Addition : Animal Handling & Science

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    VEST Paradox

    Animal Handling (Soul)
    Generation Cost: 1 points per level
    Experience Cost: Low
    Roll System: roll 2d6+Presence+Animal Handling
    Description: Some people have a natural affinity with animals, others have to work at it. Animal Handling has many uses, from riding horses to training an animal tricks. In order to get your Animal to perform a trick you must make an Animal Handling roll vs a TN 24. What tricks may be taught is dependant on the level of the skill, and for each trick taught to an animal, you must spend 5 XP.

    Level : Trick – Effect
    Level 1 : Calm – You can calm most domesticated animals with soothing words and attention. To calm an animal you must spend a round soothing them and make a 2d6+Presence+Animal handling roll vs TN 20. Calm does not have to be trained to work.
    Level 3 : Come when Called – You can train a domesticated animal to come when called. If untethered they will arrive in a reasonable time depending on their location. The animal must be able to hear you physically or through some telepathic means.
    Level 5 : Untether – You can train a domesticated animal to untether themselves so that when they are called they will come to you. This doesn't require an extra roll if they are also trained to Come when Called.
    Level 7 : Fetch – You can train a domesticated animal to fetch an object and bring it to you. The time it takes them depends on how fast they can move from their original location, to the object, and back. A roll is required for this trick.
    Level 9 : Tame I – You can tame a wild non agressive animal so that it can be taught other tricks. This requires three days working with the animal (a post or three days RP posted in The Lair Folder) and a successful taming roll of 2d6+Presence+Animal Handling vs TN 28 which also must be posted and linked on your CS. The Animal is now considered Domesticated.
    Level 11 : Attack – You can train a domesticated animal to attack a target. The animal will attack until the target is deceased. The animal must physically be able to hear the command or recieve it telepathically. The animal will stop attacking once the target is unconscious or makes a successful Artistry (Acting) roll vs a TN 24 to play dead.
    Level 13 : Tame II – You can now tame wild agressive animals so that they can be trained other tricks. To do this you must spend three days working with them (once you have captured them) this must be either a post or three days of RP that is posted in The Lair. You must also make a roll of 2d6+Presence+Animal Handling vs a TN 32 which also must be posted and linked on your CS. Once this first stage is complete, you must also use Tame I on then as the first training removes the aggressive behavior, the you must domesticate it. All rules includings posts, RP, and rolls for Tame I must be followed. Once this is done the animal will be considered domesticated.
    Level 14 : Kill – You can train a domesticated animal to not only attack a target, but to not stop when that target is unconcious. No Artistry roll can save a character when an animal is ordered to Kill. The animal must be able to physically hear the command or receive it telepathically.

    Science (Mind)
    Generation Cost: 2 points per level
    Experience Point Cost: Medium
    Roll System: roll 2d6+Discipline+Science
    Description: Science. The New Magic. The Industrial Revolution is leading mankind into the Age of Reason. The Age of Fable is dying rapidly as this new magic creates devices to accomplish things that were once though to be only possible with witchcraft and sorcery. Scientists are de-mystifying everything with explanations of how things work and discoveries of unseed organims that are the cause of msot things that man once thought to be curses. Science hardens the mind in a caccoon of logic and reasoning as well as gives man insight to the machinations of reality. Science has numerous uses, from the creation and application of technology, to the inventions of Mad Science. Science is used to activate or use devices created with Mad Science. To do so you roll 2d6+Discipline+Science vs the items Complexity Score.

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