How It Works

  • February 10, 2006 at 12:12 am #1669
    VEST Paradox

    So how does the quote of the week work anyhow?

    Pretty simple. Anytime you see someone put in something that makes you laugh, or just seems to be a great quote, copy the text and email it to This will get it submitted where a poll will be placed up on every Sunday with the previous weeks submissions for you all to vote on. This poll will run until the following Thursday so be sure to get those votes in. Now, it's alright for you to vite on you own quote, it's something that we expect, gotta take yer credit and back your own horse right? Just try not to log onto multiple accounts and vote on it, that's a bit cheezy…. okay, I take that back, it's a LOT cheezy

    So what do you get? Pretty simple. The person who sends in the winning quote (first come first serve btw, first to send in the email wins) will get 5 XP and the person who actually made the quote will get 10 XP.

    So get those submissions in, otherwise you're just giving someone else free XP!

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