Game Information And Play Times

  • February 20, 2006 at 9:46 pm #1766
    VEST Paradox

    Here's some information about gameplay and our playing schedule:

    Send all Backgrounds and Character Sheets to
    Send all Quote of the Week Submissions to

    For those of you who are registered, you can download the character sheets here: Character Sheets

    For those who are guests, you can see an example character sheet here : Asher Sterling CS

    Gameplay Note: Our official play times are listed on the Calendar but I will place them here as well. We play via AIM Chat rooms (Or with Trillian on an AIM Account) with AIM Screen Names. We encourage all players to play outside of the normal play hours and to send in the logs of your play for A&B Points. Please contact the host on schedule for an invitation to the room.

    Schedule of Official Room Hours

    Monday : 9pm – 11pm EST – VEST Paradox
    Monday : 11pm – 1am EST – VECH Seregon

    Tuesday : 9pm – 11pm EST – VEST Paradox
    Tuesday : 11pm – 1am EST – VEST Zion

    Wednesday : 9pm – 11pm EST – VEST Paradox
    Wednesday : 11pm – 1am EST – VEST Paradox

    Thursday : 9pm – 11pm EST – VEST Paradox
    Thursday : 11pm – 1am EST – VEST Seregon

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