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    VEST Paradox

    [div align=”center”]Cosmology
    The Five Principle Realms

    Physical Realm ( Order )
    The everyday world that we live in, bound by the laws of reality. This realm is solidified by mans own beliefs, his doubts, his fears, and his attempt to understand. In effect, according to those who study Esoterics belive that the Physical Realm is like the others, just another realm filled with spirits following a different set of natural laws for that realm. Those who study the cosmology of the realms believe that the Physical Realm is the youngest and most static of all the different realms, here creatures and races have slipped through the cracks and fallen into the Realm from others, and being unable to return home to their native realms. The Elements that form the realm having once been powerful spirits that came here and over time atrophied into a static form due to the laws of the realm.

    It is believed that certain mythical creatures and beings who once found their way to this realm were either forced to return or face extinction or powerlessness due to the static and mundane laws of the physical realm, there is belief that there was indeed once dragons and elves and all manners of other beings from the Astral Realm that made their way here, only to have to return after the laws of the realm threatened to atrophy their abilities and existance in the same way it has with others. Humans are the only race of being that has ever truly managed to flourish here, their minds havng the unique ability to shape and even expand this realm.

    The most popular theory is that humans were once beings from the Spirit World that were brought here by a more powerful entity and forced to live here. The initial shock of being forced from the Spirit Realm caused them to forget most of their unique abilities and even memories. As they adapted to this realm they learned that they could persist here and even shape the reality here, although they were forever changed because of thier forceable entry into the realm, they can live here like no other spirits from any other realm. Originally it is thought that these spirits were eternal, never aging, and never able to expand in number. Eventually they created certain laws for themselves, and discovered that only through death could they return home to their natural realm. They learned to create the ritual of birth, so that they could multiply, thus bringing other spirits from their native realm int the Physical to increase their numbers. Though there are rumors that not all of the first race of man took part in this belief and that some of them still live today, millenia old and powerful as well.

    Astral Realm ( Chaos ) The realm of emotion and higher thought. This realm is technically where the Psi Energy that the Psions manipulate comes from, all emotion and higher concepts are home here. When a person peers at the aura of another person they are seeing their embodiment in the Astral Realm. Most Animal spirits, as well as the spirits of many fantastical creatures dwell here as well as the spirit or essence of imagination.

    Most fantastical beings and races originated in the Astral Realm, it's primary law being creation and diversity. It is a wild realm filled with endless possiblities. Since the birth of man there has been something of a connection between the Astral and the Physical. Man not only shapes the Physical Realm, but his dreams, emotions, and memories add to the Astral Realm. The inhabitants here are as varied as those dreams, emotions, and memories, and even moreso, for countless aeons beings have deposited their ideas and notions here. This is thought to be the largest and most expansive realm of them all. It's also the most chaotic, laws change from one moment to the next here, though most solidify in areas that form little pockets (like planets in reverse) throughout the realm, even these are subject to change at times.

    Spirit Realm ( Order ) The land of the dead. This realm is comprised by several different *locations* within it like all of the other realms, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Stygia. This realm is filled with the spirits of the once living and beaings associated with them, angels, demons, ghosts, spectres, haunts, all dwell here. The natural inhabitants are called Aenima, they are the natrual spirits of man that originated in this realm and flourish here to this day.

    This is the original home of man. Though since the rise of man and his rituals and laws for birth and death, this realm has been changed drastically. A spirit here could very well be living a normal life, in parallel to one on earth and then suddenly vanish because he is now being birthed on Earth in the Physical Realm. By the same token, often when a person is killed on Earth and their spirit returns here, it is broken and unable to complete it's journey. These spirits are known as Spectres, they repeat certain actions and motions, or haunt a certain location trying to free themselves from the physical realm.

    The Spirit realm was once a vibrant realm, filled with the spirits of man and great cities and accomplishments, now it is a bleak realm filled with a colorless void of emotion and life. Beings here travel around in the mockery of living, unwilling to involve themselves in much since they could be ripped from here at any moment by a birth of man in the Physical. Often the sudden appearance of the dead cast further gloom on an area, for their sorrow drains even more vibrance from the realm.

    There are pocket relams here filled with the joys of the afterlife, some places like Heaven, where a host of Aenima take people who lived good lives so that the purity of this realm can be preserved and continue to hopefully flourish. There are also numerous Hells, a place where the Aenima of those who were mistreated in life drag those who caused them pain and grief to their fitting eternal punishments.

    Elemental Realm ( Chaos ) The realm of elements and energy. This realm is where the magic that the Magi access comes from, it is a realm filled with elemental beings and cosmic energies that float across a parallel terrain to that in the physical. Some planets do indeed consist of elemental variations as you would imagine them there, Mercury is a world of Fire with Greater and Lesser Elementals, Wher Venus is a land of clouds and high aerie perches. Neptune is a great expanse of Water and Earth is covered my many various elementals of rock and earth.

    This realm consists of pockets of elements of varying degrees, some purely of one element while others are a combination of several. Here are untamed worlds just waiting to spill into the physical as well as beings of those elements that create or become parts of these worlds.

    Akasha ( Balance ) This is the closest realm to the physical, though the Physical Realm, the Spirit Realm, the Elemental Realm, and the Astral Realm overlap it so closely you can find beings and traces of all of them within it. You can see spirits of Nature, Elementals, Emotion, and the dead here overlapped with the all of what can be found in the Physical. This is the realm travelled to first and is the easiest to cross into.

    Akasha isn't much of a realm in it's own right, it has no native beings of it's own (that are known) and can be thought of as more of a crossroads of realms. It's very own laws being that it overlaps the other four so that beings from them can travel easier between the different Realms.

    The Other Realms

    There are countless other realms existing, though beyond the ones mentioned above they are nearly impossible to reach due to the thicker *skin* that seperates them from the Physical, Astral, Elemental, Spirit, and Akashic Realms. These realms are where it is thought that the Gods of past ages lie and come from, some speculate that they are nothing more than gifted beings from there realm who happened upon the newly formed Physical Realm and thought to shape it's inhabitants for their own causes. Nobody truly knows the truth of this.

    Traversing the realms

    Layers : In terms of relating to the layers, the Physical would be layer one, while Akasha would be layer 1.5. The Astral would count as layer 2, the Spirit Realm as layer 2.5, and the Elemental as layer 3, beyond those layers dwell beings not only alien but powerful. Only the most powerful beings can cross beyond the Elemental Realms and what can be found there becomes more alien and unable to be uderstood as you go deeper. It is said that a creature as simple as it's version of a gnat brought from one of these realms would contain an intellect beyond even the most gifted humans, and be almost godlike in it's level of power, strength, and fortitude.

    Effects of crossing

    In effect, any being who traverses from one realm to another will either be made less or more powerful. Of the five principle realms, the Elemental Realm houses the most powerful of creatures and beings. As seen previously, the cosmos of the realms is in layers much like an onion reversed. If an Elemental were to be able to shift itself into the Physical Realm, it would be three times as powerful as a human, so a child amongst them would be equivalent to an adult in thoughts, power, and strength. While a being from the Astral would be doubly as powerful. A Human crossing into the Astral would be half as powerful as a native humanoid race there, etc.

    As the layers progress outwards they become more powerful, if a being from a layer that is offset by twenty to the Physical Realm would enter that realm, they would be Godlike.

    Due to the nature of Akasha, all the beings of the other realms who cross into there remain on an equal balance of power. None are more powerful than any other by nature of it's origin. In essence all beings entering and part of Akasha are brought to the same level of power as the Elementals. Though it only connects itself and the other four principle realms, it has no effect should a being from a deeper layer enter into it.

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