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    VEST Paradox

    What are the Character Templates?

    The Character Tempaltes are here for those of you who may not be able to decide what it is you want to play here. We've put together a series of pre-made Character Templates to help you decide. These Templates are all profession based, so you can simply look at what kind of career you want for your character and then pick a template! They have sheets already made, all you need to do is provide the Background, Name, and once they are approved you can sedn int the template and you are done!

    Do I have to keep it exactly how it is?

    Not at all. The sheets are full characters, wth Advantages and Disadvantages already in place, but you can feel free to switch some things around to make it a little more personal if you like. Just make sure that you alter the experience record to show the changes that you have made.

    So how exactly does this work?

    Pretty Easy. Below is a chart with each step outlined for you.

    Choose Template: First you need to choose which template you like. Say for instance you want to play a Journalist, so you choose the Journalist Template.

  • Write Details: After you have the Tempalte chosen, you need to think up a name, and then write up a background. This fleshes out the character and brings them more life than just being a cookie cutter Character.
  • Submit Background: Once you have the background written up, you need to submit it to with the subject ( BG: < Character Name > ) so that it can be approved by a member of the Background Department. Once this is approved and returned to you, you can then proceed to the next step.
  • Modify Character Sheet: This is optional, if you like the CS how it is and everything is filled out properly, you can just email it to with the subject ( CS: < Character Name > ) so that it can be approved by a member of the Character Sheet Department. Of course, if you decide to change it around some, that's perfectly fine. Just be sure that you change the XP Record at the bottom to reflect these changes and then send it in as above.
  • Play: Once you receive the approved Character Sheet ( CS ) you can begin to play as normal with your new character and enjoy the game of Velvet Skies!
  • And that's it. All the hassle of creating a character is gone now. Just play, track your XP, and join in the fun!

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