His holiness Octavius Raymond Southwell, Bishop of Norfolk

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    Name: Octavius Raymond Southwell

    Breed: Mortal

    Age and/or birth date: 32; March 15, 1839

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair: Black

    Height/weight: 5?11?, 170

    Occupation: Bishop of Norfolk

    Equipment/weapons: His holiness is not himself a practitioner of violence; rather, he finds that a well-placed word works wonders. And when such is not able to be the case, well, there are enough members of his flock that would do anything for the good Bishop in order to have him put in good word for them with the Lord. For the most part, items about his person are those used in the practice of his duties and things you might expect to see about a man of his position.

    Appearance (clothes, etc.): Purple and red bishops robes or elegant black clothes, bejeweled rings, and other expensive items are found on Octavius, in flagrant display of his diocese?s wealth. This is not to say that the man himself is wealthy by any means, but that it is at times questionable as to where the monies collected within the region under his authority and ministry are directed.

    Background: Sir Richard Southwell was born in 1518 at Windham Manor in Norfolk, the son of Francis Southwell and Dorothy Tendring. In 1531, he was involved in the murder of Sir William Pennington, a childhood friend, and paid a fine of 1000 pounds the following year to obtain a pardon. It may seem odd, then, that in 1534 he became Sheriff of Norfolk, served as a member of the House of Commons beginning in 1536, and became appointed to the Privy Council in 1547. Such, however, is the way of those of means. Sir Richard went on to be involved in other deeds, nefarious and otherwise, at various points in his life until his death in 1564, though it seemed he always had a knack for profiting from his deeds, and none of the ill he did was able to stick.

    His descendent, Octavius Raymond Southwell, seems to have inherited much of Sir Richard?s personality. Since he was a child, Octavius has had a knack for getting his way and rising to prominence. Questions have oft been asked, though rather softly, and any rumors have never been able to be proven. As a young nobleman of 14, Octavius took up the cloth, and over the 18 years since has managed to become the Bishop of Norfolk, the same region in which his ancestor, Sir Richard, was born and served lo those many generations before.

    Although these whisperings take place, there is no doubt that Octavius is fervent in his preachings, and has an oratory knack of sorts. Whether or not he truly believes in that which he preaches is something between he and the Lord, and is not an item of terribly much speculation. After all, to his flock, there is little question that the good Bishop will guide them to salvation. He has also been known to hold quite the grudge when anyone opposes him, or when he perceives some slight or wrong has been perpetrated against him.

    ((Addendum: I’d like to have the reason Octavius is in London have something to do with some secret Church society and/or mission, though the precise nature of that isn’t something I have solidified just yet. This is something I’d be willing to work on with the staff and/or other players.))

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    Jeff Crowley

    ::hisses:: wicked, trixsy, and false! ::g:: you know what I thought. Good stuff.

    February 6, 2006 at 5:53 am #2194

    ::claps.:: He may have the Lord’s ear, but who has his?

    Nicely done. Can’t wait to see the man in action.

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