Faq : Lore

  • April 12, 2006 at 10:15 pm #1977
    VEST Paradox

    Okay, I've come to learn that there are still some misconceptions about Lore. Unlike previous games you do not buy a different Lore skill for each Breed. You only purchase one Lore skill, as it is with Artistry and Linguistics. The Different Breeds are covered by specialties. Lore teaches you how to Recognize, Harm, Defend against, and to Kill supernaturals. The process is the same regardless of the breed, the only thing that changes is what is used or the minor details. This is covered by the specialty. Lets have an example.

    Joe is a mortal without any levels of Lore at all. A few months pass and he has the opportunity to become a Disciple, when he sends in his Breed Change he adds Lore 1 to his sheet and a specialty in Disciple. His next Update he buys his Lore to level 5. So he now has Lore 5 (Disciple). A few months later someone offers to teach him about Magi, so they meet and discuss the Magi and do their required post/posts. Joe spends 20 XP to buy the Magi Specialty. Now Joe has Lore 5 (Disciple, Magi) and not Lore 5 (Disciple) AND Lore 1 (Magi), this game has only one Lore Skill to buy.

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