Background for Gus The Midget

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    Elijah M Moore

    Name: Gus McLeary

    Breed: Mortal

    Age and/or birth date: March 27th, 1851

    Eye Color: Blue as the Ocean!

    Hair: Red like the fir’s of ‘ell, ya flippin’ prostitute!

    Height/weight: 4’8″

    Occupation: Boxer

    Equipment/weapons: Kilt, boxing equipment, pouch of money, a wee pony

    for ridin’!

    Appearance (clothes, etc..): Gus is a short guy, namely a dwarf. He

    stands at 4’8″ with a large stature for his size, however. He is

    muscular and has spent many times in the boxing ring. On his body, one

    can see where bones have been reset and scars from his time in the

    competitive ring. He often wears a simple shirt and pants, but

    occasionally he can be seen wearing his ceremonial kilt.

    Background: So ye wanna know about me backgroun’, eh? Well let me tell

    ye what wen’ on. Me murther is a fine lass from the ‘ighlands. She’s

    the won that did give me life an’ if I ‘ear one word nasty about ‘er,

    I’ll slit yer throat an’ pony punch ya in the hole. An’way, me murther

    gave birth to three of us wee children. I was the last. Me brother is a

    doctor who has spent many times patching me up. Me sister is married to

    a fine lad who is a lawyer up in Scotland. Me pappy is a ‘ard workin’

    farmer from Ireland.

    I was born in the lovely month of March when the flow’rs ‘ad jus’

    started grewin’. The doctors were nae sure ‘ow well I’d survive

    considerin’ me short size. But me murther an’ me pappy didn’ care. They

    firs’ recognized ah was gonna be a wee one when I was born und’rweight

    an’ small. They didn’ give much chance I’d survive. But I was a

    stubborn one, laddie.

    In school, I was made fun o’ constantly by these stupid mics. So I

    learned ‘ow to fight. Seemed I had a right gift for it as well. By the

    age of twelve, I was knockin’ out people a lot strong’r than me. It

    didn’t take long before I was spotted by a Mr. O’Conner.

    Mr. O’Conner ran a circus an’ said I’d fit right in. So I decided with

    nothin’ ta lews ah’d sign up an’ try it out. Oh, they did nae tell me

    I’d be a clown! Oh how I ‘ated that. I was a boxer, for Chrissakes! But

    the other short lads were a nice group so I hung aroun’ them for

    awhile. We start’d out a boxing championship later on when Mr. O’Conner

    realiz’d we wee folk were tenacious buggers. An’ wouldntcha know tha’ I

    would come to be the grand champion.

    After t’ree years with the circus, I wen’ out to try meself in the

    boxing ring competitively. Oh, but they laughed…until I knocked out

    ol’ Randy McDougal in the firs’ hit. Suddenly, the wee man wasn’t such

    a laughing stock aft’rall! I rose to the top an’ then lost me last

    fight to get to be champion. A big ol’ Mic with a fist lahk a horse’s

    hoof knocked me out after the secon’ round. Ah decided it was time to

    move on to anoth’r arena!

    So I travel to London to see what these Puritans c’n do. On me ol’

    trusty pony, Bill an’ jus’ the clothes on me back an’ a small pouch of

    money, ah set out to see where me life can take me.

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    Ahahahahaha, awesome bg! A wee pony for ridin’! Looking forward to seeing more about Gus.

    February 8, 2006 at 1:20 am #2212
    Doug Davis

    Interesting background little man.

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