Evelyn St.john

  • March 22, 2006 at 3:43 am #1909

    Name: Evelyn St.John
    Breed: Mortal
    Age and/or birth date: 19
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair: Golden Blonde
    Height/weight: 5'4″ 115
    Occupation: Employee at Elijah Moore's “The Nook on the Corner”
    Appearance (clothes, etc..): Always painfully neat in appearance; wears latest trends, although at times one can tell the fabric quality isn't quite upper crust. She looks almost elfin or waifish: pointed chin, slender face, almond-shaped, bright blue eyes.Background: Evelyn is the only daughter of a rector of a small church on the outskirts of London. She has no beau, but wouldn't mind marrying above (or below) her station as long as he loves her and can support her. She has a great love of books and learning, but hasn't the money to be accepted into one of the few Universities that accept women and has no interest in raising someone else's children (although she would someday want some of her own). She lucked into seeing a small, hand-lettered help wanted sign in the window of a bookseller's store and applied for the job.
    She has a real love for fabric and the latest trends; she always wears a mourning brooch with locks of hair from her mother and younger brother who died in a carriage accident when she was 7. She's not a lovely woman; men usually remember her eyes, her voice (low and breathy), and her intelligence. Women tend to dismiss her as competition; after all, what real man is attracted to a bluestocking?

    Evelyn was a precocious child, staring into space, talking to herself. She always had her “imaginary friends”; she came to realize as she grew older that these were actually the ghosts of people who died near the church or were buried in the churchyard. She learned to not mention her “friends” to others for fear of being sent to Bedlam. After the death of her mother and brother, strange things would sometimes happen around Evelyn; things would move when she turned her back, strange mishaps would befall people who angered or hurt her. And, unfortunately, sometimes men who came courting would come up with strange excuses not to come again, or simply stopped coming around.

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