A Scheme Is Hatched

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    Ceara MacKenna

    SilasHughesx (7:21:58 PM): :: continuing to shake the red vial, he uncorks it and takes a quick sip from it, he looks back to Dorian, motioning for him to step with him::

    Dorian Balfour (7:23:54 PM): He arose from his seat with cup of tea in hand. Taking a quick sip he passed a glance at Silas' vial as he began to walk with the man.

    SilasHughesx (7:25:19 PM): + :: moving up the stairs, he flashes a membership card to the man at the door and moves through the door :: “This is about the company business. I have concerns with it. Legal concerns that I do not wish my father knowing about.”

    SilasHughesx (7:26:36 PM): + :: runs a hand over the brim of his nose, rubbing his eyes briefly and trying to subdue a yawn, stepping into the members area he looks about the floor and finds a quick seat, motioning for Dorian to sit across from him ::

    Dorian Balfour (7:28:09 PM): + Also shows his membership card. He took a seat across from Silas. “Well, Silas, I can assure you that anything said to me in this context will not be shared with anyone else. As far as I am concearned this conversation never happened should anyone ever ask about it.”

    SilasHughesx (7:28:52 PM): + “My father is involved with a new woman, this blind seamstress, Miss Fellows.”

    SilasHughesx (7:29:23 PM): + “He is extremely wealthy and I see they keep spending more and more time with each other. Yet he is the sole owner of the company, a very rich company.”

    Dorian Balfour (7:32:48 PM): +Hm. He nodded. “I can see where you are going with this, Silas. I know of this blind seamstress that you speak of, and while she is a very talented seamstress, I can forsee a bit of scandalcoming to your family and your business should it continue.”

    SilasHughesx (7:32:58 PM): + “She is obviously below his rank and I am concerned she is using him, playing his elderly nature and proving him to be a fool. This may be money in his name, but it is the family's wealth. So I am rightly concerned with who he is having relations with. What are my options to secure the family fortune without this woman getting in the way?”

    Dorian Balfour (7:37:05 PM): + “Well, Silas, how many other members of the family are there? I mean, does your father have any siblings that could come into the picture and cause some strife?” He took a sip of his tea for a moment and looked at the liquid thoughtfully. “Has he already made out his Will? If so, what clauses are there in the document that can create situations to have his wealth pass to you?”

    SilasHughesx (7:38:17 PM): + “Father's sister died and his brother is slightly insane but stays out of family business. He usually remains in South Africa. He's the oldest in the family. Yes, he made a will though I have never seen it.”

    Dorian Balfour (7:39:28 PM): + “Do you know where he has the document filed?”

    SilasHughesx (7:39:44 PM): + :: sighs :: “He hides things all the time. I've never found it.Is there a way we can declar emy father mentally incompetent? And my sister and I his caretakers?”

    Dorian Balfour (7:43:13 PM): + “Sure, you could have him examined by doctors, and then have the documents filed with the Courts to have you and your sister named as caretakers, certainly. Have you thought about perhaps.. discrediting the
    blind seamstress?”

    SilasHughesx (7:45:06 PM): + “I don't even know how she bloody well sews when she's blind. So I need to figure that out before discrediting her.” :: laughs ::

    Dorian Balfour (7:46:09 PM): + He takes a sip of his tea and smirks, “I'm sure the Church would find such an ability to be quite interesting. Perhaps she is possessed?” It's not like he believes in such things.

    SilasHughesx (7:47:27 PM): + “How does one drop the hint to the clergy that the blind woman is possessed?” ::arches a brow, the red vial still in his hand, he does a little more shaking to stir it up and then uncorks it once more, sipping at it ::

    Dorian Balfour (7:50:09 PM): + “I believe that Bishop of Norfolk fellow who spends time here could be used to your advantage. He could be told of her work?” He shrugged. “It's just one suggestion that could get your father to quit spending time with the woman. He hasn't mentioned moving things beyond their acquaintanceship, correct?”

    SilasHughesx (7:52:27 PM): + “That is a good possibility. Thank you, Dorian. No… but they are spending so much time together. It'salmost as if he were trying to become her suitor. She's quite the manipulator, that one.”

    Dorian Balfour (7:53:48 PM): + He frowned. “That would be bad, indeed. The possible consequences for such a coupling could be tragic for you and you sister. In that case, I would suggest having him examined by doctors to have his competancy questioned, and the company and family fortune placed into your hands.”

    SilasHughesx (7:55:29 PM): + “Yes… Yes, I agree Dorian. Tell me how do we arrange such a thing?”

    Dorian Balfour (7:58:12 PM): + “Have him examined. Tell him it's a survey on his physical health, lie to him, tell him you wish to see that he is physically capable of continuing to run the company. Tell him you're worried about him. It shouldn't be too difficult to persuade an older man that a check of his health is in order.”

    SilasHughesx (7:59:14 PM): + :: laughs :: “You do not know my father … “

    Dorian Balfour (8:01:00 PM): + “Perhaps you are right. I do think that is probably your easiest option that doesn't cause physical harm upon the man.”

    SilasHughesx (8:02:10 PM): + “We need someone independent to suggest it; what if I hire you? And you make suggestions to make the company better? Physical fitness tests and all that?”

    SilasHughesx (8:02:29 PM): + “If the suggestion came from you, it'd be better… “

    Dorian Balfour (8:04:50 PM): + He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Ah, indeed, that could make sense. I certainly can make that suggestion to him.”

    SilasHughesx (8:05:23 PM): + :: he nods again:: “A consultant. Your family has trading experience .. you have anexcellent legal background, I'm sure.”

    Dorian Balfour (8:06:26 PM): + “Indeed, I could be a consultant hired by Hughes Trading to assist in keeping the company intact and the profits healthy.”

    SilasHughesx (8:07:42 PM): + :: nods :: “Well, then, we shall make it happen.” :: smiles :: “I feel better about this already.” :: lifts the vin mariani to the air:: “Cheers.”

    Dorian Balfour (8:09:42 PM): + Nodding he lifted his own cup of tea up to the man. “Indeed, cheers sir.”

    SilasHughesx (8:11:42 PM): + “Perhaps, another matter. .. A personal one, you have some nobility about you, Mr. Balfour or are you just a wealthy man?”

    Dorian Balfour (8:13:47 PM): + “Nobility? No, no, my good friend. My family has wealth and some status in York, my grandfather is the current Patriarch, but the way things are set up, a great majority of the family fortune shall be passing to me upon his passing.”

    SilasHughesx (8:14:17 PM): + “My cousin is seeking someone to escort her about every now and then. She's a rather attractive Scot, of some nobiliy. Do you currently have relations with anyone at the moment, Dorian? I would surely like to introduce you, if interested.”

    Dorian Balfour (8:17:27 PM): + He shook his head lightly. “No, I'm not involved with anyone at the moment. Are you asking me to simply escort her about, or are you looking for suitors for her?” The question had to be asked to clear that one thing up.

    SilasHughesx (8:18:24 PM): + :: laughs :: “Dorian, I think you'd be perfect for her.”

    Dorian Balfour (8:19:57 PM): + “Perfect, hm?” He grinned and took a sip from his tea. “I suppose there's no harm in meeting the young woman. What is her name?”

    SilasHughesx (8:20:44 PM): + “The lady is Sophie Landers.”

    Dorian Balfour (8:22:34 PM): + “Lady Landers is it then? Very well. When shall a meeting be arranged?”

    SilasHughesx (8:24:10 PM): + “I heard she may be arriving this evening, no less.” ::finishing off the vin mariani vial he throws it into a nearby trash::

    Dorian Balfour (8:28:56 PM): + He watched the man throw the vial out. He finished up his own tea and took Silas' hand firmly. “Indeed. In this sort of situation it would be best to get this done as quickly as possible, especially with that blind woman taking up more of his time.”

    SilasHughesx (8:29:43 PM): + “Truly frightening, the seamstress. Yet she seems so sweet, so nice.”

    SilasHughesx (8:30:28 PM): :: heading down the stairs, he shakes his head:: “She really is a nice woman. If she was involved with anyone who was not my father, I wouldn't mind a bit, you know?”

    Dorian Balfour (8:31:18 PM): + Standing up, he nodded, “I understand, perhaps he would be happier just to leave everything to you and your sister and just retire off with this woman with only enough money to live out the rest of their lives.”

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