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    VEST Paradox

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to express this since it's come up a few times since we opened. My guess is that most of this began when the number of players and staff members in the games began to dwindle, so since I have returned to BB and started VS, I've seen a lot of combat occurring in the main rooms. There are a few problems with this: First an foremost it's a horrible distraction to those who aren't involved, though it's a lot easier when others could get involved. It's also easier because you don't have to go to a different room or pause your character until an ST arrives. The second problem is with the rolling of inits. In the old days, when someone attacked someone, if it was by surprise they got their swing and then it went into an ST'd event in a seperate room where rules were read, then the fight was taken round for round. Here's a scenario of how combat should go in the main rooms:

    Character A: Suddenly pulls a small dagger out of his sleeve and slashes it across Character B's chest.
    Character A: ## Small Melee – Phenom – Adrenaline [ Character B ] ##
    Online Host: Character A rolls 2 six sided dice and gets a 2 4
    Character B: Steps back from the blade ## Dodge – Adrenaline ##
    Character A: ( 10 + 6 = 16 vs TN 10 for Phenom )
    Online Host: Character A rolls 2 six sided dice and gets a 6 5
    Online Host: Character B rolls 2 six sided dice and gets a 3 1
    Character B: ## Luck Re-Roll ##
    Online Host: Character B rolls 2 six sided dice and gets a 4 3
    Character A: ( 20 + 10 = 30 + 3 = 33 + 8 = 41 + 11 = 52 )
    [ Attack + Skill ] + [ Phenom ] + [ Adrenaline ] + [ Roll ]
    Character B: ( 13 + 8 = 21 + 8 = 29 + 7 = 36 )
    VEST Whoever: (( Character B takes a base 3 Body + 3 Carry over ( 52 – 36 = 16 / 5 = 3 ) total of 6 Body Damage which puts them unconscious ))
    Character C: Pulls his own sword to attack Character A who just gutted his friend!
    VEST Whoever: (( Anyone wishing to be involved in this confrontation please roll Inits in order to determine the order for round one. If nobody else wishes to be involved the players can elect to take this to an ST'd Scene ))
    VEST Whoever: (( Round 1 Inits ))

    Now this is how it should go. Then taken round from round with fresh inits from there.Though I have been considering an alternative that would use the same inits with damage from Body and Mind reducing it as you take said damage. So if you had a 31 Inits and then took 3 body damage the last round you would go on 28 this round.

    Due to alternate games and changes over the years, a lot of times Inits has been getting left out of the picture, if it's been done in the past, that mistake is not directly the fault of any ST or GM, since the ST'd scene rules have been in place for years and haven't changed in any game they have just been overlooked to prevent people from having to wait on an ST to logon to handle the scene. Now initially, in the early stages of the game, I had thought of the Host or ST inviting the players into a side room to do these rolls so they stay out of the main room and don't disrupt (all actions are done in the main room, just the rolls and adds are done in the ST'd room as well as Round summaries, etc.). The problem with that is I don't believe that AOL supports being in multiple rooms still. (Which is a damn shame) so that would leave this method unavailable to a few of the players.

    So we will either have to flood the room with rolls and combat ( something I'm not too particularly fond of myself since it kills immersion worse than OOC comments. ) or start taking combats to PRs, or agree to RP them out. Like I said earlier, don't fault myself or any of the other ST's for looking over the Inits rolls, It's a habit we need to get back in the practice of.

    Last note – Any use of Phenom, Adrenaline, Gifted, etc must be noted in the Room Command as below:
    ## Artistry – Phenom – Gifted – Imp – Waffle House – Chili Cheese Fries ##

    That is all for now, if you have any questions feel free to ask them here or email me

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