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    VEST Paradox

    Here is some information that could prove useful to help you get acclimated and understand the setting better.


    The pound was represented, as it still is, by a ? sign, the shilling by a ”s” and the penny by a ”d” (for ”denarius”, a Roman silver coin which was also used as the name for the English silver penny).

    A pound ( ? ) was the main unit of currency, 20 shillings made a pound, and 16 pence made a shilling.

    1? = 20s = 320d = $100 dollars modern day currency.

    1s = $5 dollars modern day currency.

    Guns and Crime

    In this era, firearms are permitted to be owned for personal defense. The 1689 Bill of Rights (English) That the Subjects, which are Protestants, may have Arms for their Defence, suitable to their Conditions , as allowed by Law”. This was left vague for several reasons, it is typically not a crime to carry a firearm for protection, though any brandishing or threatening results in stiff penalties. The letter of the law refers this as “Carrying a weapon with evil intent, or to Terrorize the Kings Subjects” Later “the Kings subjects” was replaced with “subjects of the Crown”. The typical punishment for violent crimes was either life imprisonment or hanging.

    Keep in mind that during the Victorian Era there was only one murder with a firearm, and that wasn”t comitted until October 25, 1876. So if you think that you will be able to wave around pistols and rifles with frequent abandon, think again, you will be arrested and most likely hanged for what we would consider *Terrorism* today.


    At the bottom of the navigation menu we have several useful links, including maps of London, a Victorian Encyclopedia, and a site displaying Victorian Fashion. I know that the most difficult thing to get used to will be the scenery and nuances of the time, but this is a great era and will be a good challenge for us all.

    Mail Room

    We use a common mailroom, someone will check this every day and forward that mail tot he proper department. So send all backgrounds, character sheets, updates, questions, charges, etc.. to the

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