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  • February 6, 2006 at 11:01 pm #1648
    VEST Paradox

    Since right now there is no public knowledge of what breeds we will have, other than what has been discussed between those on staff. Characters cannot begin play with any levels of Lore. Lore is intimate knowledge of the truth behind the breed, how they reproduce, what hurts them, what their weaknesses are, how to ward them, and how to destory them. Part of the entire purpose for this decision to not even list the breeds to the players is for the discovery of the breeds through interaction in character, and as the characters learn more, the players will learn more.

    The changes to lore are to reflect the intimate knowledge of the skill, and I added that in order to begin with lore (for Characters Created after the breeds are public) they must have the reasons in their BG to have it, and mind you, there will not be a vast outbreak of supernaturals and most will never be open to generation. So with that in mind, here is the new Lore Skill.

    Lore (Mind) [ requires Occult 4 in order to begin learning ]
    Generation Cost: 4 points per level
    Experience Point Cost: Very High
    Roll System: 2d6+Discipline+Lore vs TN
    Description: Do you know about the things that go bump in the night? The myths and legends of all the different breeds are out there, ready to be found. When you first buy Lore you gain one Breed as a specialty, which means you knowabout that Breed and that Breed alone.To extend your knowledge to other breeds you must spend 20XP for each breed studied. The exact descriptions of each lore item and how the breeds are killed are listed under that breeds description.

    Learning Lore: In order to begin with Lore on your character at generation you must have reasons explained in your Approved BGs, Lore is an intimate knowledge that is passed down or gained through personal study and research, reading Bram Stokers Dracula or Mary Shelley's Frankenstein isn't enough. Should you have reason to buy lore at generation, you begin with one breed that you can have knowledge of, but each different breed that you wish to know of must be taught by another character. In order to buy the new Breed Specialty you must write a post of the instruction from another character or post the RP log, this must be linked on the Character sheet when the update is sent in. The only exception to this is your own breed, you gain the Lore Specialty for you breed automatically upon becoming that Breed. Lore acquired during character generation must be explained in the character's background. If your character does not possess the Lore, then they do not know anything about the existence of the breed.

    Level 4 : Warding – At level 4 in the skilla character learns how to ward members of the breeds they are specialized in. The specifics and requirements are listed under the Breed Description. You cannot Ward members of your own breed at this level.

    Level 6 : Defense – At level 6 the Character can roll 2d6+Discipline+Lore vs TN 26 to gain a +2 resistance to Mental Masteries used against them. You can only gain this defense against breeds you have a specialty in.

    Level 8 : Wounding -At level 8 the character learns how to create items that can wound a Breed that they have a specialty, as with warding the details are listed in the Breeds Description.

    Level 10 : Supreme Warding – At this level you can ward members of your own breed.

    Level 12 : Supreme Defense – You can now roll 2d6+Discipline+Lore to gain a +4 Resistance to Mental Masteries used against you by breeds you have a specialty in.

    Level 14: You now know how to destroy a member of a Breed you have a specialty in. The details are listed under the description of the particular breed. Making the Killing roll requires the Faith Skill.

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