Immaculate Immolation Conception

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    Alayna Laurent (9:39:20 PM): ::Lurks in the alley puffing on a cigar leaning against a wall she stared off into the night sky. She was dressed warmly with a heavy navy blue overcoat on over her matching evening dress. She didn't dare smoke too openly it was frowned upon for a woman to smoke.::

    Arrolin St Croix (9:41:30 PM): :: grabbing the door handle, he stepped outside, feeling the chill air hit him in the face:::: sniffing the air, tobacco lingered, he looked around into the alley and nodded to Alayna not so far away ::

    Alayna Laurent (9:44:53 PM): * :: Watches the trails of smoke drift up into the chilly night air when movement catches the corner of her eye and she stands up straight a bit surprised.:: Oh, good evening, Lyn right? ::she squinted and took a few steps towards him::

    Arrolin St Croix (9:47:15 PM): *” Lyn it is, miss. Are you well?”

    Arrolin St Croix (9:49:17 PM): * :: moving further into the alley, he looks about for a garbage or a barrel and takes a look inside:: “Mayhaps I can borrow some ash from your cigar, miss? Let's light us a little fire to keep warm whilst we talk?”

    Alayna Laurent (9:50:30 PM): * Certainly sir, thank you for asking. Oh, and here…::she held out the cigar to him and grinned:: Take it, please.

    Arrolin St Croix (9:51:31 PM): * ::taking a bit of paper, he lights it with the cigar and watches it burn — the look in his eyes, complete entrancement with the fire, was obvious as he tossed it into the barrel/ garbage can::

    Alayna Laurent (9:54:06 PM): *:: She watched him closely as he seemed mesmerized by the fire and watched the shadows of the flames shift and distort his handsome features.:: (s) Are you well tonight Lyn?

    Arrolin St Croix (9:54:22 PM): * ::the can explodes with fire, Lyn takes a bit of alcohol from a flask and pours it into the flame to help it burn. Watching Alayna again, he smiles:: “I am quite well, thank you.” :: he hands her the cigar back::?You like those?”

    Alayna Laurent (9:56:19 PM): * From time to time….::she canted her head to one side and smiled at him.:: I know it's unlady like but I trust my secret is kept safe with you?

    Arrolin St Croix (9:56:36 PM): * Secret safe as always. I have decided something. And I wish to ask you if you wouldn't mind if I did something.”

    Alayna Laurent (9:59:26 PM): * ::Her brow furrowed and she straighted up not sure what to expect from him.:: What would like to do? ::she took his cue and held her own hands out to warm them her eyes glued on him the whole time.::
    Arrolin St Croix (10:00:05 PM): *”There is a seamstress here, a nice lady. I have a bit of money and wish to purchase you a dress. I decided this last night when I was thinking of your story.” ::he rubs his hands together and glances back to her:: “I would like to do this and just ask that you would accept the gift.”

    Alayna Laurent (10:03:49 PM): * ::Her jaw dropped as she listened to him. Who was this man? Some sort of guardian angel? Her eyes glazed and she looked down into the fire.:: I'm deeply touched Lyn….but why?

    Arrolin St Croix (10:04:48 PM): *”Your story touched me … made me wish for knowledge my my past. I don't remember who I am or where I came from, Miss.”

    Alayna Laurent (10:08:01 PM): * ::A brow rose and she looked back up at him.:: What happen to you? Can you remember? ::She felt so awful for him and lost her manners reaching out to place a gloved hand on his back to comfort him.::

    Arrolin St Croix (10:08:39 PM): *”I don't know, Alayna… I don't remember anything for most of my life. I'm just a poor man with a little talent who sometimes does well…”

    Arrolin St Croix (10:18:24 PM): *:: placing his hands over the fire again:: “I… I remembered something the other night, too… an. enchantment or something. Strange words that came to me from my distant past. And… I wanted to try speaking the words…And I was hoping, if I'm not too bold, if you could hold my hand? I'm rather nervous… These fire powers of mine. You saw them. I say they are a blessing not a curse… and… ” :: holds out his hand::

    Alayna Laurent (10:18:47 PM): * We have are very much alike in some ways Lyn, I would be honored to accept your gift. ::she leaned in and pecked his cheek; The flood of words coming out of his mouth made no sense to her but he had been so kind to her she felt compelled to return the favor and held his hand:: (s) What can I do to help…

    Arrolin St Croix (10:22:51 PM): :: nods again, clutching her hand, as he places another hand over the fire and concentrated:: ##summon lesser elemental##

    Arrolin St Croix (10:28:58 PM): :: the fire sparked, growing hotter and as he clutched ALayna's hand, something small began to stir in the ashes of the fire:; he blinked staring solidly into the can:: “It's…. What is it?” :: a tiny head could be seen, wiping off the ash, no tall than three inches. It was a little goblin, an imp ::

    Alayna Laurent (10:31:19 PM): *::She gasped and tightened her grip on his hand shooting him a worried look then darting her eyes back to the can they opened wide and she blinked too shocked to scream:: You tell me….

    Arrolin St Croix (10:32:28 PM): “I… don't know, Alayna… It's, like, a little… thing… ” ::he dipped his hand toward the fire and tried not to get burned as the little 3-inch imp crawled onto it, standing tall on his palm::

    Arrolin St Croix (10:33:24 PM): *”Like, a pet. Made from the fire… “

    Alayna Laurent (10:34:34 PM): *:: She shook her head staring at the thing dumbfounded and pulling her hand out of his taking a few steps back.:: What in God's name….

    Arrolin St Croix (10:35:34 PM): *::whispers:: “Touch it, Alayna… I…. I don't think it will hurt you. It's so tiny. I don't think I'd let it do anything to you.” :: he holds it out to her ::

    Alayna Laurent (10:39:40 PM): *:: She recoiled from it making a face.:: Keep it away! ::she yelped :: Where on Earth did it come from? Is this some kind of trickery ? ::she couldn't take her eyes off the creature her heart was almost beating out her chest and she fought not to hyperventilate in her binding clothing::

    Arrolin St Croix (10:40:49 PM): * “Alayna… ” :: looking to her :: “It's a fire angel… a fairy from God.”

    Arrolin St Croix (10:41:43 PM): *”:: continuing to hold the creature out to her, palm open; The little fire fairy, if you will, looked up at her, ash black skin at this point. It merely blinks ::

    Alayna Laurent (10:43:56 PM): *:: She makes no move to touch the thing, in fact she moves around to the other side of the garbage can looking at the both of them.:: I'm quite speechless at the moment, forgive me….

    Arrolin St Croix (10:44:47 PM): *”You helped me, Alayna… I could feel… your compassion, and it gave me strength and God gave us this gift to look out for and care for.”

    Arrolin St Croix (10:45:24 PM): * :: little dude, two legs, two arms. He looked fine enough, hehe ::

    Alayna Laurent (10:46:42 PM): * Well you tell God to take it back! ::She looked at the thing as if fearful she had offended it and looked back into Lyn's face.::

    Arrolin St Croix (10:47:54 PM): * “Alayna… don't you… why… I…” ::he put the creature back into the barrel and looked back at her:: “A gift of compassion, of love… don't you understand?”

    Arrolin St Croix (10:49:21 PM): *”We created it together. You & I… ” ::now without the creature he moved quickly to be in front of her::

    Alayna Laurent (10:49:31 PM): * ::Now that it was in the can she moved away from that as well and came around Lyn so he was between her and *it* . Brown eyes were wide and she shook her head:: No…please, explain it to me.

    Arrolin St Croix (10:50:25 PM): *”Our minds converged, our souls… created an intelligent… fairy, if you will.” :: placing a hand along her waist:: “So it can watch over us in the chilly nights and keep us safe.”

    Arrolin St Croix (10:50:57 PM): *”Surely, don't you see? The amazing thing that happened? God has granted us life, an immaculate conception in fire, no less. God gave me back the memory when I met you; it was meant to be. Don't you see? Why don't you see what I see?”

    Alayna Laurent (10:52:58 PM): * You're being very familiar….::she looked down at the hand on her waist it unnerved her to have a man be so close to her without paying first. Chocolate brown orbs looked into his confused.:: Are you crazy or somethin?

    Arrolin St Croix (10:53:40 PM): * ::he retracted his hand :: “You saw the same that I did… ” :: turning:: ?You cannot deny what happened.”

    Alayna Laurent (10:54:39 PM): * I'm not denying it. I bloody wish I could but I can't. But why *me*?

    Arrolin St Croix (10:55:28 PM): *”I don't know… I thought you'd know.” :: he sighed:: “I will leave you be.” :: he stands over the barrel and stares down at the little creature of fire again as it stands in the ashes of the flame::

    Arrolin St Croix (10:56:11 PM): *”It may be best not to tell others about this. They would not understand.”

    Alayna Laurent (10:56:59 PM): * I'm afraid I'm as lost as you are in all this….I won't say a word, that you can be sure of. Not to a soul. No one would beleive anyway.

    Arrolin St Croix (10:59:06 PM): * : dipping his hand into the ash again, he pulls up the little imp:: “Perhaps you are right. I thnk you, though, for your compassion… and for anything more that I presumed might have existed.” ::clutching the imp, he puts it in a pocket of his cloak:: “I will owe you a favor.” :: turning, he moves from the alley and starts heading to the street ::

    Alayna Laurent (10:59:56 PM): * Wait….Lyn.::she huffed and slumped her shoulders::

    Arrolin St Croix (11:00:19 PM): * :: pausing in his steps, he glanced back to her and then looked back at the street; whispering:: “God works in mysterious ways… Perhaps, God has granted me this little holy light to help me.”

    Alayna Laurent (11:01:47 PM): * ::she rushed over to him and wrapped her arms around him in a hug. Scandalous really, and spoke into his ear:: (s) Will I see you again?

    Arrolin St Croix (11:02:52 PM): * “I, yes… yes, I'd like that.” :: looking back to her :: “Yes.” :: A smile he hugs her back and then turns again moving back to the street :: “I will figure things out… there is more to the world than what we can see with our mortal eyes.”

    Alayna Laurent (11:04:46 PM): ::She gave him a curious look, he was an odd one but something about him drew her to him.:: Let me know if I can be of any more assistance. Good evening Lyn?

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