Change : Inconspicuous

  • February 24, 2006 at 12:42 am #1788
    VEST Paradox

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You are standing right there, you may even be the person who brings someone their food, but you are often ignored and might as well be invisible unless you call attention to yourself. This Advantage gives you a +3 to stealth rolls and unless you are actively interacting with someone you will be forgotten or will play as if you weren't even there. Someone who is inconspicuous is that way because they have an occupation that makes them a part of the scenery, or they are so unremarkalbe in appearance that they don't warrant being remembered. You aren't blending into crowds or vanishing from site, you are simply not worthy of attention due to your plaines. Very much like wallpaper you are generally ignored and forgotten after you leave their presence. Anyone attempting to call any physical details about your character must roll 2d6+Awareness+Alertness vs TN 20 in order to recall you by memory.

    RP Requirement: You are just so average it's not even funny. You are the 'Average Build, Average Height, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes' nondescript person that cops have nightmares about. You don't have to have brown hair and eyes, you are just a very average and unremarkable person, nothing about you stands out or is worth a second glance.

    Requirement: Unless the character draws attention to themselves, they are completely ignored, and even after they leave they will be quickly forgotten. As a general guideline, if a character begins a conversation with you or otherwise attempts to get your attention, they will be ignored. If you are sitting with a group of people when this attention is gained, those with you (those in your company not those nearby) will also notice the inconspicuous person. It is assumed that if you are friends with the person, you will not be susceptible to this advantage. Once a character recalls them via Alertness, they will not be as easily forgotten and the difficulty decreases by -2 the next time the roll is called for and each successive roll afterwards.

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