Fear and Insanity

  • February 6, 2006 at 9:16 pm #1645
    VEST Paradox

    Since this is going to be a darker game, due to the setting and the fact that peole in the Victorian Era haven’t been subjected to the mass amount of desensitizind media that we have. We have chosen to put rules dealing with Fear and Insanity in place. There are varying degrees of fear, from merely being startled, to witnessing the most heinous crimes or scenes imagineable. The result of failing Fear Checks can result in numerous things from Insanity, to just being shaken and taking a penalty to rolls. You can find these new rules here : Fear and Insanity

    To add to these effects, we will be adding new Advantages and Disadvantages that can greatly effect Fear and Insanity.



    Cost: 15 GP

    Description: You are a grizzled veteran, or at least you have the midset of one. Either you have been witness to some of the worst human atrocities of your times, or are emotionally and spiritually detached to a point that human atrocity doesn’t effect you like it does others. You find it difficult to empathize with others and share in the communal pain when witnessing terrible acts. Because of this you are immune to Fear Effects of level 4 or less.

    Requirement: You can never purchase or utilize any Empathic Mastery, you simply cannot bring yourself to understand or acknowledge the emotional states of others.

    Level Headed

    Cost: 10 GP

    Description: You are more level headed and difficult to rattle than most people. You have either seen things that would drive nrmal people into a Sanitarium, or you have done things that would shake the very foundations of common morality. Because of this you gain a +4 to any Fear rolls that you may have to make.

    RP Requirement: Stay calm and cool, until it’s time to not stay calm.



    Cost: 10 GP

    Description: You are timid by nature and things tend to frighten you much easier than others. Anytime you make a fear check you are at an automatic -4 to the roll.

    RP Requirement: You are most likely soft spoken and jittery, the slightest loud noises or sudden movements make you jump and your heart races.

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