A Visit At The Petal

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    DesmondMorris: *::his coat was pulled around him tightly to kee out the
    cold. After locking up the shop he'd spent an hour or so at the coffee house,

    DesmondMorris: then after remembering Miss Laurent's invitation to meet her
    at the crimson petal he decided to pay her a visit::
    Alayna Laurent: She sat meditating in her room at the Petal one of the few
    things that brought her peace. Time passed slowly some nights and this was
    one of them. Ms. Tilly had not been around in a few days and she worried
    about her, staying in
    Alayna Laurent: tonight in case she happen to turn up.
    DesmondMorris: *::he walked down the back passage behind the coffee house,
    feeling a bit nervous, wondering what a man like him was doing going to a
    brothel. –
    DesmondMorris: he reached the front door and made an audible gulp as he
    looked up to see the sign above the door. Then gathered his courage and
    walked inside::
    Alayna Laurent: He'd be greeted by one of the girls and told how to reach
    Layna's room once he entered. There was always a girl working the door to
    greet people as soon as they entered.
    DesmondMorris: ::he inquried about whether Alayna was here at the time, and
    was then was given directions on how to reach her room. With a polite smile
    and nod he –
    DesmondMorris: walked off to find her private chambers::
    Alayna Laurent: She opened her eyes and rolled her head around waking from
    her meditative state feeling much more relaxed then when she started.
    Bringing herself up off the floor she smoothed the wrinkles in her dress.
    DesmondMorris: ::reaching the door to the room whom he was instructed to
    find, he sighed as he felt a bit nervous, then raised his fist to knock and
    hesitated for a moment before rapping lightly with his knuckles::
    DesmondMorris: (whom – which)
    Alayna Laurent: She looked at door surprised , not really expecting company
    tonight and crossed the room , opening the door she peaked out and smiled at
    the sight of Desmond opening the door wider. ” What a pleasant surprise Mr .
    DesmondMorris: ::he took off his derby and held it at his waist with both
    hand:: As it is to see you Miss Laurent. A good evening to you. ::he smiled,
    standing at his side of the threshold::
    Alayna Laurent: ” Oh. Please..” She stepped aside and waved a hand for him
    to enter.” Do come in. Uh I'm afraid the only place to sit is on the bed.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he bowed his head slightly:: Thank you ::he then proceeded
    to enter the room, once standing in the middle he took a look around::
    Alayna Laurent: She closed the door softly and crossed the room to stand in
    front of him. She looked around herself as she spoke. ” Well, this is it.
    Home sweet home.” She smiled and shifted her weight from one side to the
    other feeling a bit shy
    Alayna Laurent: herself.
    DesmondMorris: ::he smiled as his eyes gazed over the furnishings:: I must
    say, it's quite a cozy little place. ::he then looked down into her eyes, the
    smile still remaining on his face::
    DesmondMorris: Are you surprised that I would accept your invitation in such
    a short time?
    Alayna Laurent: ” Perhaps….” The smile was still on her face as she went
    to have a seat on her bed patting the comforter beside her for him to join
    her. ” What brings you here this evening Mr. Morris?” A sly grin.
    DesmondMorris: ::he walked over and took a seat next to her but with enough
    room between them as to not appear that they were being intimate. He set his
    hat down on the floor away from where any feet would be stomping::
    DesmondMorris: Well…I…I rather enjoyed our conversation the other
    evening, and since it was cut short a bit prematurely I thought that I would
    come by and see if you cared to continue it ::he smiled, perhaps a bit
    Alayna Laurent: ” We ended on a kiss….do you wish to continue from there?”
    She scooted closer but only a little, really she was only teasing him finding
    it rather fun to make him blush sometimes.
    DesmondMorris: Well I…hmm…oh my ::he looked down and began to blush, his
    hands resting on either knee. His fingers fidgeting a bit as a smile came
    over his face::
    Alayna Laurent: ” So is that a yes ….or a no? ” She chuckled and reached
    out to grab his fidgiting hands. ” Do I make you nervous sometimes Mr.
    DesmondMorris: ::he glanced up at her, and gave an honest nod:: I'm afraid
    I'm not quite used to having much attention paid to me by women, especially
    someone as fair as yourself ::he smiled a bit::
    Alayna Laurent: She had no idea despite compliments how fair she really was
    so she wasn't sure if he was sincere or just trying to get himself a freebie
    but when she looked at him he just seemed too seincere for her to doubt he
    might actually
    Alayna Laurent: really like her. ” Thank you Mr. Morris…Desmond. You
    flatter so.”
    Alayna Laurent: sincere*
    DesmondMorris: ::he smiled looking down again. He was wearing his usual
    black pants, black suit jacket and vest, as well as a white long sleeved
    dress shirt underneath, and black dress shoes:: You are quite welcome Miss
    Alayna Laurent: ” Did you bring anything to read tonight?” She changed the
    subject feeling nervous and hating it. “I'm afraid I don't own any books
    DesmondMorris: ::his mood lifted as his nervousness vanished:: Ahh yes,
    Indeed I did ::he pulled off his jacket and set it down on the side opposite
    Layna, –
    DesmondMorris: then reached into the pocket and took out the book of poems,
    this time by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow::
    Alayna Laurent: ” Splendid!.” She grinned from ear to ear and made herself
    comfortable on her bed crawling up onto it to plop right back down on her
    stomach and rest her chin in her hands.
    DesmondMorris: ::he looked down at her and smiled, then opened the book and
    went to a page he had marked previously. He then cleared his throat and sat
    up a bit:: The Fire of Drift-Wood by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    DesmondMorris: We sat within the farm-house old, Whose windows, looking
    o'er the bay,Gave to the sea-breeze, damp and cold, An easy entrance, night
    and day.
    DesmondMorris: Not far away we saw the port, The strange, old-fashioned,
    silent town,The lighthouse, the dismantled fort, The wooden houses, quaint
    and brown.
    DesmondMorris: We sat and talked until the night, Descending, filled the
    little room;Our faces faded from the sight, Our voices only broke the gloom.
    DesmondMorris: We spake of many a vanished scene, Of what we once had
    thought and said,Of what had been, and might have been, And who was changed,
    and who was dead;
    DesmondMorris: And all that fills the hearts of friends, When first they
    feel, with secret pain,Their lives thenceforth have separate ends, And never
    can be one again;
    DesmondMorris: The first slight swerving of the heart, That words are
    powerless to express,And leave it still unsaid in part, Or say it in too
    great excess.
    DesmondMorris: The very tones in which we spake Had something strange, I
    could but mark;The leaves of memory seemed to make A mournful rustling in
    the dark.
    DesmondMorris: Oft died the words upon our lips, As suddenly, from out the
    fireBuilt of the wreck of stranded ships, The flames would leap and then
    DesmondMorris: And, as their splendor flashed and failed, We thought of
    wrecks upon the main,Of ships dismasted, that were hailed And sent no answer
    back again.
    DesmondMorris: The windows, rattling in their frames, The ocean, roaring
    up the beach,The gusty blast, the bickering flames, All mingled vaguely in
    our speech.
    DesmondMorris: Until they made themselves a part Of fancies floating
    through the brain,The long-lost ventures of the heart, That send no answers
    back again.
    DesmondMorris: O flames that glowed! O hearts that yearned! They were
    indeed too much akin,The drift-wood fire without that burned, The thoughts
    that burned and glowed within.
    DesmondMorris: ::he spoke with much bravado, and emotion as he made the
    images come to life. He had usually read poetry allowed while alone, to get
    the full feel of the words being used. When the poem was finished he closed
    the book::
    Alayna Laurent: She sat staring off dreamily as the words washed over her,
    fully immersing herself. The book shutting snapped her back and she looked up
    at him before rolling over onto her back with a sigh and a grin. ” I very
    much enjoyed that one
    Alayna Laurent: You seem to know my taste so well.”
    DesmondMorris: :::he smiled:: Perhaps luck has played a part in it ::he
    sighed and then looked down at her as shey lay upon the bed, taking a moment
    to enjoy the features of her face before realizing he was staring, and then
    looked off::
    Alayna Laurent: ” It's okay….I don't mind if you look.” She was gazing at
    him now a serious look on her face. She propped herself up on one hand.
    DesmondMorris: ::his gaze slowly returned to rest on her eyes, a look of
    happiness with just a hint of melancholy could be seen in them as he began to
    memorize the intricate features, as well as the imperfections that made her
    Alayna Laurent: She gave him a lopsided grin doing much of the same with his
    features as she peered back at him. The silence was deafening and so she
    broke it. (s)” The way you look at me…..” She couldn't find the words to
    DesmondMorris: ::he blushed a bit and his hand went up to almost cover his
    mouth:: I'm quite sorry, I must have got carried away
    Alayna Laurent: ” No it's not a bad thing……I'm just not used to it.”
    DesmondMorris: I'm quite surprised to hear it ::he said softly:: There are
    many things of great value to be seen there, if time is taken to seek them
    out…::he cut himself short:: Pardon me, I must be rambling again
    Alayna Laurent: ” No, no, no, By all means …continue.” She laughed to show
    she was joking and sat herself back up crossing her legs indian style on the
    bedspread wiggling her toes. ” I get stares and compliments, just never quite
    like that.”
    DesmondMorris: Well perhaps it is because I seek your company for a
    different reason. Cheap insincere flattery would never do you justice Alayna.
    ::he sighed::
    Alayna Laurent: ” You seem upset…..you musn't feel sorry me Desmond. I'm
    not as unhappy as it may seem at times. ” She looked down at hands staring at
    her rings that Si Amun had given her lost in a thought a moment before she
    looked back up and
    Alayna Laurent: smiled warmly at him. ” It moves me that you seem to worry
    about me so in such a short time though.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded:: I do feel you are destined for something
    grander than all of this ::his arms gestured to the room and building in
    general:: I must admit that from our first meeting –
    DesmondMorris: I began to feel a strange desire to see that you were happy,
    especially after learning of what that damnable Bishop has done. Keeping you
    under his thumb. ::he sneered a bit::
    Alayna Laurent: ” My troubles with the Bishop are entirely my own fault, I
    will handle him myself. I am already intangled with him I would hate the same
    happen to you however.”
    DesmondMorris: I hope for your sake that you can handle it, but
    unfortunately I don't believe it will be so simple. There is definatley
    something quite wrong about that man, I just can't seem to put my finger on
    DesmondMorris: I feel that dear Mr. St Croix realizes it as well
    Alayna Laurent: ” It probably won't be simple but I'm up to the challenge
    now in a way I wasn't before. I know what you mean about him though, he
    unsettles me as well. Arrolin realizes it but maybe not to the degree I do.
    You see I saw the Father
    Alayna Laurent: do something very….un natural. He can speak without moving
    his lips.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he raised an eyebrow at the mention of speaking without
    opening his mouth, he then leaned in closer:: (sw) Are you certaing of this?
    :::his face was a mx of seriousness and curiosity, this was not your every
    day accusation::
    Alayna Laurent: ” Just as sure as your sitting here…..I was leaving the
    Athenaeum and turned to look at him and he was speaking to me, in my head,
    and his lips did not move save once to smile that wicked smile of his. Please
    speak of this to no
    Alayna Laurent: one though. Or else we'll burnt at the stake for heresy.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he put his hand on her's as he began to realize the
    implications of this new revelation, as well as the dangers they would bring
    to poor Alayna:: (sw) Very well, your secret is safe with me, I shant tell a
    Alayna Laurent: ” I only tell you so that you will know to be wary of him.
    Arrolin I don't think believed me when I tried to tell him. He was too upset
    at the time. It was the night I was drunk I'm afraid. Thank you for your
    discretion though.” She
    Alayna Laurent: grabbed hold of hand on hers and squeezed it.
    Alayna Laurent: his hand*
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded, going silent for a moment. This settled it, he
    would have to spend some time and see what exactly this Bishop was up to. If
    indeed her claim was accurate, it could mean grave consequences for them
    Alayna Laurent: “Best to stay away from him.” Nods and let's out a soft
    sigh. ” Lord knows I wish I had, but no use dwelling on that now. Heavens
    just thinking about him sometimes gives me the chills.” She shivered.
    DesmondMorris: ::he put his other hand over her's:: Alayna, I wish there was
    more I could do about this, that man must be stopped, even if I am not the
    one to do it ::he sighed, then lifted her hand to his lips for a kiss:: –
    DesmondMorris: Someone such as you should not be made to suffer by such a
    revolting man as him
    Alayna Laurent: ” I am no innocent in all of this Desmond, I had played my
    own part in my troubles with Octavius. Which is why I insist on handling it
    myself. At least you allow me that.” She grinned. ” Arrolin can be
    overprotective at times….as
    Alayna Laurent: I am of him I suppose. As I am f you now, risking so much to
    tell you what I saw him do. I hope you use the information wisely.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded. He would do just that, speak with Arrolin
    immediately about the matter and decide upon a plan of action to remove the
    yoke that the man had put over Alayna's neck::
    DesmondMorris: I will do my best to keep you safe and to be discrete in
    matters of which the Bishop is concerned.
    Alayna Laurent: If she knew what he was thinking she would be freaking out
    but since she can't only smiles. ” Why is it I seem to inspire men to want to
    protect me? Do I look that helpless?”
    DesmondMorris: ::he smiled a bit:: It's not that I see you as helpless, or
    fragile, but that you are a friend, and your safety is of great importance to
    me Alayna.
    Alayna Laurent: ” I'm touched that you feel that way Desmond I truly am. You
    seem like such a sensitive soul it's a shame we didn't meet under better
    circumstances…with my job and all.”
    DesmondMorris: Better circumstances or not, we had the good fortune to meet
    , and that is what is important ::he smiled::
    Alayna Laurent: ” I just don't want to hurt you. Not that I flatter myself
    in saying that would ever care that strongly for me….it's just…” She
    trailed off
    DesmondMorris: ::he put a hand to her cheek and smiled giving her a nod to
    let he know he understood her intentions::
    DesmondMorris: (*her know)
    Alayna Laurent: ” I mean if I was free to feel the same way back it would be
    one thing but things as they are now. It just would never work. I'm rambling
    on .” She waved a hand dismissing herself
    DesmondMorris: ::He smiled and then lay back flat on the bed, his hands
    resting underneath his head, looking up at the ceiling as his legs dangled
    off the edge::
    Alayna Laurent: She laid down beside then looking up at the ceiling herself
    her head resting against his temple. ” See anything you like up there?” She
    chuckled softly
    DesmondMorris: ::he laughed softly:: I'm sure if I stared hard enough I
    could make something out of it. Not quite like lying on a park bench and
    watching the clouds wander by ::he sighed and smiled:: I could spend all day
    there –
    DesmondMorris: when the sun is shining brightly
    Alayna Laurent: ” And do you think you could lay here all day as well?” She
    turned her body now to look at him propping herself on one hand and staring
    down into his face.
    DesmondMorris: ::he was a romantic in the classic sense of the word, the way
    he described the things he enjoyed in life was honest and if it seemed as a
    tactic of charming others then those who percieve it as thus have been
    DesmondMorris: by the illusion that he is a man who pays much attention to
    the thoughts others have of him. He spends most of his time in his own little
    DesmondMorris: I think I very well could, the clouds passing by are a sight
    to behold, but only once in a lifetime could they take the shape of something
    that would match the brillance and delicacy of your face
    DesmondMorris: ::he was still looking at the ceiling, talking as if in a
    daydream, without realizing she was right there::
    Alayna Laurent: ” You render me speechless.” Plops back onto her back
    staring off herself. She herself found it impossible not to flirt with men,
    it seemed in her blood she reached down and grabbed his hand massing it in
    hers and playing with his
    Alayna Laurent: fingers absentmindedly.
    Alayna Laurent: massaging*
    DesmondMorris: ::he spoke softly as if rambling off a line of a poem he had
    created in his head at that moment:: (sw) And if they were to take the form
    most fair, that fleeting moment of beauty in the air, would surely break my
    DesmondMorris: of which no magic could repair
    Alayna Laurent: She craved physical contact and it seemed easiest to get
    from a man. She curled up next to him snuggling her head on his chest a hand
    resting on his stomach. It wasn't so much sexual in nature as it was a
    genuine affection for him-
    Alayna Laurent: so surprising even to her after knowing him such a short
    DesmondMorris: ::his head turned to look at her and a smile came over his
    face, he leaned and kissed her on the forehead gently, then laid back again
    and looked up at the ceiling, her touch was enjoyable and it calmed him:::
    Alayna Laurent: She smiled at the kiss and lay silently a moment listening
    to beat of his heart in his chest. Her hand idly played with the buttons on
    his shirt but she did not unfasten them.(s)” Was that a poem you were
    reciting earlier?”
    DesmondMorris: ::he chuckled a bit:: Oh that, I must have been day-dreaming
    about clouds again ::he sighed:: It's a blessing and a curse to find things
    that make you happy while you are alone
    DesmondMorris: you have them all to yourself, but then there is no one
    around to share your joy with
    Alayna Laurent: ” I don't see how it could be a curse.Maybe you should write
    a book of poetry.” Half draped over him she scooted up to look better into
    his face using her arm to hold her up over him. Brown hair came cascading
    down and she used her
    Alayna Laurent: to pull it back.
    Alayna Laurent: used her other hand*
    DesmondMorris: ::he chuckled:: Oh Heaven's, I could imagine it now, being
    laughed out of the publisher's office ::he smirked and sighed a bit::
    Alayna Laurent: ” Nonsense! What you said was as moving as any poem you've
    read to me thus far. Do not doubt yourself.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he looked into her eyes:: I shall never grow tired of your
    kind words Alayna. Thank you. ::he smiled and stroked her cheek gently::
    Alayna Laurent: She leaned into his touch and closed her eyes grinning. ” As
    I never tire of yours.” She opened her eyes to stare into his now.
    DesmondMorris: ::his head tilted up for a moment, leaning in close, he
    hesitated for a moment, his lips just fractions of an inch away from her's,
    then leaned in to place a gentle kiss::
    Alayna Laurent: She leaned down melting into the kiss losing herself in the
    gentle contact, tongue parting his lips she deepened the kiss bringing a hand
    up to cup his face.
    DesmondMorris: ::although he shouldn't have been surprised at how forward
    she was, given her occupation, he almost pulled back but decided against it
    and matched the emotion of her kiss::
    Alayna Laurent: Her kiss grew in fervor as she pressed herself closer to him
    letting a moan slip into his mouth. She knew she should stop but it was hard
    to bring herself to it just yet. Too wrapped in the moment to think of such
    things for long.
    DesmondMorris: ::he was lost in the kiss as well, the feeling of her moan
    was exciting, and he continued to kiss her, not caring about anything else::
    Alayna Laurent: She grew breathless and pulled back to get some air her eyes
    still closed as she swallowed then blinking them open to gaze upon him. (w)
    ” I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he smiled:: ( s ) It's alright Alayna, no need to apologize
    ::he ran his hand through her hair for a moment and then laid back, eyes
    still on her face::
    Alayna Laurent: She leaned in to kiss his lips again before retreating back
    to safety of his arms resting her head on his shoulder. Her face was flushed
    and she struggled to control the pounding of her heart. The kiss had worked
    her up some and now
    Alayna Laurent: she was trying to recover from it. ” Sometimes I can be too
    DesmondMorris: ::he shook his head with a smile:: It was enjoyable no?
    Alayna Laurent: ” Yes, maybe too enjoyable.” She chuckled softly. “I was
    tempted not to stop.”
    DesmondMorris: ::he laughed softly:: Nothing to feel ashamed of, an innocent
    kiss amongst adults, between caring friends ::he smiled::
    Alayna Laurent: ” Yes I simply worry that someday it may become more than
    innocent. ”
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded and sighed and then touched her cheek, a look of
    understanding in his eyes::
    Alayna Laurent: “I can't tell you how tempted I am to throw out all reason
    and take you into my arms, make love to you….but it wouldn't be love only a
    subtitute I suppose
    Alayna Laurent: . It can easy to confuse the two.”
    Alayna Laurent: can be*
    DesmondMorris: ::he nodded again, then looked up at the ceiling:: Some day
    you'll discover the difference, I just know it ::his voice was soft but full
    of confidence::
    Alayna Laurent: “Mmm , maybe. Someday…..still I like the feeling.” She
    smiled though he couldn't see it. ' Even it isn't real it's nice while it
    Alayna Laurent: ” between it and Even
    DesmondMorris: Perhaps it took is like a fleeting cloud at times, there for
    a moment, then gone the next ::he sighed::
    DesmondMorris: *too not took
    Alayna Laurent: I *feel* loved while with a man. It can be addicting, that
    feeling. It always seems to leave me longing for more. It must sound odd to
    DesmondMorris: I must admit that I cannot relate , but it doesn't seem too
    odd. I on the other hand have found it easier to stay alone than to seek that
    love you describe ::he frowned a bit::
    Alayna Laurent: She missed the frown but held him to her tighter to comfort
    him. ” Is it really easier to be alone?”
    DesmondMorris: I'm not quite sure if it is any easier, I mean you don't have
    any real memories of being loved, so I suppose that's less of a burden, but
    then again it makes you long for those
    DesmondMorris: memories, sometimes
    Alayna Laurent: ” I long for it yes, and yet I turn it away as well. I
    confuse even myself. It can just be hard to believe that someone might love
    me in that way.”
    DesmondMorris: Truly? I don't find it that hard to imagine ::he smiled a
    bit:: Don't let the circumstances that have dictated where you find yourself
    today keep you from seeking that love
    Alayna Laurent: “It may be insecurities or just my own defenses after the
    hell my mother put me through. I'm working to change that though. It will
    take time but already I feel a change in me sometimes. It's just hard to
    maintain that confidence
    Alayna Laurent: .”
    DesmondMorris: I'm pleased to hear it. Mr St Croix and I will be more than
    happy to provide the support you need to help find your true path in life,
    however long it may take, regardless of the perils involved ::he smiled::
    Alayna Laurent: ” Yes Arrolin has helped to open my heart some…and in the
    short time I've known yo,u you have as well. It can leave me reeling at
    times.” She chuckled. ” But I wouldn't have it any other way I suppose.”

    (once again an unfinished scene lol sorry people but we stopped to go to sleep here and played the rest in the MR, really not much left to this scene though just them getting to know eachother. Please give some XP Desmonds way for a fun time and thanks!)

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    My, my…getting a little nosy, aren't we, Mr. Morris? *grins* Nice work, both of you. And…bring it! 😉

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    Your evil ways shall never prevail Octavius, you dastardly fiend!

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    Evil? Moi? *scoffs*

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