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    Experience Points (XP) are the means with which we measure our character's individual growth. Just as the sheets represent our character's physical traits, the experience points represent the knowledge and skill our characters have achieved while we've been playing. Experience points are earned in a variety of ways (as described below).

    Remember the most important thing to keep in mind when you consider improving your character sheet is to consider it within three months of your last character sheet approval. If you do not submit your character sheet for approval at least once every six months you run the risk of loosing those XP that you have earned. Also, we ask that you only submit an update once a month. That means, when you receive you approved character sheet via email, you should check the date. You will have to wait until that day on the following month before you will be allowed a character sheet update. We'll discuss the process for submitted the various character sheet updates at length later.

    Earning Experience Points

    There are several ways we earn experience points as players. They are listed below for your convenience.

    Role-Playing: You earn up to 2 XP for each night you play your character for in the Velvet Skies Game Room, you earn 1 XP simply for role-playing for an hour. This can be anywhere and with anyone, or by yourself. All character can earn an additional point of XP for playing in one of the Main Settings (See Rules of the Room) and interacting with either a Host run NPC or a PC for an hour. This means that you can gain 2 XP per night if you follow these guidelines. There are currently three Main Settings in Velvet Skies, The Athenaeum, The Docks, and St James Park. These nightly experience points must go towards the character (screen name) you are playing at the time (for those of us who have more than one character). You must play in the main room in order to earn this experience point. Playing in a Private Room does not count towards Role-Playing XP, however we encourage you to send in th logs of your PR sessions for Monthly A&B XP. It is your responsibility to keep track of the points you earn through role-playing.

    Posting: You may also earn experience points for posting short stories about your character's life outside of the main room. These stories can involve anything you'd like, so long as it pertains to your character. A group of volunteers goes through all the posts weekly and will award anywhere from 0 – 16 XP every two weeks, depending on the quality of the posts. Should you include another player's character when you write your post, be sure to have permission from them before you send it. Experience points earned from postings may only be used for the character sheet the story was written about. You will be notified of any experience points you have earned from posting via email from the Experience Point Team. We understand that players will have their down times and their up times when it comes to posting, so we are extending the count by a week from tabulating points once per week to two weeks. Often times players will have a great week and submit more posts one week and actually lose XP, this should help reduce the loss of XP to some extent.

    Above and Beyond (A&B): Above and beyond points are awarded to those who truly go above and beyond the required play and truly go out to pull others into the game and make their experience more fun and enjoyable. This can range from Private Room play during off hours, to posting threads. Any posting points that would generally be lost will be added in to the amount of A&B you will recieve each month. Also, awards from the Quote of the Week Contest are added to your monthly A&B Total. The maximum amount of A&B a character can earn each month is 26 XP. The Guidlines for Private Room Logs are below:

    2 XP per person for each person involved (so if you have 4 people, each of you will be eligeable for 8 XP)

    1-4 XP overall for Quality of play. This is a judgement based on the length of the room, as well as the content involved. For the msot part, romance scenes will be rated low, while scenes involving lots of intrigue will get higher ratings.

    14 XP Max for any one PR Log regardless of how many people are there or quality (though short less than an hour logs will just be thrown out.) so if you have seven people in a PR you will cap the XP, but don't let this hold you back, the more the merrier!

    Gamemasters: When they are available, we offer trained Gamemasters to assist you with the story lines you submit. There are many advantages to having a Gamemaster run a story line for you, the most notable for this section is their ability to award experience points for individual role-play. These awards can range anywhere from 1 – 5 XP per session. Awards of this type are based on the following: Showing up, effort, role-play, ingenuity, etc. These experience awards may only be used on the character sheet you are playing at the time they are awarded. You will be notified via email when you have earned experience points from a Gamemaster.

    Training: From time to time, the staff of Velvet Skies will offer various training sessions. These would be anything from role-playing help to OOC Violation seminars. Whenever you attend one of these classes, you'll earn 1 – 5 XP. Points earned in this manner may be used on any character sheet may be used on any character sheet that has been approved for you at the time. These classes will also be posted in the Out-of-Character Discussion section of the Message Boards when they are scheduled. You will be notified via Email by the Experience Point Team whenever you earn experience points from training classes.

    Recommendation: Players may recommend their fellow gamers for bonus experience points. These requests are then viewed by our Experience Point Team. They are evaluated and an award of 1 – 5XP (maximum of 15 XP a month) will be given when they have been earned. Experience points earned in this manner may only be used with the character sheet you were playing when you earned them. To recommend a fellow player for an experience point bonus, cut and paste the chat log containing the role-play and send it to You will be notified via Email from the Experience Point Team whenever you earn bonus experience points from player recommendations.

    Staff Members: Staff members earn experience points for their voluntary work in Velvet Skies. The points are based off of an average amount of time in hours spent working their particular area during a seven day week. To ensure that no staff member may make more than 1.5 times more points than any player, a cap of has been placed on staff member Character Sheets per monthly update. The cap includes both staff points and any others they may earn through role-playing, posting, etc. This cap is placed on any Character Sheet with Staff Points listed on it, though the cap doesn't reflect Staff owned sheets that don't have Staff Points listed – which is common occurrence if a staff member owns more than one CS. No other exceptions are allowed. Currently, staff receives XP's for hosting, Storytelling or GM scenes and/or playing their staff NPC's on a regular basis. If you wish to become a staff member, find out more by sending an application request to, this will be forwarded and a staff member will contact you.

    The Amount of XP that a staff member can gain per week is as follows:

    Position / Job XP Compensation
    Forum Director 7 / Week
    Department Advisor 5 / Week
    Department Member 3 / Week
    Running ST Scene 2 / Scene
    Hosting the Room 1 XP / Shift

    Spending Experience Points

    Once your character has accumulated life experiences in the form of points, they are able to apply this knowledge toward improving themselves. They are able to learn new or improve existing skills, learn new masteries or improve their statistics. Below, you will find the basic experience point costs for any improvement you'd like to make.

    Raising Statistics

    If you wish to raise one of your character's Statistics, consult the following chart. Find the next level you wish to purchase and then spend a number of experience points equal to the cost listed:

    Statistic XP Cost

    2 – 3 = 15 XP per level

    4 – 6 = 20 XP per level

    7 – 9 = 25 XP per levl

    10 – 12 = 30 XP per level

    13 – 15 = 40 XP per level

    Should you choose to buy more than one level of a Statistic at a time, you must purchase each level separately. For instance, if you wanted to raise your Body from level 4 to level 6, it would cost a total of 50 experience points, 20 points for level 5 and 30 points for level 6. You may not raise a statistic above 12 as a mortal, though some supernaturals may be able to go higher. Some special Abilities could allow for Statistics to rise over 12, but Mortals may never buy them above 12 with Experience. Certain abilities may raise them above that, but the base Statistic may never rise above a 14.

    Skill Update Costs

    If you wish your character to learn a new skill or improve an existing one, consult the following chart. Find the skill you're interested in and find it's experience point cost per level.

    There are three XP levels in Velvet Skies, Low, Medium, High, and Very High. The costs for each category are below:

    Low XP Cost

    1 – 3 : 5 XP per level

    4 – 6 : 10 XP per level

    7 – 9 : 15 XP per level

    10 – 12 : 20 XP per level

    13 – 15 : 25 XP per level

    Medium XP Cost

    1 – 3 : 10 XP per level

    4 – 6 : 15 XP per level

    7 – 9 : 20 XP per level

    10 – 12 : 25 XP per level

    13 – 15 : 30 XP per level

    High XP Cost

    1 – 3 : 15 XP per level

    4 – 6 : 20 XP per level

    7 – 9 : 25 XP per level

    10 – 12 : 30 XP per level

    13 – 15 : 35 XP per level

    Very High XP Cost

    1 – 3 : 20 XP per level

    4 – 6 : 25 XP per level

    7 – 9 : 30 XP per level

    10 – 12 : 35 XP per level

    13 – 15 : 40 XP per level

    Should you choose to buy more than one level of a Skill at a time, you must purchase each level separately. For instance, if you wanted to raise your Evasion Skill from level 4 to level 6, it's a Medium XP skill so level 5 would cost 15 XP and level 6 would cost 20 XP for a total of 35 XP.

    General Skills (Ruling Stat) – XP Level

    Alertness (Mind) – Low

    Animal Handling (Soul) – Low

    Artistry (Body) – Low

    Athletics (Body) – Medium

    Basic Medical (Mind) – Medium

    Cover-Up (Mind) – Medium

    Disguise (Mind) – Medium

    Faith (Soul) – Medium

    Fast Talk (Mind) – Medium

    Finance (Mind) – Low

    Gaming (Mind) – Low

    Income (Mind) – High

    Intimidation (Mind) – Medium

    Investigation (Mind) – Medium

    Larceny (Body) – Medium

    Law (Mind) – High

    Leadership (Soul) – Medium

    Linguistics (Mind) – Low

    Lore (Mind) – Very High

    Major Medical (Mind) – High

    Occult (Mind) – Medium

    Oratory (Mind) – High

    Psychology (Mind) – Medium

    Science (Mind) – Medium

    Stealth (Body) – Medium

    Steel Will (Mind) – Medium

    Theology (Mind) – High

    Tracking (Mind) – Medium

    Combat Skills (Ruling Stat) – XP Level

    Archery (Body) – Medium

    Evasion (Body) – Medium

    Fighting Mastery (Body) – High

    Heavy Arms (Body) – Very High

    Large Melee (Body) – High

    Medium Melee (Body) – Medium

    Natural Weapons (Body) – Low

    Reflexes (Body) – Medium

    Small Arms (Body) – High

    Small Melee (Body) – Low

    Sure Shot (Mind) – Medium

    Throwing (Body) – Low

    Trained Fighting (Body) – Medium

    Mystic Skills (Ruling Stat) – XP Level

    Casting (Soul) – Medium

    Range (Soul) – Medium

    Duration (Soul) – Medium

    Focus (Mind) – Medium

    Extension (Mind) – Medium

    Density (Mind) – Medium

    Remember: No skill may be raised higher than it's ruling stat. A skill with (Body) next to it can never be higher in value than your permanent Body Statistic.

    Mastery Update Costs

    When you would like to purchase a new mastery for your character, simply look up the mastery's description. There you will find all the information you need, including the experience point cost per mastery.

    Submitting an Update

    When you're getting ready to submit an update to your character sheet it is important for you to know what you are sending us, and what you might receive in return. Lets go over some of the terminology for various character sheet titles that are approved by the Character Sheet Team.

    Update: An update is the general term for a character sheet that has been updated with experience points in any of the manners described above. Once you've accumulated experience points for your character and have spent them, the next step is to have your updated character sheet approved. Go ahead and make the necessary changes to your character sheet. At the bottom of the sheet, you'll notice the Experience Point Record section. Each time you submit a character sheet, you must list where the experience points come from. That way we will be more able to process your update with as little difficulty as possible. After you've listed where you earned the points, you should then list where these points have been spent. This enables us to approve your sheet at a glance, which will ensure your updated sheet is active as soon as possible. When submitting a character sheet for an update, please be sure to send it in the body of an email to with the subject: UD : Character Name – DATE. Make sure you list the type of experience points earned and give the date the points were earned upon (the days you Role-played in the Velvet Skies Game Room for an hour or more and the date you received any Email awarded experience points) in the appropriate columns in the experience point record.

    Non-Update: A Non-update is similar to an update except there are no experience points spent in a non-update. When you submit a non-update you still need to fill out your experience point record with all the experience points you have earned since your character sheet was last approved, even though you are not spending them. Then why send in the character sheet if your not updating it you ask? And why give those character sheets a special name? Well, Non-Updates are often submitted by players who are saving up their experience points for an expensive mastery or statistic upgrade and don't want to lose their experience points to what is called the three month reactivation rules. Players who just haven't earned that many experience points also send in Non-Updates to avoid the reactivation rules as well. To send in a Non-Update, just send your sheet to with the subject: NUD : Character Name – DATE. The reactivation rules are the subject of our next character sheet type.

    Reactivation: A character sheet reactivation happens when you submit a character sheet to us that has aged more than nine months. Why do we care that you send in your character sheet within six months? So that we can guarantee you, the player, that we will have your character sheet if you need it for the various functions of the game including updating. The longer you wait on submitting your character sheet to us after three months the worse your chances will get that someone currently on Velvet Skies Staff will have your character sheet. If we don't have a copy of your character sheet on record then we cannot let you play the game with the sheet or update it. We want to try to keep accurate records of which characters are actually playing and accurate totals of the breeds. So, if your character sheet goes longer then three months without being submitted it will be moved in classification to inactive. If you want to reactivate your character one of two options will have to chosen regarding your character sheet. Option one, you forget about ever having a previous character sheet for the character and start all over generating a new CS (this may be restricted by breed locks at the time). Or you can lose all the XP in-between the last update before the sheet went inactive and the time your reactivating it and get the character sheet back as it was. If you ever find yourself in need of reactivating a character sheet simply wipe you experience point record of any unspent points (experience points already used in previous updates will not be lost) and send it to with a subject line of: RV : Character Name – DATE.

    Freezing: We understand that there are sometimes circumstances in your lives be it vacations, college, etc….that may prevent you from making an update within two months of your character sheets last approval. If you know you will be unable to make a character sheet update within the required time simply send a note to requesting your character sheet to be frozen. If you have the time to plan on it in advance include your character sheet with the experience point record filled out for the XP you have earned since your last update. If you are requesting the freeze on the fly or your way out the door then just send a cut and paste copy of your last CS approval and be prepared to claim those XP when you get back. A properly frozen character sheet will not earn any new experience points, and neither will it loose any experience points already earned, it will remain exactly as the title reads, frozen for a minimum of 90 days, until you return and ask us to thaw it for you. If you own a Breed Leader CS, and are a multi-character player, ALL of your characters must be frozen at one time, not just one or two. If you do not own a Breed Leader, you can freeze any amount of characters you wish.

    SN Change: This one is pretty self explanatory, if you ever need to change the screen name that you play a character sheet under simply inform us at and send us a copy of your character sheet. Please try your best to send the Email from your current/old screen name rather than your new screen name so we can be sure it's a valid screen name change.

    Breed Change: A Mortal has the potential to become any of the supernatural breeds in the game. When your character undergoes a breed change you'll need to transfer your character sheet data over to the character sheet that is found for their new breed in The Breeds And Their Powers and add any bonuses/meet the breed change requirements listed for your breed listed on that same page.

    Character Transfers: Character Transfers are not permitted at all in Velvet Skies, if you choose to stop playing a character it is your choice, however it is your creation and can only be played by you. Anyone caught playing another players character with or without their permission will cause the character to be permanently removed from play.

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