Change : Linguistics

  • February 18, 2006 at 5:27 pm #1759
    VEST Paradox

    Made Linguistics a little more diverse and interesting, see below :

    Linguistics (Mind)
    Generation Cost: 1 point per level
    Experience Point Cost: Low
    Roll System: NA
    Description: Some characters may speak multiple languages. Everyone begins with at least the ability to speak their native language. For every level you have in this skill you can speak another language. The first time a new language is taken you speak with a strong accent, if you take the same language a second time you speak with a faint accent (Frenchx2), and the third time the same language is taken you speak the language like a native (Frenchx3). Linguistics also give the character the ability to understand similar languages to the ones they know with a roll of 2d6+Awareness+Linguistics vs a TN 24. They do not understand the language as if they have studied it, but they can pick out a few words and get a very general understanding of what the person is trying to get across to them. This can only be used for simple topics, someone speaking about physics or medicine in a foreign language cannot be understood in general.

    Level 8 : Novice Linguist – You have studied enough languages that you can make a roll to understand a similar language with a TN of 20 instead of 24.

    Level 12 : Expert Linguist – You are an Expert Linguist, you can understand and communicate in almost any language. You can understand what people are saying to you with much better clarity. Any language can be understood with a Liguistics roll vs TN 20 instead of just similar languages.

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