Father Blake Moxon; Prelate Of London

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    The following events recalled took place sometime during the late 1860?s in a secluded part of London.

    ?Good Father Moxon,? said the well-aged Bishop of my diocese to me, ?Be it known, well known, that your studies and dedications to the Lord and this Church are greatly revered in the eyes of God and this Church, for this is certain.?

    I looked up at him from my studies. On this particular day I was reading of the occult within the archives of the Society of Jesus.

    “My Lord,? I replied, my voice endowed with the highest and utmost respect and loyalty, ?your words warm my senses on this cold day.?

    The Bishop continued speaking as though I never interjected, which was to be expected.

    ?Be it known you?ve been issued the honorary title of Prelate and additionally the responsibilities that are attached to such an honor.?

    My eyes lit up at this point, not in pride but rather the implications in the ability in serving the Lord.

    ?However, Monsignor, the additional monetary benefits normally accompanying this position will not befit you. As you know you are already answerable for a fair amount of debt, which has been paid on your behalf.?

    ?Indeed my lord. And it is my solemn promise to repay that debt both normally and monetarily.?

    ?Your stipend shall remain at 40₤ per year and the additional money shall be put towards your obligation. However, know if you ever need your assistance beyond that the Church is here for you.?

    ?Your Grace, again, I thank your benevolence.?

    ?God thanks you for your service. May you serve London well, I shall leave you to your studies??

    November, 1870

    To this day I have strived to serve my Parish and Diocese as well as any man of God could expect to.

    Related to that service, my fellow Jesuits have advised me of the great supernatural forces that threaten our survival and service to you, Lord. Although I have my doubts, and my faith in the existence of these forces is of no comparison to that of you, Jesus, I strive to learn more and more about these forces everyday. I dare not write of them here, for the implications would be too great, but know I prepare myself each physically, mentally, and spiritually continually dare they show themselves and challenge your almighty power.

    Your servant,
    Blake Moxon

    January, 1871

    A voice has begun to haunt my slumber and threatens my work in your name, Lord. It inhibits me by dousing my candle light, spilling my ink, or worse haunting my dreams. I?ve asked him, or perhaps her, or however it, as it has yet to clearly show itself to me, to leave me be and either ascend or descend to its proper place in the Universe. However, my request remains unfulfilled by the spirit. Lord, I ask of you, only now, to help me expel this demon haunting me. However, I understand if, perhaps, this is your way of testing my faith. I will continue to pray for the absence of this spirit of my life so I may better serve you, Jesus.

    Your humble servant.
    Blake Moxon

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    Interesting stuff…looking forward to seeing more! Go God Squad!

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    Huzzah! Can't wait for Ceara to cross paths with Father Moxon again.

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