Here A Little Dip, There A Little Cut…

  • February 28, 2006 at 7:26 am #1812

    1:59:50 AM minorutheminnow: He was pleased to note he hadn't been noticed by his mark. As he walked past Foley, a hand shot out and took the man's coin purse, before he turned to make his way back over to Jillian. ##larceny##
    1:59:53 AM minorutheminnow: MinoruTheMinnow rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 1
    1:59:55 AM johnphilipfoley: “Ah. Well, that it does.” Not that he enjoyed that at all. He enjoyed the other things in life, such as having a bit of fun.
    2:00:21 AM sophieclanders: (lol, that sucks)
    2:00:37 AM minorutheminnow: ##luck re-roll##
    2:00:40 AM minorutheminnow: MinoruTheMinnow rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 6
    2:01:36 AM vestzion: ( I… don't think they fixed the auto fail luck re-roll thing in this game. But I'm going to suggest it :: shakes a fist :: )
    2:01:57 AM vestzion: ( :: goes to luck to make sure, though :: )
    2:06:40 AM johnphilipfoley: JohnPhilip Foley rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 1
    2:07:39 AM vestzion: ( success, alas, he has no cash )
    2:08:07 AM vestzion: (But he could have something else in his pocket that was role played? Keys or something? John?)
    2:08:35 AM johnphilipfoley: (Didn't RP him having anything in there. So, pocket lint he can have. Saves me cleaning bills!)
    2:08:56 AM vestzion: (Ok.. you must not have a lock on your door at home
    2:09:51 AM johnphilipfoley: (He lives with his family….)
    2:10:00 AM vestzion: (OK. Game on!)
    2:10:01 AM minorutheminnow: The coin purse seemed remarkably light, but he waited until he was leaning against the bar by Jillian again to look into it. Empty. Ah well. The purse itself had to be worth at least something. He handed it to Jillian.
    2:10:41 AM johnphilipfoley: (Ok. brb.)
    2:13:55 AM vestzion: ( GM Correction: No coin purse found on John, as he didn't have one, but he did have keys that were found )
    2:14:14 AM minorutheminnow: (scratches last line)
    2:14:46 AM vestzion: (post all that stuff, roleplay and all onto the place where ya post that stuff as well )

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