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    Ceara MacKenna

    [22:14] SilasHughesx: *:: smiles again and walks next to Selden and punches him squarely in the shoulder:: “I told Father I would be boxing again. And he didn't get mad. In fact, he embraced the idea Then I wanted to meet with a lawyer and he chastised me for not wishing to discuss law with him.. Altogether, it was an average day.”

    [22:18] Frederick Selden: * “Ha,” he laughed and looked up then back down again. “Seems to me your father is much different then he was when last I saw him.”

    [22:19] SilasHughesx: *”I do feel the best course of action for the family is for me to meet with an independent lawyer. He is beginning a relationship with some commoner and I fear his feeble brain may wish to marry her and put the company in jeopardy.”
    [22:20] SilasHughesx: *”Is it wrong for me to want to make sure the company maintains its independence?”

    [22:20] Frederick Selden: * “No qualms about her social status? Interesting.”

    [22:20] SilasHughesx: *”She's some seamstress… I think she's blind, but she hides it.” He sighs and glances up the night sky, pulling his coat tight about him. “He's happy, though. And Clarence thinks we should let him be happy… and so do I. But I just worry about the company and priorities and all, if he were to die and married this woman first the company would go to her.”

    [22:24] Frederick Selden: * He shrugged. “You know me, I'm much stuck in the romantic era. Sounds good to me.”

    [22:24] SilasHughesx: *”Hundreds of jobs and thousands in revenue depends on him… it's frustrating.”

    [22:24] Frederick Selden: * “It's good that he has his family. Maybe taking his mind off the business isn't such a bad idea with all of you around.”

    [22:26] SilasHughesx: *:: he sighs :: “Yes, you're right, of course. You have interest in the law. Will you sit with me when I meet with Mr. Balfour?”

    [22:26] Frederick Selden: * “How old is this woman? It sounds like you're concerns may be a bit more warranted.”

    [22:27] SilasHughesx: *”I am horrible at ages, but she is younger than him. I can tell you that much.”

    [22:27] Frederick Selden: * “I will gladly sit with you. I can't say that I can do much more than listen, as my interest in it ends in observation.”

    [22:28] SilasHughesx: * :: he nods :: “Just put a hand on my shoulder to stop me from saying something stupid. :: shaking his head, continuing the walk:: “Frederick, Have you seen my sister yet? “

    [22:33] Frederick Selden: * “Not yet,” he found it interesting this kept getting broguht up, “I was preparing to move my things into the house though. I'm sure then I am bound to. Also, what was it you wanted me to do about that Sophie girl? I didn't follow up with you that night after our day of laboring.”

    [22:34] SilasHughesx: *” I say you should find my cousin and marry her, Selden. Right away. ” :: grins :: “Then you can be my brother. “

    [22:35] Frederick Selden: * “It's complicated.” He frowned and continued walking. “I have yet to meet this cousin of yours firstly, and second… it's complicated.” he repeated.

    [22:37] SilasHughesx: * ” It is not complicated, Frederick. Father would never allow you to marry sister. And she is interested in that baron fellow anyway. There is a woman in the family, whose father is scottish nobility no less… and you are a perfect suitor.”
    [22:39] SilasHughesx: *”By marrying her, you would instantly gain a title.” ::he smirks :: “You could do worse…”

    [22:40] Frederick Selden: * “I have many titles, I do not seek out yet another one,” he nodded, “do you not remember, even when we were fourteen, thirteen no less, I told you I'd marry for love.” He looekd to him. “I am realistic enoguh to udnerstand I am no match for a Baron, but also I cannot lie and say that there are not feelings that still linger. Perhaps in time they will fade. Besides, would you wish us to decide your cousin's fate without her about?”

    [22:41] SilasHughesx: * “Then learn to love her, Frederick. Mother loved you like a son and you are already a brother to me. Let us make it formal. She doesn't need a voice in it, Frederick. It is not for her to truly decide and we both know you could woo her.”

    [22:43] Frederick Selden: * “Perhaps, but I want to marry a woman, not a family. The prospect of being a member of the family that was more a relative to me than mine ever was is, well, appealing. But again, I will not marry a girl just for that.”

    [22:45] SilasHughesx: * “Fool-ish, Frederick. Fooool-ish. I cannot hold this woman for very long. She has other suitors. A banker and a Lord. And I can turn her onto you.” : snaps a finger:: “For some God awful reason,” ::Makes a sign of the cross as he says the Lord's name in vain:: “I am responsible for her.”

    [22:47] Frederick Selden: * “I'd not want to upset you, so you can turn whoever onto me you wish, but I make no promises of marriage to anyone.”

    [22:47] SilasHughesx: * :: he sighs:: “You are a romantic … and I will never understand it.”

    [22:48] Frederick Selden: * “Sail at sea with fourty men for long and you'll beg for romance as well, my friend.?

    [22:50] SilasHughesx: *”Or you'll be humping the sailors, I suppose.” :: he laughs ::

    [22:51] Frederick Selden: * “I'll gladly meet any woman you think suits me, just do not think that I will immediatley take to them.”

    [22:52] SilasHughesx: * “Of course, Frederick. You will see Sophie about the house… be good to her… And leave my sister alone. That is my advice. You will only get hurt if you go to my sister.” :: he leans against a nearby wall and folds his arms :: “What happened to you… when you went to my father. It was wrong. I… I am sorry I didn't do more to stand up to him. I was so weak. I still am when dealing with him.”

    [22:54] Frederick Selden: * “I hold no grudge. It was my thought that if it should have been so, you and Li would have come to defend my wishes more than you had. Perhaps you had some divine knowledge that I did not.”

    [22:55] SilasHughesx: * ” Li? Yes… I suppose if Li really wanted it. She would have insisted on it.”

    [22:56] Frederick Selden: * “So there you have it. And of course, would she have found the Baron this day and would I be a knight if she had married me those years ago?”

    [22:56] SilasHughesx: * “I suppose not… Why are you so kind to me? You continue to surprise me.”

    [22:58] Frederick Selden: * “When you've seen how bad life can be, you realize it's not worth it to let opportunity nor friendship go to waste.”

    [22:59] SilasHughesx: *”Well I have an evening friend, Captain, Knight, Order of Bath and war Hero extraordinaire. What do you want to do?”

    [23:00] Frederick Selden: *”If ya really are wanting me to meet this cousin of yours, we can go back and load the room up with the things I have on the carriage. I'm not sure how the weather will fare either, so I best get those things inside.?

    [23:01] SilasHughesx: * “Let's make it happen.” : smiles big and motions to the man to hop onto the carriage first:: “You driving or am I?”

    [23:01] Frederick Selden: * “Maybe you should. I've done much today, especially for the Lord's day of rest.”

    [23:03] SilasHughesx: *::grabs the reins and HIYAH's it to make the carriage move:: “Everything strapped down alright?” ::moving alongthe cobllestone road to the house::

    [23:05] Frederick Selden: * “O' course,” he holds onto the brim of his hat, clamping it down against his skull.

    [23:05] SilasHughesx: *::rumble rumble down the road, on to the house which Ranielle has yet to describe to me so I won?t here but it's probably big or something and up to a driveway:: ?whoah whoah horses…” ::and thus the carriage comes to a halt; Silas jumping off of it:: “Father has me drive sometimes, as well.”

    [23:09] Frederick Selden: * “So much different than I remember. Either my memory is going at the ripe age of twenty-nine, or I made memories up.”

    [23:10] SilasHughesx: *”Likely both, Frederick.” :: a grin :: “Doesn't look like many people are in… the other carriage is still gone. Father must be with the seamstress still. And Little borther Luther has completely vanished, I swear.”
    [23:11] SilasHughesx: *”Clarence had a meeting at the docks with some American fellow… so just you and me.” :: looks at the carriage :: “So you start handing me stuff and I'll start carrying.”

    [23:12] Frederick Selden: * “Then,” he said, hopping off the carriage himself, “didn't you used to have people do these things for you?” He went around the back side of the carriage and started rummaging.

    [23:14] SilasHughesx: *”At 2 in the morning? Unlikely.”
    [23:16] SilasHughesx: * :: stands waiting to take something inside. He had wide shoulders and good biceps. Comes from helping the dockhands with goods. He was no stranger to unloading cargo ::

    [23:16] Frederick Selden: * He shrugged. “I'd insist we do it anyway. It's good for those boxing hands of yours to be lifting things.” He handed him an empty weapons rack with sheets draped over it.

    [23:17] SilasHughesx: * “Lifted a couple hundred pounds of sugar yesterday, bro.” :: laughs ::
    [23:17] SilasHughesx: * “Did I tell you who's going to train me? “

    [23:17] Frederick Selden: * “An irish fella you said, not too tall from the way you described him.”

    [23:17] SilasHughesx: *”A Midget! No Joke! This whirling dirvish of an elf or a midget or whatever. Named Gus. Hell of a pair of hands on that fellow.”

    [23:18] Frederick Selden: * “Right, midgets the word. I know irishmen make good pugilists, but how's a short fella like that supposed to have any reach?”

    [23:19] SilasHughesx: *::taking the weapons rack and sheets:: “I think he jumps.” ::he motions for more to pile on::”I don't think I'm supposed to call him a midget though. May be he's a short person? or I don't know. What do I call him?

    [23:22] Frederick Selden: * “Trainer? Maybe the word you use shouldn't have anything to do with his height.” He chuckled, grabbign some more things and piling them on, before himself grabbing his chest locker filled with clothes.

    [23:23] SilasHughesx: *”HA! You have politicianblood in you and ya don't know it yet.” ::nods to him that he had enough and motions they should start walking::

    [23:25] Frederick Selden: * He began heading for the door and inside. “I was one of the most well-liked officers in the royal navy for some time, barring the end of my term.”

    [23:27] SilasHughesx: *::the door was unlocked, not unusual, really:: “Why did you quit?” ::moving inside, he motioned upstairs to where his room was; not that far away from his own::

    [23:30] Frederick Selden: * “I didn't 'quit'. The action I took to save the men of my ship was reckless… not heroic. Though it did earn me my knighthood, it also left one of my men dead, and my other men disgusted with me. My superiors knew this, and used my knighting as a way to basically release me from my military duties honourably.”

    [23:33] SilasHughesx: *”You're not a quitter… why didn't you fight to stay?” ::looks at him moving up the stairs; he frowned a bit imagining his friend the hero and how the knighthood was a disgraceful exit rather than the pinnacle of his career like it should have been::

    [23:37] Frederick Selden: * “To be perfectly honest, I was ready to leave. It was almost time for me to come home as it was, and this was an opportunity to come hoem with a title.”

    [23:40] SilasHughesx: *”says the man who i thought didn't care about titles?”

    [23:41] Frederick Selden: * “But I do care about opportunity.”

    [23:41] SilasHughesx: *::creaks the man's room door open and sets some of his things inside on the floor:: “And this is an opportunity?”

    [23:42] Frederick Selden: * “Yes. An opportunity to learn, an opportunity to move forward. Don't you agree? besides, it's not as if the title I earned was not justified. It takes more than one incident to gain knighthood in such a way.” The truth was, he was constantly questioning himself about that.

    [23:43] SilasHughesx: *”Someone died though?” ::moving down the stairs and heading to the door. The carriage with Selden's things were still outside for them to fetch more stuff out of::

    [23:45] abrahamnhughes: Another carriage pulled up outside of the townhouse, and Sir Abraham waited within for the driver to come around and help him down from it.

    [23:45] Frederick Selden: * He followed and continued talking. “Arguably my best mate for my tenure on board that ship as well. When I tackled the gun man, he was able to get a shot off, and it landed squarely in his chest… knoced him clear off the deck.

    [23:46] SilasHughesx: *”Was he a close friend?” ::moving down into the driveway again, noting the new carriage : “Father is home.”

    [23:48] Frederick Selden: * “Yes, he was.” He nodded. In fact, the guilt he felt for the man's death often manifested in ways that made Selden think he was crazy. “Good to see.”

    [23:49] abrahamnhughes: He stepped carefully from the carriage, moving slowly towards the house. “Silas,” he nodded to his son. “Good to see you at home for once. Frederick, a pleasure to see you again.”

    [23:50] SilasHughesx: *”Selden requested I help him move in, Father.” ::moving to the carriage he looked to Selden to grab more things off of it:: ?He took the room adjacent to my own.”

    [23:51] abrahamnhughes: He nodded. “Good, good. Is there anything you need, Frederick?”

    [23:52] Frederick Selden: * “A pleasure to see you as well,” he shook his head, “I can't say there could possibly be anything else I need. You've been very generous and helpful to me as of late.”

    [23:53] abrahamnhughes: “We of the Order of the Bath must stick together, Frederick. And it's good to see you taking an interest both in shipping and in law.”

    [23:54] SilasHughesx: *:: rubbing his hands together. It was cold outside, he glances at Selden again to grab the last remaining stuff with him::

    [23:55] Frederick Selden: * he grabbed whatever was left after Si had a full stack. It seemed they had taken everything off of the carriage. “Thank you again for your help.”

    [23:56] SilasHughesx: *”Least I can do, bro.” ::Glances at Father:: “Clarence left to go meet that American fellow of his. Did you have a chance to ask him about this William The Black nonsense yet? What a strange pseudonym he chose. To take the name William is respectable. Its a family name at least… but this Black nonsense, even I'm annoyed.”

    [23:58] abrahamnhughes: “No, I haven't.” He frowned, moving towards the door. It was cold out, and he didn't think he'd be able to take much more of it. “I keep telling him I want to speak to him about all of this, and he keeps finding ways to get out of it.”

    [00:00] SilasHughesx: ::taking the last of the belongings, he walks with Frederick to the door:, hoping father isn't that far behind them::

    [00:00] Frederick Selden: Frederick just blinked as he carried the things. He wasn't about to pry, but it seemed Clarence wasn't right in the head at the moment.

    [00:02] SilasHughesx: ::hoping father can get the door, he waits to the side and allows him to hold it for them::

    [00:02] abrahamnhughes: Abraham followed them into the house, shaking his head. “Silas, you were talking to him earlier. You must convince him he needs to talk to me. This sneaking around and skirting around the subject needs to stop.”

    [00:04] SilasHughesx: ::nods, moving to the inside stairs — the rooms were upstairs, afterall:: “I will try my best, Father.”

    [00:06] abrahamnhughes: “Don't try, Silas. See it done.”

    [00:07] SilasHughesx: “Father, I can't MAKE him talk to you. I can make him go to you, but what he says to you I have no control over.” : putting Selden's belongings on the floor of his room once more::

    [00:07] abrahamnhughes: “Well at least see that he comes to talk to me. I can take it from there, you know, Silas.”

    [00:08] SilasHughesx: “Yes, I will drag him to you and plop him in a chair, Father.” :: he laughs :: “That could be fun.”

    [00:09] abrahamnhughes: “It'd be a start, at least.” He shook his head.

    [00:10] SilasHughesx: :: Leaving Selden to unpack things in his room, he moves into the hallway:: “Father, a question on Miss Fellows.”

    [00:11] abrahamnhughes: He raised an eyebrow, having been in the hallway the whole time. “Yes, Silas?”

    [00:11] SilasHughesx: “Is she vision impaired?”

    [00:11] abrahamnhughes: “Why do you ask, Silas?”

    [00:12] SilasHughesx: “Her eyes are different. And you seem to lead her around.”

    [00:13] abrahamnhughes: “How astute of you, Silas. Yes, she's blind. That isn't a problem, is it?”

    [00:13] SilasHughesx: “Did I sound like it was a problem, Father?”

    [00:14] abrahamnhughes: “The way you asked the question, dear boy, yes, you did.” He chuckled. “Silas, it's no secret that she's blind. You needn't have taken such care to ask it.”

    [00:15] SilasHughesx: “Your relationship with her… I didn't want to seem like I was disapproving.”

    [00:15] abrahamnhughes: “And why would I think you were, Silas?” he asked, innocently.

    [00:15] SilasHughesx: ::grins:: “Playing games with me, Father? Funny….”

    [00:16] abrahamnhughes: “Not at all, Silas…I'm merely curious as to why you might think I would think you disapproving…”

    [00:17] SilasHughesx: :: he sighs :: “I don't think that… ” ::Now he was getting confused, he makes his way down the stairs ::

    [00:19] abrahamnhughes: He followed slowly down the stairs. “You don't think I thought you were disapproving? Then why, Silas, would you even bother mentioning that you're not?”

    [00:20] SilasHughesx: “I think the last time I asked you questions about Miss Fellows you gave me the third degree, Father.” :: moving into the kitchen :: “So, yes, it's a cautious subject. One I hate to bring up because it leads to more inuendo about why do I ask such things and what my alleged motives are.”

    [00:22] abrahamnhughes: He sighed and shook his head. “Everyone always has motives, Silas. You're curious about Miss Fellows. I'm curious about your curiosity. If you're going to bring it up at all, you have to prepared to deal with things like

    [00:23] SilasHughesx: ::moves to the cabinet and removes a wine glass, motions a hand to see if his father wishes a glass::

    [00:23] abrahamnhughes: that. You must be prepared for things like that no matter what subject you raise or who you raise it with, Silas.” A nod, yes, he'd have a glass.

    [00:24] SilasHughesx: “Why shouldn't I be curious about the woman who is spending time with my father? ::: placing a second glass on the counter, he holds up two bottles: Red and White, and has him pick ::

    [00:25] abrahamnhughes: He pointed towards the bottle of red. “And why shouldn't I be curious as to what my son's train of thought is?”

    [00:26] SilasHughesx: :: he laughs :: “What is this insane stalemate you've concocted?” : pouring the red wine into a glass and handing it to him ::

    [00:27] abrahamnhughes: He chuckled, swirling the glass and observing the tint of the wine. “Are you calling me insane, Silas?”

    [00:27] SilasHughesx: “I am at that! ” : pouring his own glass and holding it up::

    [00:28] SilasHughesx: “To crazy Uncle Ben and the family insanity.”

    [00:28] abrahamnhughes: He smirked. “I suppose that makes you insane, as well. To the family insanity,” he echoed, and brought his glass to his lips.

    [00:28] SilasHughesx: : sips the wine:: “You got that right. “

    [00:29] abrahamnhughes: “What, then, are we crazies to do?”

    [00:29] SilasHughesx: “Eat. Drink. Be Merry. “:: walking about the kitchen, he grabs a piece of fresh-baked bred and rips a piece from it :: “It was good to see Ben the other night.”
    [00:30] SilasHughesx: ::chewing on the bread, he leans against the counter::

    [00:30] abrahamnhughes: “It was.” A nod. “We don't see him nearly often enough.”

    [00:31] SilasHughesx: “I think we should bring up some of his African trophies to the House. Make him feel more at home here. Maybe he'd stay longer.”

    [00:32] abrahamnhughes: “I'd say it would be worth trying, but I fear that if anyone touched his trophies without his permission, they'd live perhaps just long enough to regret it.”

    [00:32] SilasHughesx: :: tears some bread off and pops it into his mouth:: “Good bread… Doubt Sister made it.” :: snorts:: “Will have to thank the maid. Yes yes… you're right, of course. Did you see his so-called Boom stick? It's the largest he's had yet.”

    [00:33] abrahamnhughes: “Don't speak so ill of your sister all the time.” He frowned. “Yes, I saw his gun. He's rather fond of it. If I recall correctly, you almost managed to get yourself shot that night.”

    [00:34] SilasHughesx: “I swear it's to compensate…” ::laughs and lets the thought trail off and eats another bite of bread, following by a chug of wine; changing subjects:: “Paris fell last week. Did you hear?”

    [00:35] abrahamnhughes: “Yes, I did. Think your Prussian friends will be able to keep up your supply of Vin Mariani? Hopefully the Prussians will at least keep up their heavy purchasing.”

    [00:35] SilasHughesx: “The war will end soon. I'm moving some of Bismarck's canons along the shore via our boats. We'll be compensated well enough. We were lucky, this Prussian War happening so soon after the American one. We may not be so lucky this next time. We'll have to expand our holdings to compensate elsewhere.”

    [00:37] abrahamnhughes: “It may also be time to look more heavily into narcotics, Silas. Opium is all the rage, these days.”

    [00:37] SilasHughesx: :: frowns :: “Someone cut the telegraph wires so I can't order more Mariani… I am… rationing.” : smiles briefly:: “Putting it lightly.” :: tears some more bread off :: “That's an Asian market… longer distance for the boats. ” :: pops the bread into his mouth again :: “Tobacco is a usual shipment for us. Sugar, cotton, too.”

    [00:38] abrahamnhughes: “We already have boats going to the Orient anyway, for silks, fabrics, and spices. We might as well add some room for opium.”

    [00:39] SilasHughesx: :: Nods :: “Think that Asher fellow may be interested? ”

    [00:39] abrahamnhughes: “He might be. It's worth asking him.”

    [00:40] SilasHughesx: “Not that many boats out there, but some, you're right. I'm just scared to send more… storms could destroy the boats. What about some other business on the land here?”

    [00:41] abrahamnhughes: “We don't need to send more boats, necessarily, Silas. And it might be time to expand our fleet some more, anyway. What did you have in mind on the land here?”

    [00:43] SilasHughesx: “I'm not sure… but there's a brothel I keep hearing about. I have yet to.. utilize its services.” :: laughs :: “But it could prove useful. Market it to the longshoremen, the boat crews.”

    [00:43] abrahamnhughes: He stared at his son. “Are you suggesting we buy a brothel, Silas? I hope you're not serious.”

    [00:44] SilasHughesx: “We pay them and they give us the money right back.” : sips the wine :: “Why not?”

    [00:44] abrahamnhughes: “Those places are more trouble than they're worth. Mark my words, Silas.”

    [00:44] SilasHughesx: “How do you know, Father?” ::grins and looks back to him ::

    [00:45] abrahamnhughes: “Because I can read the newspaper, Silas.” He snorted, shaking his head.

    [00:45] SilasHughesx: :: laughs :: “Well? It'd be nice to have a business on shore of some kind. “

    [00:46] abrahamnhughes: “There are options apart from running a brothel, Silas. You find something reasonable, and I'll consider it.”

    [00:46] SilasHughesx: ” How about a boxing ring? Some kind of gym? We could hold events. That whirling dirvish Irish Midget could be a star attraction… Same concept. deckhands, longshoremen could come. We pay them and take their money in the entertainment.”

    [00:47] abrahamnhughes: “Do you think it would bring in enough revenue to make it worth while? To even recover its own initial investment?”

    [00:48] SilasHughesx: “Add some gambling to it and I don't see why not. Maybe add a card room, as well.”

    [00:49] abrahamnhughes: “I'll think about it, Silas.”

    [00:49] SilasHughesx: “Cards attract a different clientele.” : sips at the wine::

    [00:49] abrahamnhughes: “Oh? And what clientele might that be?”

    [00:50] SilasHughesx: “More upper class, of course. Cards are a gentleman's game.” : smirks ::

    [00:51] abrahamnhughes: “I'll think about it, Silas. Ok? I'll think about it.”

    [00:52] SilasHughesx: :: laughs :: “Of course, Father. I'm just brainstorming. ” :: puts the glass down on the counter, empty by now :: “I think I'm heading to bed… ” :: Nods again, he moves out of the kitchen:: “God Bless.”

    [00:54] abrahamnhughes: He nodded slowly. “I think that's a good idea, Silas. Sleep, that is.” He finished off his own wine, and set his glass down as well. “Good night, Silas.”

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    Thank you for sharing.

    ( And when did it become my responsibility to describe the townhouse, again? ::smirks.:: )

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