Event For Feb 28th 2006

  • February 23, 2006 at 8:33 pm #1787
    VEST Paradox

    [div align=”center”]Pharoahs in London![/div]

    The British Museum is proud to announce a new exhibit, The Sands of Egypt, that will be opening the night of Tuesday February 28th at 9pm, the opening night is by invitation only, and opened to the bulbic the following morning. This new exhbit features The Sarcophagi, jewelry, statues, and other ancient artifacts from an unnamed and previously unkown Egyptian Tomb that was stumbled upon while custructing roads outside of Cairo.

    Come and see the mysteries of Ancient Egypt for the first time! This exhibit is the first of it's kind ever in London and is provided by Sir Earland Thomasville.

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