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    VEST Paradox

    after doing more research I found a little more accurate esitmation of yearly income for certain occupations in the late 1860s through the mid 1870s. So I’ve corrected the Income skill to show a more accurate representation of income and buying power during this time period. I’ve also added a list of the incomes and what type of work you might do in accordance to your income level. The new skill listing is below:

    Income (Mind)

    Generation Cost: 3 points per level

    Experience Point Cost: High, (Only 1 new level per month)

    Roll System: 2d6+Income Skill Level vs TN listed below.

    Description: No society can flourish without currency, and money has been the cause of wars and crimes because of it. Each level of Income represents the amount of money your character earns in a year and roughly what type of job they perform. At character creation you can not purchase any more than three levels of Income. This money is not an exact figure the character owns. Rather, it is the symbolic representation of what your character can and cannot afford. Any time your character wishes to purchase something costing 10 shillings or more, an Income roll is required. A failed attempt only means your character did not have the means to purchase the item or service at that moment. The target number increases depending on the cost of the item or services as listed below. If an income roll is failed, it may be attempted again the next day. Note: If double ones (1) are rolled on an income attempt, your account is overdrawn and credit is over extended. No further income attempts of any kind can be made for one (1) week. You cannot attempt to purchase and item or obtain an amount of funds with a TN more than three times your income level. For instance, characters with an income of level one can only attempt to purchase something costing no more than ?1, while a character with an income of five can buy something worth ?12.

    Desired Purchase Value TN

    11/s – ?1: 3

    ?1 – ?3: 6

    ?4 – ?6: 8

    ?7 – ?8: 10

    ?9 – ?10: 12

    ?11 – ?12: 14

    ?13 – ?16: 16

    ?17 – ?22 : 18

    ?23 – ?30: 20

    ?31- ?40: 22

    ?41 – ?52: 24

    ?53 – ?64: 26

    ?65 + : 28

    Anything over ?120 neds 6 6’s to make, and then can only be rolled once a week. A cap of no more than ?300 can be made in this fashion.

    The general yearly income levels are listed below for what your character makes per year and what type of work you do. Weekly pay rates are for a 10 hour day and a six day woork week.

    0 Levels – Beggar – 8? per Year or 3s per week.

    1 Level – Apprentice Laborer (muckrakers, porters) – 40? per Year or 14s 9d per week.

    2 Levels – Journeyman Laborer (excavators) – 50? per Year or 18s 8d per week.

    3 Levels – Master Laborer (bricklayers, carpenters) 60? per Year or 22s 3d per week.

    4 Levels – Engineers, Low Merchant – 70? per Year or 26s per week.

    5 Levels – Coach Guard, Low Merchant – 95? per Year or 35s 3d per week.

    6 Levels – Cheap Artisan, Low Merchant – 110 per Year or 40s 12d per week.

    7 Levels – Doctor, Moderate Artisan, Moderate Merchant – 125 per Year or 46s 4d per week.

    8 Levels – Entry level Soldier, Known Artisan, Moderate Merchant – 140 per Year or 51s 14d per week.

    9 Levels – Low Officer, Renowned Artisan, High Merchant – 160 per Year or 59s 4d per week.

    10 Levels – Medium Officer, Landowner – 180 per Year or 66s 6d per week.

    11 Levels – High Officer, Earl – 200 per Year or 74s per week.

    12 Levels – Admiral/General, Duke – 220 per Year or 81s 8d per week.

    13 Levels – Highest Merchants, Baron – 250 per Year or 92s 9d per week.

    14 Levels – Highest Nobility – 300 per Year or 111s 2d per week.

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