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    VEST Paradox

    Medium [ Varies ]
    Room Command: No Room Command Needed
    Generation Cost: 5 Points / Level
    Experience Cost: 25 Points / Level
    Range: Self
    Roll System: Varies
    Duration/Activation: Permanent
    Effect/Description: Some mortals are intune to the spirit world to such a degree that they can detect the presence of a spirit in their vacinity. Some develop this talent to such a strong degree that they can actually see and communicate with these entities. When a Mortal develops this Ability they gain an awareness of the spirit world that overlaps the physical one we live in. This Ability begins modestly, usually the user will get a chill is a powerful enough spirit in in their vacinity, though at times they can concentrate and discern lesser spirits in the area. Anytime a Medium wishes to know if there are spirits in the area they simply need to ask a ST or Room Host. Other times, the Room Host or ST may send that player an IM and inform them that they are feeling a presence. Higher levels of this Ability grant a greater expansion on this connection.

    Level 1 – Sense Spirit : The character can feel the presence of spirits.This feeling generally only comes when an Aenima (spirit of a dead person) is in their presence as well as some greater spirits. Lesser spirits require more concentration. If the Medium suspects that there may be lesser spirits in the area or that the area should be devoid of any spirit activity, they can roll 2d6+Discipline+Alertness to sense their presence. This roll must be witnessed by a GM or ST, but regardless a GM should be questioned about the presence of spirits in the area.

    Level 2 – Echo of Life : The Medium can now hear the echoing voices of the spirit world. They can hear the lamentations of Aenima and the commanding voices of Elementals and other creatures of spirit. Though they can hear this as well as they can hear the voices of those in the physical world around them, they can distinguish between the two, since the voices from the spirit world have an echoing metallic ring to them. The Medium can shut off this sense by spending a point of Spirit and can reactivate it at will. To notify this deactivate use ## Echo of Life – Off / On ##. One thing to note Spirits do not always speak the same language. Many natural Spirits (Elementals, Animal Spirits, Nature Spirits, etc.) speak a language native to them, though some may speak multiple different tongues. Aenima speak the languages they knew in life though some are capable of learning new languages.

    Level 3 – Perceive : The Medium can now Perceive the Spirit World. The Spirit world is a place of memory and emotion. It's a world free of the laws of the physical world and though it may parallel our world, it differs greatly. (To understand more, please read the Spirit World Folder) This new sight overlaps the sight of the physical, the Medium can see the outlines of old buildings overlapping new ones which do not exist there, they can see Spirits and Aenima travelling about conducting what they have of lives, and can see ghostly souvenirs of long past sentiment cluttering the landscape. With this ability they can see the vibrance, or lack of, of Spirit in those around them. They can see the idealistic spiritual selves of those they encounter in the physical world. Though they may not gain much knowledge of the person they can familiarize themselves with that unchangeable inner beaing. If someone is disguised the Medium can make a 2d6+Discipline+Awareness roll vs the targets 2d6+Discipline+Acting roll to recognize a person by their Spirit self.

    Level 4 – Converse : The Medium now gains the ability to communicate telapathically with the spirits the can see and hear. The Medium must spend a point of Fatigue to activate this Ability for the night. Once they do they can communicate with and Spirit Around them. Please remember that some Spirits may not understand your language. When this is used in the rooom, the convention is [Spirit Name] — Message –.

    Level 5 – Perceive II : The Medium can see Spirits who are possessing the bodies of others. This shows itself as a doubled soul to those wtinessing it. The Medium can also tell that a Construct, Elemental (Summoned), or Golem is more than just an ordinary person. Constructs have no true Soul to speak of, they seem artificial. Elementals have Souls that are true Elementals, instead of an Aenima. Lastly, Golems do not have the vibrant Aenima of someone who is still alive, they have the Soul of one of the Dead. To see this effect in place, the Medium must roll 2d6+Discipline+Awareness vs the targets Soul x 3.

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