Change : Statistics

  • February 18, 2006 at 5:10 pm #1758
    VEST Paradox

    The maximum Mortal Statistics have been reduced to a 12 instead of 14. This is for various reasons, mostly since special abilities from skills cap at 12 for the most part, and it makes for a less Statistic Heavy game. The change under Spending Experience is below and all skills with ablilities above 12 (Lore for instance) will be restructured.

    Raising Statistics

    If you wish to raise one of your character's Statistics, consult the following chart. Find the next level you wish to purchase and then spend a number of experience points equal to the cost listed:

    Statistic XP Cost
    2 – 5 = 20 XP per level
    6 – 10 = 30 XP per levl
    11 – 15 = 40 XP per level

    Should you choose to buy more than one level of a Statistic at a time, you must purchase each level separately. For instance, if you wanted to raise your Body from level 4 to level 6, it would cost a total of 50 experience points, 20 points for level 5 and 30 points for level 6. You may not raise a statistic above 12 as a mortal, though some supernaturals may be able to go higher. Some special Abilities could allow for Statistics to rise over 12, but Mortals may never buy them above 12 with Experience. Certain abilities may raise them above that, but the base Statistic may never rise above a 14.

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