End Of The First Month!

  • March 4, 2006 at 5:23 pm #1840
    VEST Paradox

    Well, we have been open and active for one month now and things are looking better and better. We have begun introducing various Breed related NPC's and SL Events that will certainly throw lots of interest into the game, characters are getting involved in lots of different plots as well and that's just awesome! There are some things that I'm noticing that are amiss though.

    A&B – I've had very little A&B logs sent in for PR's, there's a lot of XP to be had for getting a group of people to play together in PR's during closed room hours, or even after hours RP. So be sure to get those logs sent in! I've posted the A&B guidelines for PR Logs in the Character Improvement topic. Note: Any RP logs posted in the Log Cabin need to have PR : or MR : at the beginning of the title from now on so we know wether to count it or not. If you have a more private log that you want to send in for A&B, just email it to the Mailroom and we will be sure to get it added.

    Recommendations – We had a few of these, but not nearly enough. We have some great Roleplayers here, so lets give them credit where credit is due! One thing to know about Recommendations, that's a possibility for an additional 15 XP per month for someone so don't be shy or lazy, cut and paste the log into an email and send it in for a recommendation, encourage better RP by making it worth their while!

    SL's – We don't have many coming in, a SL is a sure fire way to make a more permanent part of the game and to secure a lot of fun for yourself and others. We try to come up with SL's for everyone, but we can't cover all the bases all the time. If you need NPC's added into it, just write up a description for them, what their role is and an idea of what you would like them to be like, and we will take care of the details for you. We're here to make this as fun as possible for you guys, and this is one sure way to do it.

    That's just the stuff I have noticed this far, though I know we are only one month in and people are still getting used to the changes in the system, not to mention being sick, busy, tired, etc.. but all I have to say is to help us help you

    That is all.

    Go have some fun now!

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