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  • February 23, 2006 at 11:49 am #1785
    VEST Paradox

    Added Cooking as an artistic specialty, idea submission from a player, keep up the good work!

    Artistry (Soul)
    Generation Cost: 1 points per level
    Experience Point Cost: Low
    Roll System: roll 2d6+Presence+Artistry Skill Level vs TN (see below)
    Description: When you think of names such as Davinci, Michaelangelo and Rembrandt, what springs to mind? Artist. This is the skill one uses when trying to create a work of art. When a player choses this skill, they must chose the medium of their artistic abilities. The choices are: Acting, Cooking, Dancing, Music, Visual, Writing. This is the characters specialty and any other mediums that are used are at a -3 Penalty.

    Success Table:
    0-10 : Rubbish – It's not attractive, well composed, or terribly interesting. Best to be turned left as an idea to never revisit. (No Benefit)
    11-19 : Fair work – You might be able to get a few people to look at the item, a few people may listen to the tune, or you could convince one person out of thousands, but it's not likely. (-2 XP for next income purchase)
    20-28 : Decent – Would probably show up in a local art auction, may get you off the chorus line, or get you from a stage hand to a small role. A decent effort that could earn some recognition outside of a few small groups who recognize it. (-5 XP for next income purchase)
    29-39 : Great – Would show up in a small art museum, get you a supporting roll, or maybe your own position in a dance troupe. A great effort that is better than what most have accomplished. (-7 XP for next income purchase)
    40-51 : Inspired – You have the potential to be a famous artist if you so desire, you are destined for the limelight and perhaps your own show. You could accomplish a great ammount of respect for such an effort. (-10 XP for next income purchase)
    52+ or double 6s : Masterpiece – You have created a one of a kind Masterpiece which defines your style amongst the most known artists. You may not become a household name immediately, just accomplish something ecccentric and you are on your way. (-15 XP for next income purchase)

    Talented: At level 8 in the skill you gain an additional specialty that you can practice without the normal -3 penalty.

    Artisan: At level 12 you gain yet another specialty that you can practice without suffering the normal -3 penalty.

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