A Sisterly Question

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    Dear Mrs. Naughton,

    Dora, I did so appreciate your last letter. I know that you would have come to the funeral if it had been at all possible. Do not blame yourself in the least; you have a family of your own to worry about, and it couldn?t have made a difference to Father. I managed quite well with the help of Mrs. Fenwick (she was after your time, I believe, but had been a fond neighbor of ours for some years). Between her assistance and good Mr. Jardyce, I did quite well. It was a lovely service, all things considered, and quite fitting.

    It was probably best you weren?t here for the auctions. It would have pained you to see Lanesbrook go, I think, and it?s not so sad when it?s just me. After all, what would I do with a huge estate all for myself? And you and Emily both have homes of your own, so I didn?t feel that you, at least, were cheated out of anything.

    Please give your husband my warmest thanks for finding a post for me. I do not know what I should have done without his assistance. My only worry is that I shall not be exactly what the Highgates were hoping for; I have had a fair bit of study, but I?ve never been properly trained to teach anyone else. But I know can teach the girl music and French without difficulty, so I trust that with a bit of effort, everything else will fall into place. If I do not make my own way, it will be my own fault, and certainly not for want of help from my dear brother and his friends.

    All is not so bleak as you at first seem to make it, dearest Dora. They debtors remained at bay until after Father had been properly buried, and I did manage to retain a personal effect or two (including Mother?s necklace; it?s value is apparently largely sentimental). The debt is all paid, now, so I need only maintain myself. It could have been much worse, dear sister, and I am grateful it was not. I am not afraid of work, and I may still sing a little if the Highgates wish me to.

    How are little Clara and Felicity? I would dearly love to see my nieces, though I do not know when it will again be possible. Perhaps if they are pleased with me, I might get leave to come visit you for the Christmas holiday. But only if you wish it; I know Mr. Naughton is very busy and would not wish to be in the way.

    Regarding your question, no, I do not believe Father suffered very much. He seemed to be quite cheerful that morning, and was in very little pain for weeks beforehand. I am sure, had he known anything was amiss, he would have left more formal goodbyes for both you and Emily.

    I do hate to bring up anything unpleasant to you, when things have been going so comparatively well for you and your lovely family as late. However, Emily has been less than helpful, so I thought I might ask you, as you remember Mother a bit more. Do you know, my dear sister, what it is that made the family choose to leave London those years ago? Father was always so reluctant to discuss anything to do with Mother. I wouldn?t mind it, you know, but if there is any sort of scandal connected to the Ridgemont name, I would rather find it out before it could cost me my position. Forgive me if I?ve been too bold, but I do feel I have a right to know these things. I?m not the little girl you left me, Dora, though I know it?s hard to think of me grown while you?re so far away and it has been so long since we have last seen one another face to face.

    I will write you again once I have gotten farther in my work. Do not worry about me too much, however; I am sure I will make my own way admirably, and God willing, will be around to fuss over my nieces before too very long. In the meantime, give them my love, and once again, my thanks to Mr. Naughton.

    Do write when you have the chance to ? hearing from you and Em is the chief pleasure of my days. I remain as ever

    [div align=”center”]Your loving sister,


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    I hope this is just the beginning. I'd love to see more. Welcome to Velvet.

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    I always love seeing your work, and I certainly hope there will be much more of it here! Or else. *shakes fists*

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