Church Bells Ring

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    Ceara MacKenna

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    Feat: Silas Hughes, CatherineEF, Dorian Balfour, CJosiahHughes, RileyMor, Egeria Fellows, AbrahamHughes, Frederick Selden

    Scene: St. Paul?s. The Church of England. It is Sunday and service has ended and the masses are leaving. A few stragglers stay behind. Father Mickey stays behind to give greetings to the stragglers. Scene in progress.

    [19:20] Egeria Fellows: “Oh, it was nothing at all. A sound mistaken,” she assured him with a smile. Milk-pale eyes turned before them, to where the airs were forced from a nod. “If I am keeping you from a greeting, then I will wait here. I am well enough.”

    [19:22] abrahamnhughes: “No, please, come with me. It's my sons. Silas you've already met, though I don't believe you've met Clarence yet.” He turned them towards his children and began to lead the way over.

    [19:25] Egeria Fellows: “If you feel that it won't cause upset,” Egeria nodded. With her arm twined close within his own, there was little much choice in the matter save for to choose to remain upright when her had determined to visit with his sons.

    [19:23] Dorian Balfour: “Is it now? I've never been.” He nodded as she introduced herself. “Well, Miss Mor, are you here with anyone else? I wouldn't wish to keep you from being late to meet someone else.” His eyes caught the elder Hughes and Egeria, but his focus remained on his conversation in front of him.

    [19:21] SilasHughesx: ::whispers to brother:: “Perhaps he will become so obsessed with this woman that he will leave the bulk of the company business to us, brother. I could support that.”

    [19:23] cjosiahhughes: “Oh stop it. I wonder if in your childhood before me you ever had a bit of fun.” Clarence smirked and bowed slightly towards father and Egeria.

    [19:24] SilasHughesx: “Fun? Never.” : smiles big:: “Boxing is fun….”

    [19:25] RiIey Mor: “No. I,” a bit of a hesitation on her part, “I came alone.” She decided not to mention it was her day off or any of the other assorted things that went with that. “You're not keeping me from anything, sir.” She quickly hurried

    [19:25] RiIey Mor: on while small, mitted hands twisted together. Black lace against white, white skin. “I wouldn't wish to keep you, though. I'd imagine you've so many more people to speak with and the like. I wouldn't want to keep you at all, sir. So please, don't feel that you must or anything like that.”

    [19:26] SilasHughesx: ::bites his tongue as he spies how close Egeria and his father physically were with each other and quickly looks up to jesus, closes his eyes and says a short prayer::

    [19:27] abrahamnhughes: When they drew close enough to his children, he smiled at them. “Clarence, this is Miss Egeria Fellows. Egeria, my son Clarence, recently returned to us from the Americas and from the dead. Silas, you remember
    Miss Fellows.” He noticed the look from Dorian and gave him a nod as well.

    [19:28] SilasHughesx: : opens his eyes and smiles at Miss Fellows:: “A pleasure, Miss. You look ravishing and make my father smile. A good thing these days.”

    [19:28] Dorian Balfour: He nodded, “Excellent then, because I've no real obligations today either. Sure, there are other people in this crowd that I may want to greet, but to disrupt this wonderful conversation would be rude, my dear. So tell me, what brings you to London from Dublin?”

    [19:29] Egeria Fellows: “Clarence, well met,” her head bowed slightly, “your father has many proud things to say of you.” Blind eyes turned then to the sound of Silas, “and well met once more, it is good to know that you have time enough from business to

    [19:29] cjosiahhughes: The yellow card on Clarence would no doubt grow before long, he thought to himself. “Ms. Fellows, I am honored.” He bows deeply towards her.

    [19:30] Egeria Fellows: find yourself in the Lord's house.” Had she sight, she would have surely lost it then for speaking with a liar's tongue.

    [19:30] RiIey Mor: “In truth, sir, the wish to better myself.” It had a bit of a pert sound to it, but it was true. God would strike her dead if she lied in His house. “I thought that if I came here, to London, I'd have a better chance at becoming something more. You know,” she paused and her mouth turned in a delicate smile, “that perhaps one day I might learn enough to have a shop of my own or some such thing. And while Dublin's a fine, fine city and holds my heart, London simply offers more…” she thought it over, “opportunity? I think that's the word I want.”

    [19:32] Dorian Balfour: “Ah, well, I believe you are correct in that line of thinking Miss Mor. What sort of shop are you interested in opening up? There are a lot of shops already that offer apprenticeships of a sort, which is something you may, or may not be interested in? Perhaps I could put in a good word for you or some such thing.”

    [19:30] SilasHughesx: “Business is what comes first in my life. Everything else is just a break. But the Lord has blessed us and so we must give back in time, wealth and spirit.”

    [19:33] abrahamnhughes: “Come, Silas, surely you're not sitting here thinking of little more than business while in church?” His voice was low. “That just isn't proper, my boy. Clarence, have you been keeping well? I still desire words with you, and soon.”

    [19:34] SilasHughesx: : smiles:: “Of course not, father. Only after church or when asked about the business.” :: watching Clarence run off to do business :: “Do excuse brother Clarence, he had an appointment to keep, Father.” :: smiles :: “Life is well for you two?”

    [19:37] RiIey Mor: She blushed at the offer he made, for it was very kind and he only just met her. “I'm rather handy with a needle, so perhaps something in that line, sir. But I couldn't dream to impose on you in such a way. I do thank you, however, for even thinking of such a thing. It's very gracious of you.”

    [19:41] drkzion: (Father Mickey) ::a nod as he walks past Riley:: “Is all well, Miss?”

    [19:42] Dorian Balfour: “Sewing!” He nodded. “There's a young woman over there.” He carefully pointed out Egeria. “She's a seamstress herself, I'm certain that she could assist you with that trade.” He smiled to her but
    stopped to look at Old Mickey.

    [19:42] RiIey Mor: “Yes, Father, very much so. Thank you.” She ducked her chin to him, bobbed neatly, and offered a bit of a smile. Then her attention was caught again by Mr. Balfour. Her voice a honeyed hush. “Do you think so, sir?”

    [19:46] Dorian Balfour: “I'm certain of it Miss Mor. She's a very pleasant woman, and very talented in the craft, I might add. It's absolutely amazing, I'll tell you. She can stitch things back together wonderfully, and..” He leaned over

    [19:46] drkzion: (Father Mickey) ::nods again at Riley and then makes his way down the pews to make sure everything would be straight for the late night mass::

    [19:47] Dorian Balfour: to her, (s) “she's blind. That's what makes it so amazing.”

    [19:42] abrahamnhughes: “I wouldn't presume to answer for Miss Fellows, Silas, but yes, life has been very well for me the past few days. And for you? You've been spending quite a lot of time down at the docks, my boy.”

    [19:48] SilasHughesx: “Father, the docks are good to me… to us. I help maintain order. Cousin Ty has actually been sleeping on the boat.” :: he laughs :: “He simply does not wish to deal with his sister. Go figure.”

    [19:48] RiIey Mor: “Cor,” she breathed softly and realized he was rather close to her. Decently close, but still. She didn't wish to shame herself in some minute way, or him either. Green eyes cast a cat-curious glance toward the woman he'd indicated. “The good Lord's blessed her for certs, then.” A decided nod that jounced the few escapee black curls. “Do you know her, sir?”

    [19:51] Dorian Balfour: “Indeed, I would say she's received a true gift.” He nodded, “I've spoken with her a few times, she and I are on good terms, and I plan on having her redo all the curtains of my home.” He smiled, thinking about

    [19:53] RiIey Mor: “Oh, could you, sir? Truly?” A flash of excitement tripped into her voice as she turned her eyes up to him. Fragile hands clasped together at her waist. Young and hopeful. Perhaps not even realizing how much she was showing in this moment. “I'd be ever so grateful to you, sir. I really would be.”

    [19:49] SilasHughesx: “How can I convince him that he should come back to the family, father? I'm looking for advice.”

    [19:51] abrahamnhughes: He frowned. “That simply won't do, Silas. He needs to see his sister. It's been years since they've seen each other, and she misses him. You tell him if he wishes to keep his place in the company, he's to come spend more time with her and the rest of the family.” He held up a hand to stop Silas from interrupting. “And that's final.”

    [19:51] Dorian Balfour: that for a moment. Returning to the conversation, “I can introduce you, if you'd like.”

    [19:51] Egeria Fellows: Egeria nodded every now and again, a smile ever-fixed on her lips for all the world's discomfort she felt standing in this place.

    [19:54] SilasHughesx: “Of course, Father. I will do as you say, naturally. Though…. he may not like it.” :: nods again and smiles At Miss Fellows:: “Father… there is something I should tell you…”

    [19:55] abrahamnhughes: “What is it, Silas?”

    [19:56] SilasHughesx: “And you may not like it… but it is something I have decided. I'm going to do some formal boxing training. I found a trainer. You may not like violence… but it is something that I feel I must do. It's a formal sport.”

    [19:57] Dorian Balfour: “Certainly. Let's go over there and introduce the two of you, hm?” He bowed his head slightly, smiling. His footsteps were short and soft, the crowds had thinned but there were still a couple of people to

    [19:57] SilasHughesx: “Just when I'm not doing business, mind you…. but I enjoy it. And think it will help me with the men, the workers, in the end.”
    [19:58] Dorian Balfour: navigate through. Reaching Egeria, he paused to see what else was happening in the area. He noticed Silas and Abraham standing there conversing. “Beg your pardon, Miss Fellows, but do you have a moment?”

    [19:59] abrahamnhughes: He nodded to Silas. “I think that's a good idea, Silas. It's about time you found another thing to fill your time with. I think it would be good for you. Do you intend to compete?” He turned to Dorian and the woman accompanying him. “Good evening, Mr. Balfour, Miss…?”

    [19:59] Egeria Fellows: “Dorian?” It was always the eyes that were first to regard him, the head would soon follow. A gentle ease from the elder man's arm turned Egeria to her newly arrived company, “I trust you are doing well, and who have you brought

    [19:59] RiIey Mor: “Oh, thank you, sir. Thank you,” she'd said before they'd left off to meet this interesting woman who he said was a seamstress and couldn't see a lick. Riley did take a moment to categorize the people about, satisfied she knew with you today?”

    [19:59] SilasHughesx: “I'm not sure…. maybe an amateur match. Never professional…” : pauses his conversation, noting the newcomers. Father had taken the boxing news better than he expected ::

    [20:00] RiIey Mor: none and none knew her. A bit of a startle when the older gent spoke to her and she found herself going shy again. “Mor, sir. Riley Mor.” The floor was a good place to cast her eyes. Nice floor, that.

    [20:02] abrahamnhughes: “A pleasure to meet you, Miss Mor.” He inclined his head towards her. “Sir Abraham Hughes. This is my son, Silas. And this, as Mr. Balfour has noted, is Miss Egeria Fellows. Silas, I think the competition would do you well.”

    [20:02] SilasHughesx: : does a solid nod to the woman and to Balfour whom he has never formally met::

    [20:03] RiIey Mor: “Sirs. Ma'am.” Goodness. A lord. Two lords? She couldn't remember if Mr. Balfour was one or not. And a lord's son. Those were dangerous creatures, lord's sons. Dangerous indeed. But Riley smiled sweet all the same. Gave her practiced curtsey to those of rank far above hers.

    [20:04] Dorian Balfour: “Hello Miss Fellows, I do hope you enjoyed the services today. I've brought you to a woman who wishes to enter your trade. I was hoping the two of you could talk at some point.” He smiled and looked at
    Silas, offering him a firm nod.

    [20:06] Egeria Fellows: “A seamstress?” She assumed that was the trade she spoke of, not able to fathom another like mind forced to pay a visit to the Lord's house as part of her business contract. It had to have been that trade and none other that she was so curious about. “Well met Miss Mor, well met indeed.”

    [20:07] abrahamnhughes: His brow furrowed slightly. “Have you two not met yet? Forgive me, my memory isn't what it used to be…Mr. Balfour, my son Silas. Silas, Mr. Dorian Balfour.”

    [20:08] SilasHughesx: * ::he extends a hand to Balfour:: “Your family name precedes you, Mr. Balfour. A good trading company.”

    [20:08] RiIey Mor: Riley drew a touch away from the men. “Indeed, ma'am. The very same. Mr. Balfour had asked me what brought me to London, and I'd only mentioned that one day, perhaps I'd like to have my own shop. He then mentioned you and nodded to you across the way, saying you were one of the very best.” The smile lit her voice, cast a natural warmth there. “It's truly a pleasure to meet you, ma'am.”

    [20:09] Dorian Balfour: He takes Silas' hand and gives it a firm and respectful shake. “A pleasure Mr. Hughes, and I appreciate your kind words, although the company is no longer in our family's hands. Seems we shifted from
    [20:09] Dorian Balfour: trading to a practice of the law.”

    [20:11] SilasHughesx: “I should certainly wish to speak to you at some point then, Mr. Balfour.”

    [20:09] CatherineEF: The sermon was done, she had stood up glancing around the mass of people heading out. She was wearing her sunday best, the dress was that of high quality. She wore a hat over her artful hair style, her fingers shaking a bit. The gloves where done of the finest lace, her clothes were what made her noticeable amoung any group. She was glancing around the place, seeing if she recognized anyone. Octavious was suppose to be around, though she still remembered their appointment for tomorrow.

    [20:11] Egeria Fellows: A tricky thing, this. To share in one's livelihood with another, and elements forbid, they catch on quickly or learn their own means of surpassing and supplanting. Egeria kept that smile fixed pleasantly on her lips, “I would not know well enough to say that I am the very best, or even remotely so. It is a difficult matter to compare with the works of others. But, should you care, I could tutor you some.”

    [20:12] abrahamnhughes: He cast a curious gaze upon his son. “What legal advice do you need, Silas?”

    [20:13] Dorian Balfour: He also held a curious glance at Silas. “Well, Mr. Hughes, my office is on the third floor of the Athenaeum. Feel free to stop by at any time.”

    [20:14] SilasHughesx: ::nods at Balfour:: “Father, I am always interested in the law. And if Mr. Balfour can teach me a thing or two about the jargon so I can keep up with you, so much the better.”

    [20:14] RiIey Mor: “Oh, ma'am.” The Irish girl's face was open as a book when Miss Fellows said this. First Mr. Balfour, and now Miss Fellows. Her heart would simply burst with the amount of kindness being offered out to her. “Oh, ma'am, that's so very kind of you. It really, truly is. I don't think I could thank you enough if you had the time to teach me some of what you know. I'd be so very grateful.”

    [20:15] abrahamnhughes: “This is the first you've spoken of any interest in legal matters, Silas. If you've such a desire to learn about it, you could ask me, you know.”

    [20:15] CatherineEF: She seems many in personal conversations and is at present not sure if she should interupt their conversations.

    [20:16] SilasHughesx: “There is a difference between being schooled by your father… and asking a friend a question, Father.” ::whispers::

    [20:17] abrahamnhughes: “Nonsense, boy.” He shook his head. “Forgive him, Mr. Balfour, there's little reason for him to take up your time, which I'm certain is full of rather important business.”

    [20:17] Egeria Fellows: “None of this ma'am business, please. I am not that much your senior. Egeria will do fine, if you would.” Fox's ears tipped towards father and son, but she would dare to interrupt the topic of conversation. Not for the sake of proper social graces either, but theses matters were better learned of when allowed to flourish on a fool's quick tongue.

    [20:17] Dorian Balfour: “Well, if that's what you wish, Mr. Hughes, I'd be glad too. I still have all my old books, of course, should you wish to read through some of those at your leisure.” He turned to Abraham and shook his head politely, “Do not worry, Sir. It isn't a burden at all, I assure you.”

    [20:18] SilasHughesx: ::remains silent on the subject::

    [20:18] RiIey Mor: “Yes, ma'–” and she caught herself with a rueful smile. Her world was filled for the most part by sirs and ma'ams save for those on the same level as she was. Other maids, footmen, cooks, whatever else. “I'll do my best to

    [20:19] abrahamnhughes: “As you say, Mr. Balfour. Thank you for indulging him. But please, the moment he becomes a nuisance, feel free to send him on his way. Silas, don't take up too much of his time.”

    [20:20] RiIey Mor: remember, Egeria.” This was, well, so very exciting. Perhaps the best day of her life. The Lord would surely forgive her for being bored and envious of the ladies' fine clothing and hats. “I'll repay you, of course,” she added quickly, not wishing to be thought of as asking for something for free.

    [20:20] SilasHughesx: “Father. …. “:: frowns and shakes his head ::

    [20:19] drkzion: (Father Mickey) ::nods at Catherine:: “Miss, Are you well?”

    [20:20] CatherineEF: She turns her head to the father, trying to steady her hands.”Oh I'm fine father.” She whispers, her eyes twinkled behind long and lush lashes. “The sermon was very empowering, father.” She smiled at him, trying to hide the effects.

    [20:21] Dorian Balfour: “It won't be a problem at all, and Mr. Hughes seems a pleasant fellow, I doubt he would be a nuisance good Sir.” He nodded to Abraham.

    [20:22] abrahamnhughes: He chuckled. “That, of course, remains to be seen. Still, thank you Mr. Balfour.” A glance to Silas, with an eyebrow rising questioningly.

    [20:22] drkzion: (Father Mickey) “Thank you, miss. Tell me how did it make you feel?”

    [20:22] Egeria Fellows: “We need not discuss such matters here, I do not suppose you seek a seamstress's trade for the fact that you have some great wealth of resources to dispose of.” Her smile was calmed, even, as we her tone as she regarded the younger girl with sightless eyes.

    [20:24] RiIey Mor: “I…no…” a shake of her head. Ridiculous pins. She could feel them trying to slip away and get free. As discreetly as she could, she attempted to fix the most bothersome of them. “I'm afraid I don't have anything like

    [20:24] SilasHughesx: :: he shakes his head once and listens to Riley speak ::

    [20:25] RiIey Mor: that. As I told Mr. Balfour, I came to London to better myself.” A pretty smile with the words. “With the help of the Church I believe I will. Through our Lord.”

    [20:25] CatherineEF: “First , let me introduce myself father.” She smiles, “I'm Catherine Franklin, Duchess of Somerset. Now as for the sermon, I felt it was a power sermon on what needs to be down for those in our city.”

    [20:26] Egeria Fellows: Had she a pin to spare, upon hearing the slighter one speak, she might have driven it through her eye. Wonders upon wonders, why was she so surprised to hear of these things within the Lord's house. Octavius and all the garments torn and soiled by the church be damned twice over for this spot she had been found in. Egeria smiled, equally as pleasant, and perhaps even more so practiced for her years. “It would be my pleasure to help you as well.”

    [20:27] drkzion: (Father Mickey) “And what say you, Duchess, how should we handle the poor in this city of ours?”

    [20:29] CatherineEF: “First off, the society of our city needs to be more chariable. They don't understand how bad some of the places here are. I personally try to help out as much as possible.” She replies, moving her hands to her side, so she could hide her hands within the fabric of her skirts.

    [20:28] RiIey Mor: “Thank you so very much, Egeria.” The girl seemed like she might've gone and hugged the other, if it had been at all proper, but Riley wasn't about to go and be so bold. Worse would've been doing the same to Mr. Balfour as he gave her this chance at all. Perhaps she'd become more than just a simple maid after all. “They do say all things are possible through Christ. I admit,” her voice dropped toward a whisper, “I doubt that sometimes, but you've given me hope, Egeria, you truly have.”

    [20:30] abrahamnhughes: “Well, if you'll all excuse me, there are matters that I must attend to. Egeria, would you like to come, or would you rather continue your conversation?”

    [20:31] Egeria Fellows: “Of course, Ms. Mor, of course they do.” A shiver coursed through her spine to say as much, and she never fully understood why. Even her smile threatened to twitch, and did so when attentions were caught by her company. “If you will excuse me, Ms. Mor, Dorian, Silas…it would be inconsiderate of me to refuse the kind escort of the one who brought me to the Lord's house today.”

    [20:32] drkzion: (Father Mickey) “That is a likely scenario, Duchess. I wish more would take to your kind words like that. Tell me, where is the Duke?”

    [20:34] CatherineEF: She lowers her eyes for a moment, “Father, he was brought to heaven the Lord needed him and nothing I could do could keep him here. It was a serious injury, when he fell from his horse.”

    [20:34] RiIey Mor: The girl only laughed, silverine and musical. “Of course. And thank you again. So very much.” She was awfully pleased with all of this. She couldn't help herself with it. That was probably a sin too, somewhere.

    [20:35] drkzion: (Father Mickey) “He is in a better place. But you must surely pray for him. Please go to the front and light a candle in his name and give a small offering.”

    [20:35] SilasHughesx: : shakes his head as Father leaves:: “I swear Mr. Balfour, is your father as bad as mine?” : sighs in a whisper::

    [20:36] RiIey Mor: “Mr. Balfour, thank you so very much,” and she paused, realized a bit belatedly that she was interrupting. Color rose in her cheeks.

    [20:36] CatherineEF: She nods her head, “Excuse me father.” She replies gently, moving to the front of the church. She kneals lighting one of the candles. She lowers her head down, her fingers are placed together as she murmers a pray for her dear departed husband.

    [20:37] SilasHughesx: :: a grin at Riley:: “I accept advice from all who can help me deal with my Father's demands.”

    [20:38] Dorian Balfour: He paused and nodded to Riley, “You're quite welcome.” Turning to Silas, he laughed, “Well, he can be quite a prude. I find a good shot of whiskey helps calm the nerves, Mr. Hughes.”

    [20:39] CatherineEF: She stood a little bit later, dusting off her skirts. Her hands were shaking a lot more then they were when she first began to talk with the Father. She goes to the offering plate and puts a pound within. She then turned moving once again down the isle.

    [20:39] RiIey Mor: She looked from one gentleman to the other. A hesitant smile formed and she didn't really understand what the young Mr. Hughes meant. “I'm afraid I couldn't offer any advice on your father, sir.”

    [20:39] SilasHughesx: : a smile at Catherine:: “M'Lady.”

    [20:41] CatherineEF: She turned to Riley, nodding her head. She looked the woman over, turning her head to see who she was presently with.

    [20:42] RiIey Mor: “Ma'am,” murmured the Irish girl and lowered black lashes when the woman made a visual sketch of her. She couldn't imagine what she might've thought, but the color in her cheeks didn't drain away like she wished it might've.

    [20:42] SilasHughesx: :: dressed in a fine church coat and slacks, he was trim, fit and had the arms of a boxer or a dockhand yet the face and hands of someone of wealth ::

    [20:45] drkzion: (Father Mickey) ::smiles that Catherine has lit the candle and done as instructed. She was a good church-going woman::

    [20:45] SilasHughesx: “M'lady, I am Silas Hughes… This is my friend Dorian Balfour…. ” ::this to Catherine:: “And the Lady Mor.”

    [20:46] CatherineEF: She nods her head, ” I'm Catherine Franklin, Duchess of Somerset.” She gave a most charming smile. “Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Huges, Mr. Balfour and Lady Mor.”

    [20:47] RiIey Mor: Riley blinked in utter surprise as Silas Hughes. Lady? Did he just call her lady? Lady Mor of all things? “It's an absolute pleasure, ma'am, but truly, I'm only 'miss'.”

    [20:48] Dorian Balfour: An eye caught Catherine walk past and he tipped his hat, “My Lady.” He was being polite, of course. Such was the nature of things.

    [20:48] SilasHughesx: “Duchess, it's an honor.” ::a smile at Riley:: “She is an honorable woman of great skill. Don't let her downgrade herself to you, Duchess. Lady Mor is a fine woman.”

    [20:49] CatherineEF: She nods her head, “Any person that goes to church is blessed in deed no matter if they are Lady or a Miss.” She nods her head to the woman.

    [20:50] RiIey Mor: “You are very right in that, ma'am.” She wondered what in the world Mr. Hughes was trying to do. Unless…she considered it for a moment, but decided she was wrong in that assumption. No. Though, she could claim some skills. “You're kind to say as much, Mr. Hughes.”

    [20:51] SilasHughesx: “It's an honor, Lady Mor.” ::bows his head once ::

    [20:52] CatherineEF: She looks at Huges, a brow being raised. She was a bit confused to wither this woman was more then she said. But she did not care to go into it at the present moment. She glanced a moment at her hands and sighs. The withdrawl of not

    [20:53] Dorian Balfour: Oh God, just what he needed, more religious mumbo jumbo. He simply smiled and nodded at the Duchess' words.

    [20:53] CatherineEF: having a cigarette in a while was getting to her. She hadn't thought that she would be in church so long.

    [20:53] SilasHughesx: “Duchess, we were about to step outside for some air. Would you like to join us?”

    [20:54] RiIey Mor: Air would be a good thing. What she really needed could didn't have. Though, she could escape to a confessional, and that still wouldn't be private enough. A sweet smile to the duchess, and it struck her that the woman looked a bit sad somehow. She dusted her hands down her skirts and decided that she had no idea what game Silas Hughes was up to at all but not to let it bother her. She wasn't a lady. She was a maid.

    [20:54] CatherineEF: “Of course, I would be more then happy to join you.” She gave a smile to the group, keeping her hands folded in front of her. She needs to do this or her hands would begin to shake.

    [20:57] SilasHughesx: *:: extends a hand to Catherine, politely of course as if to help her outside::

    [20:58] CatherineEF: She wraps her arm around his, nodding her head. “Thank you Mr. Huges.” She wrapped her lace shawl around her a bit more. She moved with grace heading outside laong with this gentlemen. She would have to sneak off for a moment. It was uncivil to see a woman such as herself smoking in public.

    [21:00] RiIey Mor: “Mr. Balfour, I wonder, if there isn't something I can do that might return the kindness you've done for me?” She walked at his side, skirts rustling and if she didn't fool herself about not being jealous over the duchess's fine clothing. Someday. Hopefully. “I feel I owe you something. Or perhaps when my skills are better, I can take in something of yours, or your lady-wife's?”

    [21:01] SilasHughesx: *::breathing the air, he glances about the street and frees his arm from Catherine's nodding once:: ?Not many people out this late…. We must have been inside after mass for quite a while.”

    [21:03] CatherineEF: * She nods her head a bit up and down. “Would you guys pardon me for just a moment.” She looks amoung the group.

    [21:04] SilasHughesx: *”Of course, Duchess…”

    [21:05] Dorian Balfour: He shook his head at Riley, “I'm not married, but I'm sure I could bring you some busness though.” He smiled and nodded politely.

    [21:05] SilasHughesx: *”What sort of business?” : smiles at Dorian::

    [21:07] CatherineEF: * She moves down one of the near by alley ways, making sure there was no one around she reached into her purse. She pulls out a few matches lighting a cigarette. She took a long deep breath, letting the smoke flow from her lips.

    [21:07] RiIey Mor: “Oh, not business, sir. More of,” she wondered how to word it, “my way of saying thank you better.”

    [21:08] CatherineEF: Her hands had started to calm, the nicotine calming her.

    [21:11] SilasHughesx: *”Indeed, Miss. What kind of business? That knitting and making clothes sort of thing?”

    [21:12] RiIey Mor: “Maybe, Mr. Hughes, should I be granted the right sort of talents,” she gave him a fetching smile. Needless to say the right sort of money to go with the right sort of talents. It was all relative. She was confidant with the world currently. At least her small part of it. “I've a good deal to learn, I'd imagine.”

    [21:12] CatherineEF: *She took a few more drags of the cigarette before quickly putting it out. Flicking it away from her. She reached into her purse pulling out a vile she kept in there. She dabs a bit of perfum behind her ear to mask the smell of smoke. She placed the vile once again into her purse before heading back out. to join the group.

    [21:13] SilasHughesx: *”I am sure the Duchess here would be open to anything you wished to make by hand.” : smiles at Catherine::

    [21:14] CatherineEF: * She raises a brow, “Oh I missed something, haven't I?” She smoothes down her skirts, looking between the small group.

    [21:14] RiIey Mor: “Oh,” Riley flustered a bit, “I'm not nearly as good as that, sir. I can take a hem and things of that sort, but any sort of fancywork's beyond my ken.” It didn't hurt to be honest. It was a good thing to be honest.

    [21:15] SilasHughesx: *”Can you make me a scarf, Lady Mor? With my initials on it, S H ?”

    [21:16] RiIey Mor: The fiery part of her temper wanted to stamp a small foot and tell him that she was not Lady Mor. He was funning her somehow. Instead, she gave a lift of her chin. “How do you mean, sir? Could I knit you one?”

    [21:16] SilasHughesx: *”Indeed. I would pay you money. Just name your cost.”

    [21:17] CatherineEF: * “Oh, you make clothes?” She turns her attention to Mor, she began to pull at her lace gloves. When clothes where mention she did seem to perk up a bit.

    [21:18] SilasHughesx: *:: nods, knew Catherine would catch on ::

    [21:18] RiIey Mor: She tipped her head to the side for a second. A birdlike gesture as she thought over prices. Really, what did she know about prices. Finally, she came to a conclusion. “I couldn't very well ask you for a payment, sir. This being Sunday and outside of the church no less. But, as you've asked me, and I believe I can, I'll do so all the same. If,” she conceeded here, “you wish to offer something out of your own feelings of Christian charity, of course I would accept.” A smile again and green eyes turned to the duchess. “Oh, no, ma'am. I'm afraid I don't make much more than small things. Nothing near as fine as what you have.”

    [21:19] Frederick Selden: *He strode out wearing his Sunday best. Having fixed his collar and a rather annoying fastener that kept loosening, he walked down the steps towards the street.

    [21:20] SilasHughesx: * “I will tip you when time comes then. It would be an honor. Captain Selden.” ::A smile as he sees his good friend coming down the steps::

    [21:22] RiIey Mor: Riley nodded at his words, satisfied with that. Christian duties all taken care of and locked up for the night. That would balance out everything with the confession she'd need to give.

    [21:22] Frederick Selden: *” 'Ello Si, did you enjoy the service?” He tipped his hat to him, pausing to stop in front of him.

    [21:23] SilasHughesx: *”I did at that, though Sister did not come. I fear she probably had her nose stuck in a book, by the Lord's good grace, hopefully the Bible. These are my new friends… the Duchess.” ::a nod at Catherine:: “Miss Mor and Dorian, a legal scholar.”

    [21:24] SilasHughesx: “This is Captain Selden….”

    [21:24] Frederick Selden: *”I'd hope so.” He tipped his hat to everyone. “Ah, Catherine and I have met. Good day to you Miss Mor, Dorian.” He nodded and contineud with a welcoming gesture.

    [21:25] CatherineEF: * She turns her attention to Captain, her head nodded up and down a smile crossed her lips. “Yes we have, its a pleasure to see you again Captain.”

    [21:25] RiIey Mor: “Sir,” and the slim girl bobbed to the captain, already interested. Wondered what he was captain of and where. Hm. A duchess and a captain.

    [21:26] Frederick Selden: *Of course, always adorning his chest was that silver star. Even without his typical satin and red, even in this charcoal grey sunday suit, he still had the Order of the Bath's symbol out in the open.

    [21:26] SilasHughesx: *”Indeed, you have met dear Catherine? Quite the soecial butterfly you're becoming, chap.”

    [21:29] CatherineEF: * “Actually, I approached the Captain. He seemed to be one of the few people that wans't deep in conversation, so I went to talk with him.” She nods her head, running her fingers gently down her skirt

    [21:29] SilasHughesx: * ::grins:: “You don't seem the type who approaches people, Catherine. Ha ha. Just kidding, you know.”

    [21:30] SilasHughesx: *:: a sudden wink at Riley :: “Miss Mor is making me a scarf with my initials embroidered on it. I am thrilled.”

    [21:30] Frederick Selden: * “O' course, I was havin' myself black tea and a biscuit. Was good ta see some welcoming faces about.”

    [21:31] CatherineEF: *She raised her brow at Hughes. She didn't see what was so funny about it. “Why do you say that?” She was now curious as to why she didn't seem the type even if it was in jest.

    [21:31] RiIey Mor: * “Oh, sir.” Roses bloomed in the china white of the girl's cheeks. He kept embarrassing her so.

    [21:32] SilasHughesx: * :: grins :: “Dear Catherine, it was a jest. “

    [21:32] CatherineEF: * “Should be careful what you say.” She nods her head slightly, it had struck a cord with her. Everyone judged her because she had money, that she was stiff to the core. If only they truly knew.

    [21:33] SilasHughesx: * :: laughs:: “Yes, yes. I am sorry. Miss Mor… delight us with tales of that foreign land you are from.”

    [21:34] RiIey Mor: * Green eyes turned puzzled. “You wish me to tell you a tale, sir?” Needless to say, she found it a bit…well, odd.

    [21:35] Frederick Selden: * “A tale? From where?”

    [21:35] RiIey Mor: * “I believe he means from Ireland, sir, but that's not particularly foreign.” Not really. At least. Araby–that was foreign. Somewhere like that. China.

    [21:35] SilasHughesx: *:: nods once, a hand moving to his coat pocket to retrieve a red vial of liquid, he swooshes the vial about in the palm of his hand and then uncorks it::

    [21:37] CatherineEF: * She waits to hear the story that they are all going on about. Her fingers touch her cheek, brushing away a bug.

    [21:38] SilasHughesx: *::takes a sip from the vial and nods at Catherine:: “Vin mariani, French wine and cocoa… quite sweet.” : offers her the vial should she wish to try it ::

    [21:40] CatherineEF: * She raises her hand, shaking her head from side to side. “No, thank you. I never quite liked it. It was too sweet for my taste.” She whispers gently.

    [21:40] SilasHughesx: *:: smiles, she had her opinion and he had his, glances back to Riley ::

    [21:41] Frederick Selden: * The top hat was removed to reveal the messy black of his hair. He held the hat under one arm while fixing his gloves. It seemed they were a bit too tight and the numbness of his fingertips accounted for it. Brown eyes remained trained on the group.

    [21:40] RiIey Mor: * Riley looked at them all and twisted her hands together. Feeling rather on the spot with all of these gentles gathered about. She was, after all, a simple girl. “Well,” she began, thought a moment, and hoped her memory held something. “There dips the rocky island of Sleuth Wood in the lake, there lies a leafy island where flapping herons wake. The drowsy water rats; there we've hid our faery vats, full of berries and of reddest stolen cherries. Come away, o human child, to the water and the wild, with a faery hand in hand, for the world's more full of weeping that you can understand.” Her voice fit well to the poem, as it was that more than an actual tale. Lyrical and ringing
    silver, even if the topic wasn't exactly proper for a Sunday.

    [21:44] SilasHughesx: :: he grins :: “That was amazing. I could almost see it… So visual. “

    [21:45] RiIey Mor: “You flatter me, sir.” One hand lifted to make sure the eejit pins weren't about to try and make their way to freedom again. Satisfied they weren't, she offered up a shy smile.

    [21:45] SilasHughesx: ::claps instinctively suddenly::

    [21:46] CatherineEF: * She nods her head, “That was very well articulated.” She blinks a few times, pushing back a loose strand of hair. Quickly putting it back where it belongs.

    [21:46] Frederick Selden: * He nodded instinctively, “Very good, that.”

    [21:46] SilasHughesx: * “Do you know any more Miss Mor?”

    [21:47] RiIey Mor: Riley had no idea what that word meant. Articulated. She'd ask about it later. For now her cheeks were burning and the words dried up in her mouth. “I…perhaps, sir. Though they've all slipped my mind, now.” She looked down to her feet. Feet were safe to look at.

    [21:48] SilasHughesx: * :: grins :: “You know what would be particularly amazing is to have your words, even if it's just spoken, with that violin-playing fellow at the coffee house. Promise me you will come to the coffee house and see if you can make that happen, Miss Mor?”

    [21:49] RiIey Mor: * “You mean…for me to perform, sir?” She stared at him, beyond shocked. “But…” But what?

    [21:51] SilasHughesx: *”Indeed. A public reading. Captain Selden, Lady Catherine, help me convince her she must perform for everybody.”

    [21:52] Frederick Selden: *”I'd agree,” He again nodded, fixing the hat back to the top of his head.

    [21:52] SilasHughesx: *”Here! Here! Then.” ::claps once more::

    [21:52] CatherineEF: * She looked at Mor, seeing that she seemed to be taken back by Hughes suggestion. “Its Duchess, but please call me Catherine.” She waves her hand like she was shooing a fly.

    [21:52] SilasHughesx: ::nods to Catherine in forgiveness::

    [21:53] RiIey Mor: * “Oh,” now was not the time to faint. Really. It wouldn't do. “I, oh sir, do forgive me. I…I can't accept. Rather, well,” she fumbled through her words. Dainty hands clasping into the gray wool of her skirt. “I'd need permission, you see, sir. To sew with Miss Fellows, that's learning a skill. But to speak…” she gave a shake of her head. Not to mention she couldn't read very well anyhow and they'd be sorely disappointed to set her up with a book upon her lap. “I'm only a maid.” This last given as if it explained everything. And when he insisted she looked horrified. “Sir, I can't possibly ask Bishop Southwell about such a thing.”

    [21:54] CatherineEF: * She turns to Hughes,” I don't think she is up for it.” She turns between the two, seeing the color drain from her cheeks.

    [21:55] SilasHughesx: *” No No… you cannot decline. We shall make an event of it. Captain Selden and myself will speak to Baron Asher and make sure he gets that nice violin man and then you shall do a spoken word poem or two and everyone will be mesmorized.”

    [21:56] Frederick Selden: *”We will? Oh yes of course, we will!

    [21:58] CatherineEF: *”If you really wished to do that, I could talk to Bishop Southwell, I'm seeing him tomorrow for our appointment at the tea house.” She nods her head, looking amoung the group.

    [22:00] SilasHughesx: *”Excellent Duchess.” ::claps once::

    [22:00] RiIey Mor: * She thought she might weep. All of the people being so nice to her when they really had no cause to be. She was, as she said, only a maid. A bishop's maid, but that wasn't anything special, really. “You would do that for me, ma'am?” Whether or not it was what she wanted didn't matter so very much. It was what most of them wanted and she was tuned into that. It was how life went. Also, if she admitted it, she was curious about the teahouse.

    [22:02] CatherineEF: * She nods her head, waving her hand a bit. “Oh, yes. I shall speak with him tomorrow.” She smiled at the woman.

    [22:04] RiIey Mor: * “Ma'am, thank you so much.” She said that a lot today, but she had plenty of reason to give thanks. None of this was deserved. Surely there were others more worthy.

    [22:05] SilasHughesx: *”I am thrilled. You will be the Belle of the Ball, quite literally. It can be a grand function.” ::claps again:: “I am so happy.”

    [22:05] CatherineEF: * “Miss Mor, tis no problem.” She smiles between the two of them, he was trying to get her to open up.

    [22:06] SilasHughesx: * ::grins at Selden:: “Ladies… I must be going… Captain, walk with me for a bit?”

    [22:06] Frederick Selden: * “I'd do good with some food in my stomach after this good meeting in God's house.” He sighed and straightened himself again.

    [22:07] RiIey Mor: * Belle? She could never be a belle. She wasn't born into money. Never had much of it as it was. She wasn't like the duchess. Not a lady. “Thank you again, for everything. Sirs. Ma'am. I should get home myself.” Before they could rope her into something more.

    [22:07] Frederick Selden: * “O' course, my friend.” He turned around, now finally please with himself. All he was wearing was in order.

    [22:08] SilasHughesx: *”Indeed at that. Have a good time at home. Duchess, will you be alright or do you require accompaniment?”

    [22:09] CatherineEF: * “Oh, I should be fine. My man is waiting over there.” She nods her head to the fancy carriage made of the best wood, with two fine pure breed horses pulling it.?
    [22:10] SilasHughesx: * “It was a pleasure to meet you Catherine. I hope to talk with you some more this week?”

    [22:12] CatherineEF: If you are at the coffee house, of course you shall. I tend to go there a few times a week.” She smiled nodding her head to him.

    [22:12] SilasHughesx: *”Thank you for encouraging Miss Mor… It will be good for everybody.”

    [22:13] Frederick Selden: * “I will surely see you myself then. I find myself there often as well.”

    [22:13] CatherineEF: * She nods her head. “I hope so, I know how hard it can be to be shy.” She smiled at captain. “I will look for to see you as well.” She smiled at the two of them. “Till then.” She moved towards the carriage, her man helping her into it.

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