Change : Major Medical

  • March 1, 2006 at 7:34 am #1820
    VEST Paradox

    Added level 8 and 12 Specialties to Major Medical as well as lowered the treatment TN. New listing is below:

    Major Medical (Mind)
    Generation Cost: 3 points per level
    Experience Point Cost: High
    Roll System: roll 2d6+Discipline+Major Medical Skill Level vs. TN 22 + 1 per Body damage taken by the patient
    Description: A select few have undertaken the specialized training necessary to be a surgeon. These individuals are capable of almost any medical feat. When a successful Major Medical roll is made for a patient, they will heal at x 2 their natural rate, over night. Only one attempt may be made per night on the victim by anyone. The x 2 effect only works for that one day. That means the patient must be cared for every day to gain the full healing bonus until they are better.

    In addition, the surgeon may attempt emergency life saving procedures if the victim has fallen to a negative Body total. With a successful roll (same as the above), the surgeon can heal the victim to a Body or Mind of 0. This counts as the one Major Medical roll for the patient per day, regardless of the doctor. The victim, after being saved, is considered out of play for the rest of the night as they are hospitalized in that type of condition. This is done at a greater difficulty, so the TN is 24 + 1 for every point of damage taken instead of the normal TN 22 for treating wounds. If the victim is 2 times their Body or Mind in the negative or worse, there is no chance of saving them. For instance: Body of 4. If their Body at the time of the emergency procedures was -6, it would still be possible to save them. The target number would be 34 (22 + 10 damage), but it would still be possible. If the same victim had a body of -9, they would be too far gone and would die. The successful use of this skill does not counteract the killing effects of faith objects.

    Level 8 – Surgeon – You are skilled beyond normal rights with the healing arts and can heal and treat. With this level of Major Medical, when you successfully treat a patient, they not only gain an increased healing rate, but they immediately regain one point of lost Body.
    Level 12 – Cutter – You are exceptional with small knives, through experience understanding where to cut and just how to make different incisions, you move your blade almost with an artistic flair. A Surgeon with this level of Major Medical gains a +1 Damage with Small Melee Weapons since they know where and how to cause mroe damage to the human body.

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