Advantages and Disadvantage changes.

  • February 4, 2006 at 4:06 am #1614
    VEST Paradox

    Added Amnesia.

    Changed Hunted, Stunted, Massive, and Notorius. (See Below)


    Cost: 5 GP

    Description: You are short, either you are under 5′ 2″ for a male or 4′ 6″ for a female. You can be a dwarf (normal proportions, just short) or a miget (usually larger heands and smaller limbs, often deformed), the choice is yours. The main drawback is that you are short and will have trouble reaching things, you also have decreased movement speed. Stunted characters can only move at half the normal speed. (Walk at Body /2 round down) Stunted characters usually have to wear childrens clothing, since it’s rare to not only be able to afford special clothing, but also someone to make it for you. On the plus sise, Stunted characters receive a +2 to their Dodge Modifier because they are smaller and more difficult to hit. You also recieve a +2 to any roll involving your Stealth Skill.


    Cost: 15 GP

    Description: At some point in your past you betrayed an organization or powerful individual. Since that day you have been hunted and marked for death. You may defeat the assassins sent after you, but you know that more will come after you, and most likely will harm anyone you are too close to. At random times chosen by a VECH Host or ST, you could be attacked by one of the assassins sent after you.


    Cost: 15 GP

    Description: You are notorious, and not in that roguish dashing sort of way either. You are a known criminal and someone is after you. Unless you go through the steps of hiding your identity, you will eventually be caught. You begin play at a -4 Reputation, regardless of advantages and must work hard to increase it.


    Cost: 15 GP

    Description: The average character height in this time period is 5-7 for men and 4-10 for females. With this advantage you are just that, massive. You must be a minimum of 6′ 5″ for males and 5′ 10″ for females. You tower over most people and definately stick out in a crowd. Because of your size, you can lift more than a man has reason to, and can accomplish some fairly amazing feats. You can hold something at Maximum Lift, or Maximum Carry for one additional round before having to roll. You also move as if your Body was three higher than it really is (A Characer with an 8 Body would move 8+3 feet in a round). On the down side, since you are such a large individual, your Dodge suffers a -2 and you are at a -2 to all rolls involving the Stealth skill.

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