Addition : Conspicuous And Inconspicuous

  • February 18, 2006 at 4:00 pm #1755
    VEST Paradox

    Just added these two new very interesting things to the Advantages and Disadvantages : Inconspicuous (Adv) and Conspicuous (DisAdv)

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: You are standing right there, you may even be the person who brings someone their food, but you are often ignored and might as well be invisible unless you call attention to yourself. This Advantage gives you a +3 to stealth rolls and unless you are actively interacting with someone you will be a forgotten presence and people will play as if you weren't even there. Very much like wallpaper you are generally ignored and forgotten after you leave their presence. Anyone attempting to call any physical details about your character must make a 2d6+Awareness+Alertness roll in order to recall you by memory.

    RP Requirement: You are just so average it's not even funny. You are the 'Average Build, Average Hieght, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes' nondescript person that cops have nightmares about.

    Requirement: Unless the character draws attention to themselves, they are completely ignored, and even after they leave they will be quickly forgotten. Once a character recalls them via Alertness, they will not be as easily forgotten and the difficulty decreases by -2 the next time the roll is called for and each successive roll afterwards.

    Cost: 15 GP
    Description: YOu are always noticed, no matter how plain you dress or average ou try to look there is something striking about your appearance that people always recall. You sufer a -3 Penalties to any Stealth rolls, and are often noticed without trying to draw attention to yourself. People attempting to recall details about your character gain a +2 to their Alertness rolls in order to do so, and often times you are confused for doing things you didn't do because you stand out so clearly in others minds.

    RP Requirement: There is something uncommon about your appearance, either a birthmark, tattoo, scar, or uncommon eye color. Either way you must have one always visible distinguishing feature that people can see.

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