Advantages & Disadvantages

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    VEST Paradox

    What are they?

    What are these strange things you speak of? These Advantages and Disadvantages. Well to be quite clear, everyone has a knack for something. Some people are more adept at mathmatics than reading comprehension, some people are just inherrantly more athletic than others, and some people are just born beautiful. These people have an advantage over others in whatever it is they are destined to pursue. Disadvantages work very much the same way, be it the disadvantage of a lowly birth, or a disfigurement during child birth. People are widely varied and you would be hard pressed to find two people exactly alike outside of twins. This is where buying advantages and disadvantages comes in hand. This is a small list of possible advantages and disadvantages. If you have an idea for a new one, please send it to or post it on the forums, we would definitely like to hear your suggestions.

    How they work

    That's the easy part. At character creation, you have the option of spending some of your generation points (GP's) on buying Advantages. Advantages cost you points, you buy them because of the bonuses they give you. Disadvantages on the other hand give you more generation points to spend because of the penalties that you gain as a result of having them.

    A character can have no more than two advantages and three disadvantages at any one time in their characters existance. Events may occur that would result in you gaining a Disadvantage during gameplay, and if you don't have the maximum of advantages, you could gain one through a very well written and sensible storyline. Unless otherwise noted in the Advantage or Disadvantage, you can only purchase an advantage or disadvantage once.

    After your character is approved you may wish to buy off a disadvantage. If you choose to you must write a Storyline detailing how this takes place and pay an amount of Experience Points equal to five times the Generation points you received for the disadvantage (a Disadvantage that gave you 5 Generation Points will cost 25 XP to remove as well as an approved SL on how it was remedied.) Please note that some Disadvantages may be impossible to remove or the Storyline Department may feel that the SL you submitted lacked meeting the requirements for approval. Just because you want to get rid of a disadvantage, doesn't mean it's going to be easy. The Storyline Department may also place additional requirements for the removal of the disadvantage at their discretion.

    The same rules apply for buying an Advantage, you must pay an amount of XP equal to five times the cost of the advantage as well as have an approved storyline as to how you suddenly gained it. These are less likely to be approved, so you might want to get them when you freely can.

    Sample Advantage/Disadvantage Listing:
    Advantage/Disadvantage Name
    Cost: How much the Advantage costs you in GP's or how much the Disadvantage gives you in GP's.
    Description: This is what the Advantage or Disadvantage actually does. If there is a Roleplaying Requirement listed it must be played out and noticed (someone who is lame in a leg must roleplay walking with a limp, someone who is disfigured must play that, etc..)

    [div align=”center”]Advantages[/div]

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You were born adept at using both hands equally well. If you have an injured or disabled hand, you can use the other without penalty. Likewise, should you fight with dual hand weapons (two weapon fighting) you reduce the penalty by 2 for each hand.

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You are a natural born artist. There is no form of artistry that you cannot excel at. With this advantage you do no suffer the normal -3 penalty for practicing art forms outside of you initial specialty.

    Backup (Must have an approved SL to purchase)
    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You belong to some organization that has your back. This can come in many different guises, from a thug to get your back in a fight to knowing someone in high places that owes you a favor. Once per month you can enlist the aid of an NPC to give you hand at something, this can be a lawyer, thug, constable, or any manner of individual that fits into the organization that you belong to. The NPC can be no higher than a level one NPC. You can buy this Advantage twice and either gain an additional level one NPC per month or one level two NPC for the month.

    RP Requirement: You must at least once per week make contact with the organization that you belong to. This must be played for at least ten minutes in the Main Room. Multiple purchases don't increase the play requirement unless you belong to two seperate organizations.

    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: You've heard it all. People have lied to you, flattered you, or just fed you full of so much verbal rubbish that you are now unaffected by charm or guile. Anytime someone is attempting to use Fast Talk, Oratory, or Theology on you it is resisted with a +3 Bonus to your roll.

    RP Requirement: You are aloof and generally uncaring, and your RP must reflect this. You can pay face value to comments, but you can never hide the lack of belief in your eyes.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: Like a cat you always land on your feet. Well, not really but you at least know how to roll with a fall. Anytime you fall far enough to take damage, the damage taken is reduced by one.

    Code of Honor
    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: You follow a strict Code of Honor, this code guides your life at every foot step and through every decision. This Code must be clearly stated and have no less than Three Tenants that you follow. Also, this Code of Honor must be approved before you can begin play or purchase this advantage. The benefit is that anytime anyone tries to coerce you into doing something that violates your code, you gain a +3 to resist it.

    RP Requirements: You must live by the code, and if need be, die by it.

    Escape Artist
    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You seem to be very adept at escaping situations that could get you into trouble. A character who purchases this advantage is able to miraculously escape one situation per night with no penalty. This can range from automatically 'winning' a grapple roll, to negating the normal escape protocol for escaping combat. Should a character be imprisoned or locked up, this advantage gives them a +2 bonus for rolls relating to escaping bonds

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: Your character is favored by somebody. You may not know why or how you came into someone's favor, but you are there. At the strangest times, this advantage will come into play. Perhaps you are being interrogated by the police for a possible crime, and suddenly they let you go scott free. Or perhaps you get yourself into trouble with an outlaw organization, only to find that your name is cleared.

    Requirement: You must include this person as part of your background detailing out who they are and why you are favored by them. Your character may not know the details, but we must. Even though you are favored, you will not be pulled out of trouble on a constant basis and may lose this advantage should you over-extened the favor given to you.

    Fox's Ears
    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: Your ears are so sensitive that you can hear conversations around you as if they were spoken to you. You can hear all converations in the room you are in regardless of the amount of noise or how softly or quietly they are spoken.

    Cost: 5 or 10 GP
    Description: Some people just have the skills. It's almost like they were born to succeed. Those who are gifted gain either a +2 bonus to rolls with two skills or a +3 bonus to rolls with one skill. This Advantage can only be taken once, so you cannot purchase it twice for a +4 Bonus to four skills. If the skill is a Combat Skill, Steel Will, or Lore, the cost is 10 GPs, for all others it costs 5 GPs. Skills that you are gifted with must be noted with an * beside them and a note in the miscellaneous section of the skill listing. eg. (+2 Bonus from Gifted Advantage) Income can never be listed or chosen as one of your gifted skills.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You have the grace of a cat. You never stumble or trip and should you be pushed you almost always return to your feet in an instance. Normally it takes a persons full movement action to return to their feet after being knocked down, with you it's not the case. On your turn you can instantly return to your feet and act as normal.

    RP Requirements: You are graceful, not much else needs being said.

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You are a grizzled veteran, or at least you have the mindset of one. Either you have been witness to some of the worst human atrocities of your times, or are emotionally and spiritually detached to a point that human atrocity doesn't effect you like it does others. You find it difficult to empathize with others and share in the communal pain when witnessing terrible acts. Because of this you are immune to Fear Effects of level 4 or less.

    Requirement: You can never purchase or utilize any Empathic Mastery, you simply cannot bring yourself to understand or acknowledge the emotional states of others.

    Cost: 15 GP

    inconspicuous – adjective
    not easily or quickly noticed or seen; not attracting attention:

    You are standing right there, you may even be the person who brings someone their food, but you are often ignored and might as well be invisible unless you call attention to yourself. Though this Advantage doesn't make you truly Invisible, you are the next best thing. People will look at you and then look away as if you did not exist and unless you actively interact with them you will be forgotten or they will play as if you weren't even there. Some people are inconspicuous because they work in a job where they are just part of the scenery like waiters, barbers, and other occupations where their presence goes unnoticed. (People say some of the damndest things in the presence of their waiters, maids, and barbers). Someone could also be inconspicuous because they are so unremarkable in appearance that they don't warrant being remembered, or they simply have so little presence that they don't set off that little sixth sense that lets you know when someone is approaching or looking at you. You aren't blending into crowds or vanishing from site, you are simply not worthy of attention due to your plainness.

    Because of your lack of presence and unremarkable appearance, you gain a +3 to Stealth. Anyone attempting to notice your presence without you calling attention to yourself or recall any physical details about your character must roll 2d6+Awareness+Alertness vs TN 24 in order to recall you by memory.

    RP Requirement: You are just so average it's not even funny. You are the 'Average Build, Average Height, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes' nondescript person that cops have nightmares about. You don't have to have brown hair and eyes, you are just a very average and unremarkable person, nothing about you stands out or is worth a second glance.

    Requirement: Unless the character draws attention to themselves, they are completely ignored, and even after they leave they will be quickly forgotten. As a general guideline, if a character begins a conversation with you or otherwise attempts to get your attention, they will be ignored and looked over. If you are sitting with a group of people when this attention is gained, those with you (those in your company not those nearby) will also notice the inconspicuous person. It is assumed that if you are friends with the person, you will not be susceptible to this advantage. Once a character recalls them via Alertness, they will not be as easily forgotten and the difficulty decreases by -2 the next time the roll is called for and each successive roll afterwards.

    Jack of All Trades
    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You are a Jack of All Trades. You are capable of doing almost anything with some level of ability. You gain a +2 to the roll of any skill that you possess at lower than level 4 (1-3) and a +2 Bonus when performing skills that you have no levels in. Combat and Mystical Skills cannot be used in conjunction with this in any way, neither can Income or Steel Will, or Lore.

    RP Requirement: You are the best handyman ever.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: The word knight derives from Old English cniht, meaning page boy, or servant. A Knight is the servant of the crown, in all things. Though the path to Knighthood varies, some gain it through military excellence, others through inheritance, while others gain the title through acts of selflessness or deeds which cause a positive impact on society. Because of the stature of Knights in Victorian Society, you gain a +1 to Reputation at character creation, this bonus stacks with the bonus or penalty from other Advantages or Disadvantages.

    Requirements: You must include how you came to be knighted in your Background, and have either the Noble or Wealthy Adantage, or a SL detailing the reason for Knighting further and in more detail. These are the Orders of Knighthood in this Era and links to more information about them :
    Order of St. Michael and St. George
    Order of the Thistle
    Order of the Bath
    Order of the Star of India
    Order of St. Patrick

    Level Headed
    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You are more level headed and difficult to rattle than most people. You have either seen things that would drive normal people into a Sanitarium, or you have done things that would shake the very foundations of common morality. Because of this you gain a +4 to any Fear rolls that you may have to make.

    RP Requirement: Stay calm and cool, until it's time to not stay calm.

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: The average character height in this time period is 5-7 for men and 4-10 for females. With this advantage you are just that, massive. You must be a minimum of 6' 5″ for males and 5' 10″ for females. You tower over most people and definately stick out in a crowd. Because of your size, you can lift more than a man has reason to, and can accomplish some fairly amazing feats. You can hold something at Maximum Lift, or Maximum Carry for one additional round before having to roll. You also move as if your Body was three higher than it really is (A Characer with an 8 Body would move 8+3 feet in a round). On the down side, since you are such a large individual, your Dodge suffers a -2 and you are at a -2 to all rolls involving the Stealth skill.

    RP Requirement: Ummmm… did I mention huge? People tend to either feel threatened by you or feel safer in your presence if they are friends. You gain -1 Reputation because you unsettle people.

    Night Eyes
    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You've spent the majority of your life either underground or in the dark. You can see as well at dusk as you can during the day. Any vision penalties due to darkness are obscurity are reduced by one.

    RP Requirement: Bright lights bother, they don't harm you any more than they do anyone else, you just feel uncomfortable in all the brightness.

    Nobility ( This Advantage is CLOSED. You may NOT take it at this time 2/12/06 )
    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You are a member of nobility. You aren't in line for the crown, but you do have estates and a mass of wealth. You not only ignore the limit of how many Income you can buy at character creation, but you also make all Income rolls at a +2 Bonus. Your Character also gains +2 Reputation.

    RP Requirement: Yer Noble! So act like it, treat others like they are lesser beings and should live by your leave.

    Cost: 25 GP
    Description: You have developed (Or were created) with the ability to use multiple limbs with added ease, you can use any limb you possess as well as an ambidextrous can the two they have. Likewise, should you fight with dual hand weapons (two weapon fighting) you reduce the penalty by 2 for each hand.

    Requirement: You must have a character with additional limbs (see Mad Science)

    Cost: 10 GPs
    Description: You have a strong belief in your religion. Whether this is Judaism, Christianity, or even Islam is up to you, but you are a strong believer and nothing can shake your beliefs. In fact, your faith is so strong that when you preach the teachings of your religion, others are more likely to listen. Characters with this trait receive a +2 to Faith and Theology rolls.

    Quick Learner
    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: The character is a quick learner in a particular field of study. A character who takes this advantage must select one non-combat skill (that cannot include: Income or Lore). This skill can be purchased at a reduced experience point cost. The XP category for this skill is reduced by one (From High to Medium for example). Low XP Skills can not be taken with this Advantage.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You are naturally resitant to the magics and energies that power masteries. Anytime a mental or spiritual mastery is used against you you gain a +2 to your resistance roll.

    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: You stand out in a crowd. You are uncommonly beautiful or handsome and can turn heads just by walking into a room. When dealing with members of the opposite sex you gain a +2 to any persuasive rolls like Fast Talk, Theology, or Oratory, as well as persuasive masteries.

    RP: Requirement: Most people are pretty at best, you on the other hand are beautiful.

    Social Standing
    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You have obtained a position of some authority in an organization, this could be a society, club, religion, whatever your preference. The benefit is that you gain +2 Reputation at character creation. This does not apply to secret societies, only public ones.

    RP: Requirement: You have a position of ranking, you must at least act in accordance to this in public or you could risk losing Reputation or your position.

    Soothsayer ( This Advantage is CLOSED. You may NOT take it at this time 2/08/06 )
    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You are a Prophet, an Oracle, a Soothsayer. You receive visions and signs of future events and your life is not fully your own. You have been chosen by a higher power to deliver messages of events to come, or you are tapped into the universal awareness. Either way you look at it, you are generally the bearer of ill tidings. You have no control over this ability and can never harness it to your benefit, however at certain times an ST may contact you through email or an IM and bestow a vision upon you. If the contact is through an mail you have the vision in your sleep the night prior to your play, if the contact is through an IM you gain the vision at that moment and must RP it accordingly. The drawback to this unique ability is that the message given to you must be delivered. for the most part they will be cryptic, but a clue as to who the recipient is will always be provided. For each day that you play (and the recipient is also in play) and the message is not delivered you will suffer a -1 penalty to all actions. This penalty is cumulative for each day the message is held back. You are not penalized for days that you play and the recipient isn't playing at the same time.

    Requirement: The day the message is given, the ST will place a post in the ST's lair with the date and time. Each day you play you must post in that thread with the date and time you finished and ended and wether the recipient was online during that time.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You can lift more than a man has reason to. You are a practiced body builder and can accomplish some fairly amazing feats. You can hold something at Maximum Lift, or Maximum Carry for one additional round before having to roll.

    RP Requirement: At character creation you may not be quite the powerhouse you will be, you are always a little bulkier than someone with your normal Body Statistic. You also need to eat more and are rarely seen without something to eat in your hands.

    Tough as Nails
    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: Either you worked in a mine or some other harsh environment during your youth or adulthood, but now you are resilient and hardy for the effort. Each night you can ignore the first point of damage done to you.

    RP Requirement: You will never have soft tender skin. You are tough and calloused and must exhibit this during play.

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You are a twin. There are lots of rumors about twins, some say that they can speak to each other without vocalizing, some say that they are so connected that they can feel when the other is in danger. With this advantage you and your twin (must be a PC Character) can communicate telepathically with one another. You can't do this with anyone else unless you purchase a certain mastery that enables you to do so. This communication can span the globe, however verbal communication can only be accomplished within five miles, beyond that you can only send feelings and perhaps brief images of what you see, faint smells, distant sounds, or things you can feel through touch.

    RP Requirement: You must have a twin in play as a PC if you are to purchase this Advantage. Likewise, should your twin die you will be at a -5 to all actions for seven days of play. These days don't have to be all in one week, but for the next seven nights that you do play, you are under the effects of the grief at your loss.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: Most people get a tingle at the back of their neck or an odd sensation when someone is staring at them or trying to get their attention. For some reason, you were never born with this unique quality. As a bonus, people find it more difficult to force you to make eye contact. When someone does you gain a +3 to resist it.

    Requirement: Because of the dual nature of this Advantage you must also purcahase the disadvantage Unaware.

    Wealthy ( This Advantage is CLOSED. You may NOT take it at this time 2/08/06 )
    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You are born to a wealthy family. You aren't nobility, just filthy rich. You can buy your income as high as you would like despite the normal rule prohibiting characters buying past three at character creation. Once your character is created you must increase it with the standard rules. You begin play with a +1 Reputation.

    RP Requirement: You are wealthy, educated, and have pretty things. Move along.


    Cost: 5-15 GP
    Description: You are addicted to something, this can be anything from alchohol to rare drugs. The more rare the substance, the more points it costs (5,10,15). Sone exampe are as follows:

    5: Alchohol, Food, Tobacco, Gambling
    10: Opium
    15: Cocaine, Marijuana, rare liqours

    RP Requirement: You must consume the object of your addiction. You must roleplay partaking of your addiction at least once per hour of play.

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You have suffered brain damage and cannot remember your history. This doesn't mean you don't have a background and you still remember your core talents and skills — be it theology, law, martial arts or any of the other dozens of abilities. This just means you have no idea how you came to be. You likely have been living the last couple years with key questions in your mind, having adopted an entirely new persona given the lack of details in your life: What is your real name? Where are you from? And how did you get here? Perhaps you washed up on shore from a ship wreck and hit your head. Dozens of theories flood your mind. In a world without a widespread information network, knowing who you ever were can be a nigh impossible task.

    RP Requirement: You put your deep history in the hands of the GM and up to fate. You never know what the GM will throw at you — or who you might end up related to. You still need an approved background and it's recommended the amnesia not have happened within the last few months so you can still have a decent background.

    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: You are a thrillseeker and can't manage to resist to urge to take risks. You either ride your horse too fast, walk too close to the edge, or try to hold you breath longer than you should. Adrenaline is your addiction. Anytime you are faced with a dangerous situation, dare, or wager, you must make a 2d6+Discipline Roll vs a TN 24 to not succumb and try to meet the challenge. Anytime a situation occurs where your character will need an 8 or higher on the die roll to succeed you must make this roll to resist the urge to try it.

    RP Requirement: Reckless and Vibrant, you are up to any challenge set before you, you can do anything.

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: YOu are always noticed, no matter how plain you dress or average ou try to look there is something striking about your appearance that people always recall. You sufer a -3 Penalties to any Stealth rolls, and are often noticed without trying to draw attention to yourself. People attempting to recall details about your character gain a +2 to their Alertness rolls in order to do so, and often times you are confused for doing things you didn't do because you stand out so clearly in others minds.

    RP Requirement: There is something uncommon about your appearance, either a birthmark, tattoo, scar, or uncommon eye color. Either way you must have one always visible distinguishing feature that people can see.

    Crippled Sense
    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You are either blind, deaf, or mute. This could be a condition that you have had since birth or something that resulted from an injury or ailment. This can be taken multiple times, though it's not suggested and the crippled Sense must be stated at characer creation.

    Requirement: You either can't see, hear, or speak. The rest is up to you.

    Dim Sight
    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: You have bad eyesight. Either from cataracts or from some visual defect, but your sight is dim. During daylight you suffer a +1 obscurity penalty and all penalties for lighting conditions are increased by one.

    RP Requirement: You go bump in the night, but it's just because you can't see where you are going.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You have some form of disease. It may not be a terminal condition, but it permeates every facet of your life. The effects are left up to the disease, and others can contract it if possible.

    Requirement: Depends on disease.

    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: For some reason your body produces an elevated amount of Estrogen, because of this you tend to be sensitive and overly emotional. Your character gets upset easily and cries often.

    RP Requirement: Soft hearted, sensitive, tender, yeah… that's you.

    Ethnic Minority
    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: This is Victorian England, ruled by a class of rich, white men of European descent. You, however, have found your way here from another part of the world and are either a 'Native', an 'Oriental' or another ethnicity that is not quite popular around London. People will often give you odd looks and you may feel out of place at times.

    RP Requirement: Characters with this disadvantage should expect for people to give them odd and quizzical glances from time to time and act as if they are not even a proper member of society. Some ethnicities will have an easier time mixing in with the culture, than others. Especially ones who bring exotic goods to the table.

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You are easily hurt. You heal normally, but when it comes to taking damage you are like fine china and break easily. The first time you take damage a night is at a +1 to the damage done. This only counts for physical damage.

    RP Requirements: You walk slowly and carefully and may wear additional layers of clothing in order to soften bumps and falls. This doesn't actually protect you, but it makes you feel better.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You can hold a grudge like no other man. If someone wrongs you it will churn in your chest and poison your spirit. Some may be able to get by with certain things, but once someone angers you a grudge is born.

    RP Requirement: You hate them, everything about them, and you mean to get even.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You are haunted. Either you angered someone so bad they cursed to come back and haunt you, and did… or you killed someone and they have returned to make your life miserable. Whatever the case, you are indeed haunted. Anytime the haunt decides to begin agitating you, you will gain a -1 to all actions due to the distraction and irritation. The room host or an ST will send you an IM that you haunting has begun and it will last for an hour. If you enter combat during that time, the haunt will not stop, instead it will act more vindictively placing you at a -2 to all actions.

    RP Requirement: Sometimes things are placed in different spots than you left them, sometimes you just can't find them at all. You see thigns out of the corner of your vision, and hear whsipers in your ears. You know… you are Haunted!

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: At some point in your past you betrayed an organization or powerful individual. Since that day you have been hunted and marked for death. You may defeat the assassins sent after you, but you know that more will come after you, and most likely will harm anyone you are too close to. At random times chosen by a VECH Host or ST, you could be attacked by one of the assassins sent after you.

    In Debt
    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: Your character is in debt, either to a person, an organization, or perhaps even the government. Whatever the case may be, your character cannot have more than one level of Income until this debt is paid off (via an approved Storyline). The source of this debt must be described in your Approved Character Background. Characters who are In Debt MAY still select the Nobility or Wealthy advantages, however, they are still limited to the one level of Income until the debt is paid off.

    ((Notes on 'In Debt' – it's a play on the 'Lowly Birth' disadvantage, except that someone of class or wealth can purchase this as an interesting spin to their character, i.e. the wealthy son of the family who gambled away several heirlooms and must work off the debt to get them back.))

    Cost: 5-15 GP
    Description: You suffer from some Mental affliction. This could be depression or outright psychosis. The insanity must be approved in your background in order for this to be taken. Examples are as follows:

    5 GP : Depression, Anxiety
    10 GP : Obsessive Compulsive, Eating Disorder, Megalomania
    15 GP : Delusions, Sociopath, Schyzoid Personality Disorder

    RP Requirement: You are touched, not right in the head, a lunatic. Be careful though, they like to labotomize people in this day and age!

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: Either one of your arms or one of your legs is lame, cirppled or deformed. If it is an arm that is lame, it is useless. If it is a leg, you can only move at half the normal speed and have a very noticeable limp. This Disadvantage can be taken twice, if you choose legs for both then you must use a wheelchair, if it's your arms, then both of your arms are either gone or useless.

    Low Self Image
    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: Anytime you are faced with a challenging task you will avoid it. You have no faith in your abilities. This usually results in anything that requires a TN in the Tough category (depending on what is being used). If corced to do so you are at a -2 to the roll since you already believe that you cannot succeed.

    Requirement: Nothing you do is good enough, so you ted to do the minimum at everything for fear of failure.

    Lowly Birth
    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: At character creation you can not purchase more than one level of Income and through experience you may never buy it past level two. You cannot have Wealthy or the Nobility Advantage with this.

    RP Requirement: You are poor, you don't have nice clothing or belongings. You begin play with a -2 reputation.

    Mistaken Identity
    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: You are often confused with someone else and for good reason. You look strikingly similar to another person, which could be real bad if this is a known criminal. You must state who it is that you resemble when this Disadvantage is taken.

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You are notorious, and not in that roguish dashing sort of way either. You are a known criminal or simply hated for whatever reason and someone is after you. Unless you go through the steps of hiding your identity, you will eventually be caught. You begin play at a -4 Reputation, regardless of advantages and must work hard to increase it.

    Requirement: Keep looking over your shoulders, cause you know damn good and well that someone is after you.

    Old Age
    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: Your character is a Mortal that's aged 50 or older. The body is beginning to break down a little bit and you feel a little more tired doing less things than you did before you got this way. Characters who select this disadvantage will begin play a -1 Endurance and Fatigue penalty each night.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: “Oh, it's all fun and games until someone losses an eye!” (Misspelling Intended) Yeah, so now here you are One-Eyed and fit to spit! While you can still see, you lack depth perception so some things involving distance are a little more difficult. Because of this you are at a -2 to all ranged attacks because it's a little more difficult to target wiht a lack of depth perception.

    Requirement: You either have a patch over your eye, ARGH!, or a glass eye.

    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: You are overconfident and cocky. Your overconfidence shows, and you are often boisterous or brazen about your abilities and your exploits. You are happy to show people how skilled you are. Should you fail your test of skill, you will receive a -2 penalty to all rolls for the remainder of the evening, and your confidence will be cracked.

    RP Requirement: If someone challenges you to a test of skill, you will not hestitate to accept the challenge. Should you win, you will gloat and shine of confidence. Should you lose, you will withdraw to a nice, quiet location and most likely sulk to yourself.

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You don't believe in fighting. You know that violence has never solved anything and only serves to cause more harm than good. You refuse to fight, though you will defend yourself. You can learn Reflexes and Evasion and Trained Fighting or Fighting Mastery, but you can learn no weapon skills. You cannot initiate combat and if caught in combat will try your best to either resolve it peacefully or flee the conflict.

    Cost: 5-15 GPs
    Description: You are afraid of something. What this something is, is up to your character. Perhaps it's a fear of water? Or a fear of flying in a balloon? Could be a fear of dogs? Whatever this fear may be, you must state this on your character sheet. The subject of your character's fear must be legitimate (to be decided by staff, though your recommendation is welcome, albeit you can't be afraid of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth). There are varying degrees of sufferage from Phobias and the severity and penalties are listed below. Whenever a situation arises that involves your character's phobia, a Discipline roll vs. a TN of 20 must be successfully made to overcome the fear and penalties.

    5 GP – Mild : The character will suffer a -2 to all rolls while in the presence of something or a situation that invokes their phobia.

    10 GP – Moderate : The character will suffer a -4 to all rolls while in the presence of something or a situation that invokes their phobia.

    15 GP – Severe : The character will attempt to leave that scene as quickly as possible.

    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: You may be the most charming person on earth, but it's difficult for you to get past the first impression. You either have a habitual bad smell, or are just downright ugly. Any persuasive skills that you use against the opposite sex are at a -2 penalty. This includes Fast Talk, Oratory, and Theology, as well as persuasive Masteries.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: For some reason there is a certain breed that you may not become, ever. Something about your makeup will prevent it at all costs. You will not know this until the situation arises. When your character sheet is approved a note will be made by the Character Sheet Department of what this restriction is, it will be sent to the FD and AFD as well as the OOC Department. Should you ever try to become this breed, the changing will fail and then your weakness will be revealed.

    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: This disadvantage may only be purchased in coordination with another PC taking this disadvantage. Both PCs must work into their backgrounds how they became rivals. The characters will often try to 'one-up' each other, or compete with each other from things such as cards to trying to seduce women. Should a rival succeed at something, the other rival will receive a -1 to Spirit, as their spirits have been temporarily crushed by their Rival.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You are always sick. Some say that you were born under a bad omen, others just attribute it to weak genetics. You always heal slower than everyone else. For the purposes of how long it takes you to heal, the time is calculated as if you suffered and additional wound. These aren't real wounds, it's just to figure out he extra time it takes you. For instance, if you suffer 3 body damage as a mortal, it will take you an additional 3 days of rest to fully heal for a total of 12. This additional time must be spent before any actual damage is healed.

    RP Requirements: You are sickly, usually pale and drawn, and tend to exhibit signs of some malady or another. Drink lots of tea and hot broth.

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You are short, either you are under 5' 2″ for a male or 4' 6″ for a female. You can be a dwarf (usually larger heands and smaller limbs, often deformed) or a midget (normal proportions, just short), the choice is yours. The main drawback is that you are short and will have trouble reaching things, you also have decreased movement speed. Stunted characters can only move at half the normal speed. (Walk at Body /2 round down) Stunted characters usually have to wear childrens clothing, since it's rare to not only be able to afford special clothing, but also someone to make it for you. On the plus sise, Stunted characters receive a +2 to their Dodge Modifier because they are smaller and more difficult to hit. You also recieve a +2 to any roll involving your Stealth Skill.

    Requirement: “Can someone please hand me the cream, I can't reach it.”

    Cost: 10 GP
    Description: You are timid by nature and things tend to frighten you much easier than others. Anytime you make a fear check you are at an automatic -4 to the roll.

    RP Requirement: You are most likely soft spoken and jittery, the slightest loud noises or sudden movements make you jump and your heart races.

    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: You are generally unaware of your surroundings, because of this you are at a -3 penalty to all Alertness skill rolls.

    Requirement: Because of the dual nature of this disdvantage you must also purcahase the advantage Unaware.

    Cost: 5 GP
    Description: You grew up in the streets or in the country side and never got the chance for a proper education. You cannot read or write and it costs two additional GP's or five additional XP to buy the first level of any technical skills (Basic Medical, Major Medical, Law, etc..) You can never possess the Writing specialty for Artistry while you have this disadvantage.

    RP Requirement: You are coarse and uneducated and you cannot read or write, play on.

    Weak of Mind
    Cost: 10 GPs
    Description: You just don't have the mental fortitude to be able to stand up to the tough situations. You lack the mental discipline to be able to continue on with a task. Once you feel like something cannot be completed, you lack the will to continue on. Characters with this trait suffer a -2 to all Will rolls.

    Restriction: Should you purchase this disadvantage, you cannot use Phenom for Steel Will, nor can you use The Gift to be gifted in Steel Will.

    Cost: 10 GPs
    Description: You are on the short end of the gene pool and are generally slow of wit. You see things as black and white and cannot take the blame for your own misgivings, instead you blindly accuse others for your own mistakes. Anytime you are in a verbal confrontation, you get flustered and begin speaking in gibberish ending it with a random change of subject. because of this narrow minded outlook, you suffer a -2 penalty to Fast Talk, Oratory, and Theology Rolls.

    RP Requirement: You are simple and backwards. Impossible to convince of the real truth, even if you are convinced you will refuse to admit it.

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