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  • February 11, 2006 at 8:24 pm #1679
    VEST Paradox

    Channel [ 1 Spirit ]
    Room Command: ## Channel ##
    Generation Cost: 5 Points
    Experience Cost: 25 Points
    Requirement: Medium 2
    Range: Self
    Roll System: 2d6+Will vs TN 26
    Duration/Activation: 4 rounds or 1 Minute; 1 round to activate
    Effect/Description: Should the Medium already have the ability to communicate with the spirits in the Spirit World, they can learn to channel them to allow them to speak and act through their body. This isn't an easy task, but once it is done the spirit will temporarily inhabit the body of the Medium. When they speak it's their own voice, not that of the Medium, and they can move or act for a short time. The duration of this mastery is four rounds or one minute, should the Medium wish to allow the spirit to inhabit them longer they can spend a point of Spirit for an additional four rounds or one minute. The Medium can keep this Ability active for as long as they have the Spirit and Soul to fuel it. Though once out of Spirit, should the Medium begin spending Soul it becomes harder and harder to resist the control the inhabiting spirit has on the Medium.

    While the spirit is inhaiting the Medium, it use the skills that it had in life, it has the knowledge that it had in life, though the Medium can temper their actions as they are fully aware while being inhabitted, they are just a passenger in their own body. Should the spirit attempt an Action that the Medium disagrees with or one that would physically harm the Medium, they will have to enter a contest of Wills. Each rolls 2d6+Will vs 2d6+Will and the Medium is considered the defender always. The Medium cannot end this pre-maturely, this Ability will last for the full duration and only then will the spirit be driven back out.

    Should the medium roll 1 1's on the activation roll for this Ability, the spirit they were trying to channel possesses them for the next hour and is free to do as they wish. The Medium can only sit back and watch the events that take place.

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