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    VEST Paradox

    Psychology (Mind)
    Generation Cost: 2 points per level
    Experience Point Cost: Medium
    Roll System: roll 2d6+Presence+Psychology
    Description: Psychology can be used to sooth mental insanity and fear. By explaining in sceintific terms what a person witnessed they can calm them and temporarily or permanently relieve a person of their insantiy. To accomplish this, the Psychologist must make two rolls, the first is to bring their knowledge together to discover how this fear was caused and devise an explanation. This roll is 2d6+Discipline+Psychology vs TN 22+The Fear Level that caused the insanity. If this roll is won, they are able to come up with a reasonable eplanation of what ocurred. Second, they must convince the person of this new found explanation. They must roll 2d6+Presence+Psychology vs 2d6+Will. The person under the effects of fear CANNOT concede to this roll, the mind already believes what it saw (hence the insanity) and will be difficult to convince otherwise. The convincing of the subject must be RP'd in the main room. If the roll was a success, the Psychologist can reduce the insanity by various degrees. It is possible for the Psychologist to make this condition worse though if they fail by so much.

    Failed By:
    0-6 : No Effect
    7 + : Temporary Insanity extended another 24 hours.

    Won by:
    0-3 : No Effect
    4-9 : Temporary Insanity removed
    10+: Permanent Insanity removed (does not apply to Disadvantage unless the character with the disadvantage also pays 25 XP to buy off the Disadvantage or to characters who are unplayable do to reduction of Soul to the negative of their statistic)

    Leadership (Soul)
    Generation Cost: 2 points per level
    Experience Point Cost: Medium
    Roll System: Varies
    Description: When difficult situations arise and things are at their most dark the actions of a few tend to turn the tide. Some people are natural leaders, with the charisma and drive to lift the spirits of those around them to accomplish great things. Leadership can accomplish several things from raising morale to combatting fear. The effects of leadership are listed below. When anyone who is following you (meaning you are the accepted leader of a group) and in your presence you can use one of these abilities, though the group must consist of a leader and at least two followers. The leader also gains these benefits. Only one ability can be used at any given time. In order to use the ability the Leader must spend one round giving a rising and uplifting speach to his followers.

    Boost Morale: Great leaders can calm the nerves of those who follow them. In instances where a person may shaken with fear and dread the great leaders can replace that with resolve and hope. This gives them a +4 to their fear check and one re-roll for the night to resist Fear. This is a blanket check for all those following you, though should you fail your Fear Check, you cannot attempt this. This cannot be used with any other Leadership Abilities.

    Roll: 2d6+Presence+Leadership vs TN 24

    Inspire: You can inspire those who follow you to greatness. This ability gives those following you a +1 bonus to all actions (including Fear Checks) for the remainder of the scene. For every 4 points over the Tn you achieve this bonus will increase by +1. Should you fall unconscious or fumble any roll (not inits) this effect will end. This cannot be used with any other Leadership Abilities.

    Roll: 2d6+Presence+Leadership vs TN 30

    Invigorate: The leader can invigorate those following them, renewing them with energy. The Leader can replenish lost pool points with this ability. With a successful roll, the leader can restore 1 pool point to his followers. This can be either Endurance, Fatigue, or Spirit. For each four points over the roll the leader gets another point will be restored. Those regaining the replenished pool points can decided what is restored and can combine the pools. So if a leader restores three points to the group, they can get them all in one pool of their choice or plit those three amongst any pools they need. This can only be used once per scene.

    Roll: 2d6+Presence+Leadership vs TN 24

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