Catherine Elizabeth Franklin

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    Catherine Elizabeth Boyd was born to a world of privilege, though with that privilege came certain responsibilities.

    Catherine’s father, Luke Boyd, became a wealthy merchant when he was lucky enough to stumble upon a shipping company that was going down hill. He bought the company when it was about to go under, with his understanding of business he was able to turn the business around and it began to flourish. Within years of the company’s turn around, Luke Boyd became very wealthy and chose at this time to marry Catherine’s mother, Hannah La’ Mora a woman that was born to a wealthy family. She was the only heir to the vast fortune her family had acquired. Her mother was married to Luke Boyd a few months after her 18th birthday. Her parents had arranged the marriage, to bring to great fortunes and families together.

    After years of marriage, and many miscarriages a small baby girl was born. Catherine Elizabeth Boyd was born in her parent’s London town house, on a rainy wet May 1st. Her parents hope were entirely upon her, from the moment she took breath. She was raised by nannies and lived mostly in the country estates. She rarely saw her parents, except when they chose to see how Catherine’s schooling was going. The only love she was given was from her nannies, who cherished her and showed her what parents were suppose to be to their children.

    By the age of 8, she was sent away to a finishing school to get ready for marriage. Her parents sent her to the most expensive and prestige finish school in London. She spent all but a few of the holidays in this school knowing that her parents didn’t want her home till it was time for marriage. She threw herself into her education, learning to speak French and Latin till she was able to read them both; though speaking the languages was a bit hard and didn’t always come out nearly as good as they should. She also learned to horse back riding, seeming to have a very intimate relation with the creatures she would spend a lot of time sitting with the horses, some of the only friends she had at the school. She also became fond of art, while at the school. She had a teacher that was very passionate about it, causing her to learn what ever her teacher would permit her. She was very gifted girl when it came to art; her pieces were almost so real that people would request to buy pieces from her parent’s home. During her 15th year, she began to become a bit rebellious towards society. She became addicted to smoking, learning it from some of the stable hands. She would secretly smoke, during break periods by the stable, giving her a chance to relax with the few creatures that enjoyed her company. The problem is when she would go to the stable; she would occasionally come across snakes. She was horribly scared of them, having almost been bitten by one when she was a young child at the country estates, so her time spent at the stables was shorten greatly, till finally her parents proposed a changing point in her life.

    At the age of 16 her parents came to her with a proposition of marriage. Her parents never gave her the choice if she wanted to marry him or not, but forced her into the marriage. Her parents set it up, having him visit her a few times during the remaining years of her schooling. She was soon taken out of school, so that the marriage preparations began, wanting the wedding to happen soon. The marriage was based on what her parents thought was appropriate for a young lady of wealth. They wanted their family to have a title, and by marrying her off to this man they would get it. He wanted to marry her because of the large dowry he would receive on the wedding day. So a few months after her 16th birthday she was married to a Duke, from the family of Franklin a man 20 years her senior. She decided to make the best of the situation and choose to conform to society’s standards, especially now in her new position.

    During the first few months, her entire world changed she suddenly became very religious wanting to please everyone and needed someone to turn to through some of the most lonely nights. Her faith was only compared to her stout views on war and violence. She thought the world was becoming too violent and despised any form of it. Though fate soon decided to throw her around a bit more and after only a year and a half of marriage her husband died after being thrown from his horse during a hunting party at his estate in the country. She became his nurse for the two weeks he hung onto life, though the suffering ended soon afterwards. She buried her husband in the family burial ground; by the age of 17 she was once again on her own and became the Duchess of Somerset, from the family of Franklin. She had money and a title, yet her life was sent into a spin. She threw herself into the world of parties and social gatherings. She was the ideal woman, yet she still wanted more freedom then her world could offer her. So she threw herself into charities and education, yet she wants more.

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