Asher Sterling, Noble on the Fall

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    Asher is a little above average in height and average in weight. He has black hair and light blue eyes that are almost grey. He generally wears the top fashions from all over, spending his abundant wealth on his outward appearance, hoping that the fine clothing and accessories will distract people from noticing the blank lack of emotion in his eyes. Though to all outward appearances, Asher is a kind, charming, generous, and fair man, his eyes are always blank and when he does smile that smile and mirth is missing from the cold calculating stare.


    ?Asher Bartholemew Sterling-Chichester was born on August 3rd, 1847 the second son of Henry Spencer Chichester and Ruth Sterling. Being one of the members of British Nobility and being the second son meant that he would eventually have to live by the means given him by his older brother Jonathan. While growing up Asher had every privilege a child could ask for, the best schools, taught court and common etiquette, and no expectations of him. Since his brother would inherit the money, the title, and everything he was left with serving in the military, and undergoing the grooming for his position and rank. Though their family was not in line for the throne by any means, Asher and his brother would most likely be the target of less wealthy noble families trying to better their station by marrying their daughters to the Baron Templemore.

    Asher had an enjoyable childhood, till the death of his mother at the age of ten. It was then that his mood and demeanor became darker, for he loved his mother more than anything on earth. His mother never pushed him, or forced him into anything he truly didn’t want to be a part of. Jonathan was his father child, to be raised in his image, while Asher and his mother not only shared more in common, but also shared being on the fringe of the family. The two were mostly ignored by Henry and Jonathan, when his mother died it almost seemed as if Henry blamed him, and took out his anger of that fact often.

    That changed when his Grandfather visited when he was sixteen. Asher?s grandfather Arthur was a large man that scared him on countless occasions, and rumor amongst the family suggested that the wealth in the family came from less noble or legal means throughout the Caribbean. Asher didn’t care though, he liked the image of his grandfather sailing the Caribbean as a pirate, though more accurately he was a Sea Captain in the Royal Navy and brought down many pirate ships in the area. It was also the same year that Grandpa Arthur nearly knocked his son Henry through a wall for backhanding Asher out of sheer meanness. From then on, Henry never laid another hand on Asher, but Asher never forgot all the times before when Arthur hadn’t seen the brutality done to his grandson.

    The following four years went by quickly, Asher trained in unarmed combat with a servant that h had hired in the orient, learning the way of the “Empty Hand” to which his mentor would tell him that he had never seen a white man so capable, as if Asher was born for it. Asher traveled widely, anything to get away from his belligerent father and mindless bore of a brother, each new exotic place he went he would hire a young servant to teach him of their culture, and generally enjoyed life to it’s fullest, and often most expensive. The summer before his 21st birthday, while Asher was in Paris, his father and brother were killed in an unexplained accident while hunting. Asher now had it all; title, more money than he could spend, and he would only gain more as the only surviving male heir of his grandfather Arthur.

    In the early fall of 1870, he decided to purchase the Athenaeum, a Coffee House in London. He had enjoyed visiting the place, not to mention it had a brothel just behind it, and now that the owner had fallen ill it was conveniently up for sale. He bought it, and announced that unlike other Coffee Houses through out London, this one would now allow Female members, because he liked to have them around to look at. This caused something of an uproar, but here it is, days before its Grand Re-Opening, all redecorated and setup just to his liking.

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    Doug Davis

    Excellent post, Lord Sterling.

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    Excellent indeed…very interesting to see some glimpses of what’s beneath the surface. Can’t wait for more!

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