Addition: Larceny

  • February 10, 2006 at 9:28 pm #1674
    VEST Paradox

    Sleight of hand has been replaced with a newer and better skill called Larceny.

    Larceny (Body)
    Generation Cost: 2 points per level
    Experience Point Cost: Medium
    Roll System: Varies
    Description: Lasrceny. The practice of all things deceptive or criminal. Larceny can best be described by the trained practice of doing things to fool others eyes or dexterous practices of the hand. Larceny is mostly learned the hard way, by actually doing the crimes. Some may learn aspects of Larceny from honorable trades, like being a locksmiths apprentice or having been a stage magician. Larceny covers sleight of hand, picking pockets, picking locks, even the movement of stolen goods. Below we have what the rolls and details of each use of Larceny:

    Sleight of Hand : Those with fast hands can do some amazing feats. Making coins and cards disapear before your very eyes. The old saying “The hand is faster than the eye” is proved with this use. A person can use Larceny to hide an object no larger than their palm on ther person by combining distracting hand gestures and fast movements of the object to another location. Roll 2d6+Awareness+Larcent vs 2d6+Awareness+Alertness. Should the larcenist fail the object will be found. If the roll is fumbled or failed by more than five the larcenist drops the item as it slips out of their fingers.

    Picking Pockets : All it takes is a little bump, rub, or nudge and the purse is yours. Give them a distraction away from their purse and there you go, all done. Pickpockets usually learn their trade as children, generall orphans or beggar children left to their own devices. The can get through a crowd easier as well as slip right out of sight. Though that by no means makes children the best of the Dippers. Picking someone's pocket requires a roll of 2d6+Awareness+Larceny vs the targets 2d6+Awareness+Alertness. Should the pickpocket fail the roll, they simply gain nothing, and should they lost the roll by five or more the target will notice their attempt for what it was. Should the roll win however the pickpocket will gain one full days wage worth of coins or goods depending on the targets relative level of employment. (See income and confer with the Host or ST about the Income levels of the available targets.)

    Lock Picking : Lockpicking actually covers more than just locks, it covers windows as well as general breaking and entering. Should this roll be failed you simply cannot figure out the lock and cannot try again, should you fumble the roll you will break the tool being used. Should you suceed the lock/window/door will be opened. The roll fo this skill is 2d6+Awareness+ Larceny vs a TN as below:

    Window : TN 18
    Lightly Secured Door/Lock : TN 22
    Moderately Secured Door/Lock : TN 26
    Heavily Secured Door/Lock : TN 30
    Safe : TN 34
    Vault : TN 38

    For each additional lock another roll must be made in accordance to quality.

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