Change : Insanity, Phobia, Sickly

  • February 11, 2006 at 5:04 am #1678
    VEST Paradox

    Cost: 5-15 GP
    Description: You suffer from some Mental affliction. This could be depression or outright psychosis. The insanity must be approved in your background in order for this to be taken. Examples are as follows:

    5 GP : Depression, Anxiety
    10 GP : Obsessive Compulsive, Eating Disorder, Megalomania
    15 GP : Delusions, Sociopath, Schyzoid Personality Disorder

    RP Requirement: You are touched, not right in the head, a lunatic. Be careful though, they like to labotomize people in this day and age!

    Cost: 5-15 GPs
    Description: You are afraid of something. What this something is, is up to your character. Perhaps it's a fear of water? Or a fear of flying in a balloon? Could be a fear of dogs? Whatever this fear may be, you must state this on your character sheet. The subject of your character's fear must be legitimate (to be decided by staff, though your recommendation is welcome, albeit you can't be afraid of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth). There are varying degrees of sufferage from Phobias and the severity and penalties are listed below. Whenever a situation arises that involves your character's phobia, a Discipline roll vs. a TN of 20 must be successfully made to overcome the fear and penalties.

    5 GP – Mild : The character will suffer a -2 to all rolls while in the presence of something or a situation that invokes their phobia.

    10 GP – Moderate : The character will suffer a -4 to all rolls while in the presence of something or a situation that invokes their phobia.

    15 GP – Severe : The character will attempt to leave that scene as quickly as possible.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You are always sick. Some say that you were born under a bad omen, others just attribute it to weak genetics. You always heal slower than everyone else. For the purposes of how long it takes you to heal, the time is calculated as if you suffered and additional wound. These aren't real wounds, it's just to figure out he extra time it takes you. For instance, if you suffer 3 body damage as a mortal, it will take you an additional 3 days of rest to fully heal for a total of 12. This additional time must be spent before any actual damage is healed.

    RP Requirements: You are sickly, usually pale and drawn, and tend to exhibit signs of some malady or another. Drink lots of tea and hot broth.

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