Desmond And Mina Rp Log 4-29-2006

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    [22:44] DesmondMorris: cp*::He'd accepted mina's invite to visit her at the petal, they'd had a chance to talk a few times lately and she seemed to be adapting well to her new circumstances.::

    [22:46] minaleading: cp*: She stood up and walked out of the smoke room and into her room to changer her clothes from earlier. Picking a light blue low cut beautiful dress she took off the other one and began to put that one on, humming to herself as

    [22:46] minaleading: she went:

    [22:47] DesmondMorris: cp*::He walked up the stairs making his way over to her bedroom. He knocked on the door and then removed his hat.::

    [22:48] minaleading: cp* :: She jumped a little having dressed fully now she walked to the door her hair flowing behind her . She opened the door ::
    [22:49] minaleading: cp* ” It's nice to see you again Desmond .”

    [22:49] DesmondMorris: cp*::he smiled and nodded:: Good Evening Mina.
    [22:50] minaleading: cp* ” How are you ?”
    [22:50] minaleading: cp* :: she moved aside so he could step into her room ::

    [22:51] DesmondMorris: cp* I'm well. And yourself? ::he smiled as he walked into her room once she had indicated it was appropriate.::
    [22:51] minaleading: cp* ” Good I was a bit bored . So how do you like the petal so far ?”
    [22:52] minaleading: cp* : she smiled and nodded moving to close the door then sits down on the bed ::

    [22:53] DesmondMorris: cp*::he placed his hat down on the dresser and then went to take a seat by her.:: Well it's not a place I come to often, to be honest before I met Alayna I had never been here. It's enjoyable from time to time.

    [22:54] minaleading: cp* :: she smiled a bit more :: ” Yes it is uncommon for me still as well , but I like it here it's nice . I get a place to sleep and good food to eat every day .”
    [22:56] minaleading: cp* :: Her blue eyes looked over him and she blushed thinking to herself he seemed like such a gentleman it was nice to know there were people out there like him ::

    [22:57] DesmondMorris: cp*::he smiled and nodded:: I'm glad you have found a place to call home for the moment. With people like Egeria and Alayna here I'm sure you'll be more than safe.

    [22:58] minaleading: cp* ” That's good to know . I like Alayna she is very sweet but I have yet too meet Egeria .”

    [22:59] DesmondMorris: cp* I think you'll like her, she's quite kind, she's done me quite a big favor recently.

    [22:59] minaleading: cp* ” Really well that's nice of her . What did she do for you might I ask ?”

    [23:03] DesmondMorris: cp* Well I'm not sure if I told you about the situation with my great grandmother, the time the fortune teller came to the coffee house?

    [23:04] minaleading: cp* :: she tilts her head .:: ” No you haven't , I think I have seen a fortune teller once at the coffee house it could be the same one .”

    [23:06] DesmondMorris: cp* Perhaps. ::he sighed and rested his hands in his lap:: A fortune teller told me that a distant relative of mine's spirit could not rest, and that I needed to find her burial site and take her remains back to her home country.

    [23:07] minaleading: cp* ::she turned to him so she could listen better ::
    [23:07] minaleading: cp*” Why can't she rest ?”

    [23:09] DesmondMorris: cp* I'm not quite sure, but that's where Egeria has been so helpful. I went to search the burial records at the church but no grave site was listed.
    [23:09] DesmondMorris: cp* She helped me to locate where my ancestor is buried.

    [23:10] minaleading: cp* ” Oh , she seems like a nice person . I am glad she helped you with that . So what made you decide to come visit me tonight ? When I asked I wasn't sure if you would come or not .”

    [23:14] DesmondMorris: cp* I always enjoy the company of friends or potential friends. ::he smiled:: It's been quite quiet these past few days, and an excuse to get away from work is always welcome.

    [23:14] minaleading: cp* :: she smiled and nodded :: ” I am glad you came though I don't have but Alayna as a friend .”

    [23:16] DesmondMorris: cp* I'm sure that will change in time. ::he reassured her:: In this line of work you are bound to meet a variety of people.

    [23:16] minaleading: cp* ” Not many people talk to me much , I …..I guess so . Do you think I should have chosen a different profession ?”

    [23:17] DesmondMorris: cp* ::he sighed:: I'm sure you'll have opportunities for other employment as times goes on.

    [23:18] minaleading: cp* :: she looked at him and frowned a bit ::” True …..Are you ok Desmond you seem a bit …..sad maybe .?”

    [23:19] DesmondMorris: cp* I think I'll be alright. I seem to remember having a similar conversation with Alayna awhile ago.

    [23:20] minaleading: cp* ” Oh did it not go so well ?”

    [23:21] DesmondMorris: cp* As well as it could I suppose. She seems content with her life at the moment, though I was less approving of it at the time. I'm in no position to dictate how she should or shouldn't live.

    [23:21] minaleading: cp* ” I know it doesn't seem like something you would probably see someone like me go into but . …it is money …and a place to live, eat and sleep . And that's what I was looking for .”

    [23:25] DesmondMorris: cp*::he nods:: We all have to eat, it's a necessary choice to do things at times we normally wouldn't consider.

    [23:27] minaleading: cp* :: she sighs :: ” Yes that is true ….I do wish that I knew if I had a family though . I wonder what they would be doing right now . I wouldn't want them to meet me in a place like this if I ever found them .”

    [23:29] DesmondMorris: cp* I'm sure they'd be happy to see you, regardless of what you've had to decide upon.

    [23:30] minaleading: cp* ” You might be right ….but that all depends on if I have one .” :: she stood up and walked over to her dresser where her blue amulet lay and picked it up looking at it ::

    [23:31] DesmondMorris: cp* Well you had to come from somewhere right? And I don't expect it was from the moon. ::he chuckled:: Perhaps you should visit a fortune teller sometime. It seemed to work for me.

    [23:33] minaleading: cp* ::she nodded and walked back over to her seat on the bed next to Desmond :: ” Yes I guess so ….I did see a fortune teller once .”

    [23:34] DesmondMorris: cp* Oh? Did you learn anything interesting?

    [23:35] minaleading: cp* ” I guess you could say that .” :: she held the amulet in her hands and squeezed it then letting go to see it glow ::
    [23:39] minaleading: cp*” He told me that I would have trouble in my future and that I would bare child ….and It would take a long time to regain my memory . But the thing that got me most was that he said there is no use in looking for my family .”

    [23:41] DesmondMorris: cp* Well if you had a child then you'd be able to start a new family wouldn't you?

    [23:42] minaleading: cp* ” yes that I would but …I just …I would like to know my actual family . I don't know if I am ready to have a child yet . This wouldn't be a good place to bring one up .”

    [23:43] DesmondMorris: cp* ::he nodded:: True, I would hope you'd find someone who could take you away from a place like this, so that you could raise your child in a loving home.

    [23:44] minaleading: cp* :: she nodded and smiled :: ” You always have something nice and reassuring to say , that helps a lot .”
    [23:45] minaleading: cp* ” Do you have children and a family of your own ?”

    [23:45] DesmondMorris: cp* That seems to be my place in life at the moment ::he chuckled:: I don't mind though, I know what it is like to have the kindness of others bestowed upon me. We are all searching for something I imagine.

    [23:46] minaleading: cp* ” I don't know my place in life just yet but I am sure it will come to me soon enough .”

    [23:47] DesmondMorris: cp*::he shook his head:: No, none that I know of at least. ::he smiled:: I was raised by my Uncle.

    [23:47] minaleading: cp* ” Oh I see ….is he still around ?”

    [23:52] DesmondMorris: cp* Yes he's still alive and well, he owns the shop I work at. Though he's starting to become a bit tired of the business life.

    [23:52] minaleading: cp* ::she chuckled :: ” I imagine so if he has been working there for a while .” Would you like to get out of here and go for a walk ?”

    [23:53] DesmondMorris: cp*::He smiled:: I'd love to. Where would you like to go?

    [23:54] minaleading: cp* ” Anywhere that isn't here right now . I have been stuck inside with nothing to do for a while now I just would like to get out . How bout you decide .”
    [23:54] minaleading: cp* :: she smiled ::

    [23:54] DesmondMorris: cp*::he chuckled:: Well the Park seems to be a logical place, I haven't been there lately. How does that sound?

    [23:56] minaleading: cp* ” Sure I've never been there sounds like fun . Let?s go then .” :: she stood up and walked to get a coat out of the closet . She grabbed along black one and put it on ::

    [23:56] DesmondMorris: cp*::he stood and retrieved his hat from atop the dresser, then went to the door and opened it, going out into the hall to wait for her.::

    [23:57] minaleading: cp* :: she walked to the door and closed it behind her still putting on her jacket :: ” This shouldn't be complicated .” :: she didn't notice it was on backwards

    [23:58] DesmondMorris: cp* I believe you may have it on the wrong way ::he observed::

    [23:59] minaleading: cp* :: she looked behind her and laughed taking it off and putting it on the right way :: ” Thank you .”

    [00:05] DesmondMorris: *:: Having left the Petal they made their way towards St. James Park.::

    [00:05] minaleading: * :: she buttoned the jacket and walked beside Desmond::
    [00:05] minaleading: ?So what is the park like??

    [00:07] DesmondMorris: * It's enjoyable in the summer time when things have warmed up a bit, a good place to go and forget your troubles for awhile.

    [00:07] minorutheminnow: The Minnow, for a lack of anything better to do, was wandering around the Park at night, bottle in hand, keeping an idle lookout for anyone who looked like an easy target to lift a few shillings from. Which was basically anyone
    [00:07] minorutheminnow: who wandered into the park after dark, apart from those such as himself.

    [00:08] minaleading: * ?Hmm seems like a place I should visit more often.” :: she walked next to him not even paying attention to where she was ::

    [00:09] DesmondMorris: *:: He nodded; his footsteps were slow and deliberate as he strolled, as there wasn't much point in walking fast through a park. ::

    [00:10] minaleading: *:: Amulet still in hand she put it around her neck and fastened the back to let it hang along the jacket. ::” So what do you do in your spare time Desmond??

    [00:11] DesmondMorris: * Well, besides reading I have a habit of eavesdropping on other conversations. ::he laughed a little::

    [00:11] minaleading: *:: she chuckled:: ?Is that safe to do??

    [00:11] minorutheminnow: The glint of moonlight on metal as Mina put her amulet on drew his eye. He took another swig from his bottle before capping it and sticking it into a pocket, smirking quietly. He recognized both of their voices. Well, well. This
    [00:12] minorutheminnow: could prove to be fun. He dropped quietly from the tree branch he was perched upon, moving along stealthily at a bit of a distance from them, listening for the time being.

    [00:13] DesmondMorris: * I suppose it depends on who you are listening in on. Usually it's too late to realize who it was you were spying on. I've been caught in awkward situations before. ::he smiled:::

    [00:14] minaleading: *:: she smiled and looked up at him :: ” I try my best to keep to myself but if I hear something interesting I listen in just a bit .”

    [00:15] DesmondMorris: *::he chuckled:: Well at the Crimson Petal I'm sure there are plenty of interesting conversations to listen in on.

    [00:16] minaleading: *:: She stopped and looked up at the stars and the moon in the sky ::” It's so beautiful out here I never noticed before, but now…”

    [00:16] minorutheminnow: He, too, had a tendency to listen to other people's conversations…he just also had a tendency to only get caught when he wanted to. A hand crept into his jacket as he followed along behind them.

    [00:17] DesmondMorris: * Well that's what you get being trapped indoors. London nights are chilly, but the clear sky and stars are always worth braving the cold for.

    [00:18] minaleading: *:: she nodded still looking at them walking along side him :: ?What do you suppose made them to be so beautiful??

    [00:18] DesmondMorris: * The touch of some unseen hand, the grand architect of the universe. ::he chuckled::

    [00:19] minaleading: * :: she smiled even more and chuckled :: ?Sounds just about right.?

    [00:20] minorutheminnow: Clear sky? London? He glanced up at the ever-present fog and shook his head. He withdrew his sword from his jacket though it remained sheathed, and crept closer. He poked Desmond in the back with it. “Give me your

    [00:20] minaleading: * :: not even paying attention to where she was walking she tripped on a rock and fell into Desmond ::

    [00:20] minorutheminnow: money, and nobody getsu hult,” he growled, though, if anyone had been looking, they would have seen a grin on his face.

    [00:21] DesmondMorris: *::he braced Mina as she fell into him, keeping the two of them from falling, then feeling the finger poke his back.:: Nobody getsu hult? I know that voice. ::he smiled::

    [00:21] minaleading: * :: hearing a voice she blinked and stood up ::
    [00:22] minaleading: * :: turning around she saw someone standing in front of them :: ” Who is that ?”

    [00:23] minorutheminnow: “Me? I'm nobody…just a night clawrer who wantsu some spale change,” he smirked.

    [00:23] DesmondMorris: *::he chuckled:: It's Jet Black Mina, don't you remember?
    [00:23] minaleading: *” Sorry I don't have any sir .”:: she stood close to Desmond ::
    [00:24] minaleading: *” It sounds familiar but …I?m not sure.”
    [00:24] minaleading: *” What are you doing out here ?”

    [00:25] minorutheminnow: “I'm doing exactry what I said I'm doing…rooking for money.” He blinked, then stared at her. “Did you get hit on the head again or something rike that, uh?”

    [00:25] DesmondMorris: *::he was trying his hardest not to start laughing. Minoru was a prankster, and it appealed to his sense of humor.::

    [00:26] minaleading: *:: she frowned at him :: ” No ….I didn't …I thought you were kidding .”

    [00:26] DesmondMorris: * Don't worry Mina, he doesn't mean you any harm. ::he smiled::

    [00:26] minorutheminnow: “Doesu it rook rike I'm kidding?” The smirk was still there. “No money, uh? How about that amuret, then?”

    [00:27] minaleading: *” NO you can't have my amulet are you kidding ! “
    [00:27] minaleading: ( say your last piece )

    [00:28] minorutheminnow: He glanced at Desmond. “Did it sound rike I'm kidding? Doesu it rook rike I'm kidding?” He shook his head at her. “If you'le going to wark alound the palk at night, young one, you need to take better cale of youlserf.”

    [00:29] DesmondMorris: *::he chuckled and shook his head slightly.:: He's right Mina, you should listen to him.

    [00:29] minaleading: *::she glared at him blue eyes turning a bit green around the rim :: ” True …..but he shouldn't be sneaking up on people ether .”
    [00:30] minaleading: *:: She started to walk away slowly ::

    [00:30] DesmondMorris: *::He nodded and smiled at her:: Well Jet, I think I should be getting this young lady home before she gets into any trouble.

    [00:31] minorutheminnow: He couldn't help but laugh at that. “I shourdn't be sneaking up on peopre? It'su how some of usu make a riving, you know. You tly riving on the sleetsu and see how you rike it.” He shook his head. “Have a good night,
    [00:31] minorutheminnow: Desmond.”

    [00:32] DesmondMorris: *::He would have said “you too Minoru” but he didn't want to let out the secret. So he chuckled and smirked, giving the man a nod:: Take it easy Mr. Black

    [00:32] minaleading: *:: She looked back at minnow and Desmond and shook her head mumbling to herself:: ” Ignorant fool , is always drunk .”:: she looked at minnow again yelling to him now a bit far away :: ” I have lived on the streets before ! “

    [00:32] DesmondMorris: *::he rolled his eyes a little and smiled while his back was turned to Mina, then turned to follow her.::

    [00:33] minaleading: *:: She stopped waiting for Desmond to catch up ::

    [00:33] minorutheminnow: “Crealry not for vely rong!” he called after them, snickering. He may have often been drinking, but he wasn't drunk nearly as often as people gave him credit for. As they walked away, the bottle was retrieved, and another sip
    [00:33] minorutheminnow: taken.

    [00:34] DesmondMorris: *::he caught up with Mina and headed back to the Crimson Petal.::

    [00:34] minaleading: *:: she looked to Desmond :: ” I'm sorry Desmond I just don't get him sometimes .”

    [00:34] DesmondMorris: *::he chuckled:: It's quite alright.

    [00:35] minaleading: *” It was nice of you to come and visit me though I like spending time with you . I am tired though so I must get some sleep .”

    [00:36] DesmondMorris: * My pleasure Mina, whenever you desire company don't hesitate to ask.

    [00:36] minaleading: *” I won't .” :: they reached the doors to the petal and she stood there for a moment :: ” I hope to see you again sometime .”

    [00:37] DesmondMorris: cp*::he kissed her hand and nodded with a smile.:: I'm sure our paths will cross sooner or later.

    [00:37] minaleading: cp* :: she smiled and walked inside the doors before closing them she nodded to him : : ” Good night Desmond .”

    [00:38] DesmondMorris: cp* ::he smiled:: Goodnight ::then turned and was on his way.::

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    I forgot to mention to give some XP to Mina and Minoru for their effort in this RP.

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