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    Sometime soon we will find the character you bring to life out roaming the streets of London. However, we must first follow a few steps. This section details each aspect of how to create your own character. Everything from the birth to, sometimes, the death and even beyond. As always, if you’ve read through this chapter and still have some questions, feel free to ask any VECH Host or email

    The Background

    The first thing you need to know about Velvet Skies is that this is a role-playing game – meaning you, the player, takes on the role of someone else, your character. While you are playing Velvet Skies, the words and actions you type are no longer about or from you, instead, they are about your character. Every thought and every action you choose to take are those of your character. Although your character may resemble you in many ways (and in others, they may be totally different personalities) you are still playing the role of a fictional character in the Victorian Era of London, England.

    In life, many different circumstances and decisions affect and change us, making us the people we are today. The same is true of your character. They will have their own attitude, their own style, their own imagination, even their own lives. The Background you create for your character will explain why your character became the way they are. What motivates them? It would even help determine how they might react to many different situations. What life experiences have taught them to react their special way with a certain dilemma?

    The background may be as simple as a brief history, such as what might be found in a reference book, or as detailed as your own past would be. Keep in mind, the more time and care you put into your characters past, the more you will understand and care for your character. After a while, players tend to grow attached to their characters as they watch them take on a life of their own. A lot of players miss this great opportunity. However, a well thought out background is the first step towards the role-players ultimate goal: Creation.

    A Detailed Example: Reginald Longstreet was born in 1852 in the White Chappel District of London. His fatehr was a Chimney Sweep and his mother worked partial hours mending clothing for a local Tailor. Reginald grew up roaming the streets of London ad always aspired to becoming one of the fine Gents seen riding through town or getting out of their elaborate carriages in fine suits and tuxedo’s. Reginald decided that the only way to become more than his birthright was through knowledge, so at an early age he pilfered a few books from a local bookseller and began studying. His entire life was spent reading what books he could get for free and stealing ones that he couldn’t. By the age of sixteen he counted himself one of the most learned young men of his time and soon gained entry into Cambridge. Though he couldn’t afford the price of the school he gained admission through a work program, h would be allowed to take classes the same as any normal student, but he also had to work around the grounds to earn his tuition, room and board. It was rough go at first, but he became something of a star pupil, despite his constant exausted and bedraggled appearance. In 1870 Reginald met a man by the name of Harold Haversham. Harold was a rather wealthy patron of the school who took a particular interest in the dillegence of the boy. Harold decided to become Reginalds Patron and payed his tuition so that the boy could devote more time to his studies and so that he could keep a better eye on the rising young man.

    From here we could go on to describe his time spent with the police as a youth, his imminent marriage, etc. You see, my personal background is absolutely nothing like Reginalds, and yet, with a carefully thought out understanding of who he is, it would seem as though he is a real person. Then, when I play him, he has an actual, distinct personality.

    A few more things about writing a background should be taken into consideration. In most cases you will begin playing as a mortal. If you wish to begin the game as anything else, you must first meet certain requirements. To find out if you qualify, read the category under the Breed’s description. Magical Weapons, Items, Artifacts, and excessive property or wealth will not be allowed in most cases. In some instances the Background Department may require you to purchase certain Skills, Masteries, Advantages, or Disadvantages depending on the background that you submit.

    Below is a simple form to give you a hand in creating your background and appearance for your character. You can reach the form through the link at the top of the page or by clicking on the form below for easier cut and paste. Make sure you include some sort of past for your character, what kind of childhood did they have, where did they grow up, etc.. bring it through to the present and what brought them to London. Related characters will be limited and if you use the name of a PC then permission of the PC must be gained.

    When writing your physical description, please keep in mind that we try and keep characters as normal looking as possible, no red or glowing eyes, etc. Also note that the main room is centered in a Coffee House, so your characters age should reflect that. Characters need to be at least 16 years of age to play, 18 to enter the Coffee Houses (legally) and to drink. The max starting age for a mortal is 50.


    Email Address:



    Age and/or birth date:

    Eye Color:





    Appearance (clothes, etc..):



    Note: Keep in mind that just because an ability or power is in your approved background, if there is no skill, mastery or special ability on your character sheet to correspond, it will have no effect in the game.

    Mortals: the average, ordinary Joe or Jane. Don’t under estimate these folks. It”s been proven time and time again that ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances do extraordinary things.

    All completed backgrounds should be sent in email to where your BG will be directed to someone in the Background Team in a timely manner and you should receive a response in 24-48 hours. You may not send in a character sheet without an approved Background attached.

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