fistfull of dollars

  • February 14, 2006 at 3:00 am #1691

    RolndDschn: (5+1=6)

    SilasHughesx: *Vial not ial

    Tink Kiplin: h* Tink smelled him, as she often did when he was near. The fragrance was slightly obscured by salt and grit, but it was there nonetheless. She looked up, the brim lifting its shadow so her stare could find him. There was a smile

    CatherineEF: She listens to the music, a smile crossing her lips. She enjoyed the tune that was floating through the air. She glances at her clock, seeing what time it was.

    Arrolin St Croix: :: It was almost an old New Orleans style of music. How he came to know such Americanized music he would never be able to tell someone for he didn’t really know ::

    Egeria Fellows: “Something fragrant,” she paused to take her single step down, and in a measured reach she had grown accustomed to, took her cane from the coach, “Have you tried blood orange? I think you might like it if you haven’t, or I think you

    VEST Paradox: (( Right on the Money, you somehow did manage to have 2 pounds in there . Post it in the lair ))

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