Arrolin St. Croix

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    Height: 6ft

    Weight: 150 lbs

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Blue

    Description:With golden-tinted skin, he appears to always have a tan. This is not because he chooses to sit in the son all day, rather, it’s genetic. He can always be seen in a red or black cloak with a violin case. He won’t be joining any symphonies anytime soon and he’s not the best violinist, but he can hold his own in a crowd or at a bar. He has two bags – one full of books and the other with clothes. This, along with a watch, represents all of his worldly possessions.

    Equipment:See above for equipment, albeit he also carries a knife or two.

    Who is Arrolin St. Croix? Who knows? The first name was etched onto a violin case. Unique, yes. But not unique enough for him to figure out who gave it to him. For Arrolin has amnesia. He arrived in London no less than one year ago. At least that’s what he thinks. He woke to find himself in a hospital bed. No one seemed to know where he came from or how he came to be. He had no money to his name. Next to his bed was a bag of old books, occult books on wizards and the like. There were some fantasies on Merlin and King Arthur. But most of the text was old and dusty. There was also a watch (which he has learned to keep hidden) and a violin with the name “Arrolin” written on it. Assuming the name on the violin is his, he adopted it as his first name. Though for all he knows his real name is Bob. The name St. Croix came later when he attended a church and saw a Frenchman with that name.

    When he awoke from the hospital, he realized he was sick. But with what wasn’t very clear to him. He coughed blood on a regular basis yet didn’t seem to be dying. He could tire out easily one moment and feel energetic the next. Someone once told him he was imbalanced, his inner spirit was in conflict. At times he felt the disease could have been psychological though the physical affects were always there. He was just grateful the disease didn’t seem contagious.

    At one point during the last year, while having a coughing fit near an alley camp fire, he caught on fire. Scaring everyone around him, he yelled and yelled for help but no one came. Thinking he would die, he prayed and came to realize the fire didn’t cause any damage to him at all. In fact, he seemed to instinctively know how to control it.

    Embracing his pyro nature, he soon found himself employed, in debt really, to a gang leader who would force him to use his powers against the leader’s enemies. Old warehouses around the slums suddenly had a string of arsons. Superstitious gangs were terrified when he would come alive with fire, spilling the truth to the gang leader and begging for forgiveness. In return for his services, the gang leader gave Arrolin a roof over his head, food to eat and cash in his pocket. Without the gang leader, he would surely be living on the streets.

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    Doug Davis

    Excellent, you know I dig Lyn already.

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    Great bg…I can’t wait to find out more about who he actually is.

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