted success and tradition.

    The name he goes by is Isaac Indomitus. He is the connoisseur of finance.
    His years of existence have been spent in London, in his father?s footsteps. On the surface, his father was a fine gentleman, a well established banker, with a lovely wife. The honest truth was brutality laced with madness. His father, despite his sharp intelligence, was no saint. He was human, and thrived in his sins. He sired a son not with the desire of family, but due to his constant sampling of the pleasures of the flesh. His wife was a lady with good social standing, but weak willed and rather dull where the mind was concerned. His father had no love or sympathy for anyone, though outside the household he was a charming man. He owned a merchant?s bank and was well known to his peers. Though a child was not expected, his son was his namesake. There was no tolerance for error in the expectations he had for his only child.
    Isaac was raised to be an educated man with knowledge of finance. The circulation of money, the granting of credit, and the making of investments is how society functions. Shortly after he reached maturity his father passed away due to a weak heart. He inherited his father?s wealth but had no interest in a merchant?s bank. Thus the bank?s ownership was sold to an older gentleman and his attention was turned to the Bank of England. His feral intelligence had aided in his swift advancement at the bank in London.
    The years under his father?s harsh guidance have stripped a layer of his humanity away. What others would call insanity he considers his inner strength. If the truth was discovered he would be labeled a sociopath. He considers himself gifted. There is no mercy within him, and very little consideration for mundane humans. He conceals it under a veil of proper courtesy and flawless manners. He takes the title ?gentleman? and transforms it into an art form. He spins deception with each breath, though with subtle manipulation and well placed lies he seeks personal pleasure and profit.
    He is his own man now. His delicate mother was placed in her brother?s care, persuaded that it was for the best by means of loving words, yet the truth was that burdens are unacceptable. Though he is antisocial, with little regard for the feeling and welfare of others, he does aspire to establish himself as a well known figure in London.

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    Doug Davis

    Excellent work there.

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    Very interesting…looking forward to seeing what he gets up to!

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